Marathon Winner Gets A Verbal Spanking From Samuel L. Jackson

Here, allow Samuel L. Jackson to tell you why you should partake in Movember this year, and why you must register to truly help the cause. Take it from ... Read more

13 Scariest Horror Movies Ever Made

When was the last time a movie really scared you? For me, that film was The Exorcist. I’ve seen thousands (yes, thousands) of horror movies over ... Read more

Brad Pitt Teams Up With Jackass For Kidnapping Prank

You have to give the guys at Jackass some credit. They were never scared to push it too far, especially if they knew it meant making some people uncomfortable. ... Read more

McDonald's Secretly Served To Food Experts

What happens when different McDonalds foods are served to “food tasting experts”? When the men who serve the McDonald's act like they, too, are from a high-end restaurant? It ... Read more

What If Kids Could Pick Their Parents?

I can assure you that this will be the most powerful minute and a half you spend today. Just the simple concept at play here is one that causes ... Read more

15 Things You’re Dreading About Winter

Though I, myself, like living in a place that has four seasons, I think most people can agree that winter sucks. Maybe not before Christmas, but once that holiday ... Read more

This Man Showed Up To A Meeting Dressed As KKK, Surprisingly He Fit Right In

When people ask me what breed my dog is, I respond, “Pure mutt-dog.” I am the proud owner of a mutt. I think mutts are smarter and equally cute. ... Read more

This Is What Happens When You Walk By A Racist Cop Twice

A time back, while I was driving to drop off a friend, we approached a stop sign with an African-American standing nearby. My friend, who happened to also be ... Read more

10 Actors Who Always Play The Same Role

The only way I think I could ever be an actor is if I could pull off what most of the actors on this list seem to do so ... Read more

This Sneezing Prank Literally Takes Girls Clothes Off

Roman Atwood is a famous Youtube pranker and in his latest stunt, he achieves the magical gift of being able to sneeze women’s clothes off in public. Before ... Read more

Have You Hit "Second Puberty" Yet?

As if one puberty wasn’t bad enough, the reality is, there are two puberties we go through in our lives. The first one gets the most recognition (in ... Read more

This Creepy Little Boy Will Bring Back Childhood Nightmares

As a child, you'd have this unnerving and constant fear at night that there was a monster under your bed. Just lying there quietly at night, you expected ... Read more

This SWAG Song Revitalizes The Meaning Of Life

A few years ago, when someone abbreviated the classic word “swagger” as “swag,” it changed meaning. It went from “an air of confidence a gentleman had that made him ... Read more

What If Money Was No Object?

“What do I want to be when I grow up?” There are people who are 50 years old still asking this question, hoping their dream career is just around ... Read more

The “Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron” Trailer Is Sheer Awesomeness

Growing up as a kid reading comics, I would have never believed anyone who foretold comic book movies would be owning the summer box office, but that is just ... Read more

14 Halloween Costumes Bound To Get You Arrested

There's always a difference between good costumes and stuff like this!

Ikea Releases The Best Halloween Commercial Yet

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is one of the greatest horror films ever made. It has both scared and influenced generations. So much so, even Ikea is in on it. ... Read more

That Weird “Roommate Breakup” Moment

Having a roommate can be a strange experience. From finding the right one, to keeping the right one, it can be a lot like a romantic relationship, minus the ... Read more

Treatment For Spinal Cord Injuries Has Been Right Under Our Noses This Whole Time

When you got an infection just a century ago and it overwhelmed your immune system, as it easily could, one of two things would happen. Either you lost a ... Read more

The Most Stunning Thing Happens When You Blow Bubbles At Freezing Temperatures

If you mix homemade soap with bubbles and blow them into the cold winter air, you might find results like this one.

This Dog Rapping About Bacon Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

Whoever thought of making this doggie treat commerical deserves a massive promotion! This is some grade-A material and we finally get something new from Pet Food commercials. Read more

“All About The Bass” Gets A Stalker Remake

You can watch a video like this and think it is all fun and games. But have you ever actually been tied up by a unibrowed girl who ... Read more

We’ve Been Learning About Our Solar System All Wrong

 How you see things has always depended on where you’re standing and how big you are. So for a long time, before we looked in closely at the ... Read more

Live Grenade Thrown On Field During Soccer Game

Soccer fans (or football fans), are known for their passion, but usually the craziness subsides there. But everyone once in a while you'll hear about some over-the-top psycho ... Read more

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