This Guy Has To Eat 20,000 Calories Every Day Just To Keep His Figure

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These Drive-By Compliments Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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Sonic The Hedgehog Lets Loose In Las Vegas

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This Motorcyclist’s Heroism Gets Captured On GoPro

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Guess How Much Your Little Addictions Are Costing You

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Girl Gets Upset That She Doesn’t Look Like Nicki Minaj After Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

“I’m really upset! ... I wanted to look like Nicki Minaj when I woke up… I just wanted to have her butt. And her face,” says the girl.  "I paid ... Read more

This Firefighter Pulls Out Some Ninja Moves To Save Baby

In the city of Xining, eastern China, a man makes the standard jump-off-a-building suicide attempt, first perching himself on the ledge of a window. Such attempts generally cause public ... Read more

Marathon Winner Gets A Verbal Spanking From Samuel L. Jackson

Here, allow Samuel L. Jackson to tell you why you should partake in Movember this year, and why you must register to truly help the cause. Take it from ... Read more

13 Scariest Horror Movies Ever Made

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Brad Pitt Teams Up With Jackass For Kidnapping Prank

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McDonald's Secretly Served To Food Experts

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What If Kids Could Pick Their Parents?

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15 Things You’re Dreading About Winter

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This Man Showed Up To A Meeting Dressed As KKK, Surprisingly He Fit Right In

When people ask me what breed my dog is, I respond, “Pure mutt-dog.” I am the proud owner of a mutt. I think mutts are smarter and equally cute. ... Read more

This Is What Happens When You Walk By A Racist Cop Twice

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10 Actors Who Always Play The Same Role

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Have You Hit "Second Puberty" Yet?

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This SWAG Song Revitalizes The Meaning Of Life

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What If Money Was No Object?

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The “Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron” Trailer Is Sheer Awesomeness

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14 Halloween Costumes Bound To Get You Arrested

There's always a difference between good costumes and stuff like this!

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