The Most Stunning Thing Happens When You Blow Bubbles At Freezing Temperatures

If you mix homemade soap with bubbles and blow them into the cold winter air, you might find results like this one.

This Dog Rapping About Bacon Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

Whoever thought of making this doggie treat commerical deserves a massive promotion! This is some grade-A material and we finally get something new from Pet Food commercials. Read more

“All About The Bass” Gets A Stalker Remake

You can watch a video like this and think it is all fun and games. But have you ever actually been tied up by a unibrowed girl who ... Read more

We’ve Been Learning About Our Solar System All Wrong

 How you see things has always depended on where you’re standing and how big you are. So for a long time, before we looked in closely at the ... Read more

Live Grenade Thrown On Field During Soccer Game

Soccer fans (or football fans), are known for their passion, but usually the craziness subsides there. But everyone once in a while you'll hear about some over-the-top psycho ... Read more

30 Looks Brad Pitt Has Managed To Pull Off Over The Years

Some say Brad Pitt has the characteristics of a chameleon. He can change looks at the drop of a hat, and no matter how he shapes his hair ... Read more

Weatherman Struggles With A Dog Live On Air

Dogs make anything better. They really do. From the way they react when you arrive home, to the endless cute/random videos they fill the interntet up with, dogs add ... Read more

This Haunted House Is So Terrifying It Leaves Grown Men Screaming

As men, we’re taught fear equates to weakness. For that reason alone, you don’t see men wearing their fear on their sleeves. So when moments of terror like these arise; ... Read more

Where Are Humans In The Big Picture?

In a little more than 6 minutes, this video attempts to sum up what life is, and our human part of it. There’s a bunch of interesting facts you might ... Read more

If You Don’t Like Trolling, Get Off Twitter

Having spent many years as a writer, and a writer around the web, I staunchly stand behind everything that Sun columnist Katie Hopkins says about free speech in this ... Read more

These New Commercials For Old Spice Are Next Level

It's always exciting to see Old Spice make new commercials and this year, they didn't disappoint! So check out the latest and greatest commercials for Old Spice body wash.

With This App You Can Stop Doing Math Homework

Imagine a world where math equations stop being the enemy. Where time is on your side.... where homework solves itself! Well, we're finally here.... almost. With this incredible new app ... Read more

Meet Lottie: The World’s First Pole Dancing Dog

This is a dog that has a natural talent with a stripper’s pole, and has no shame in sharing that with the world. Also, extra points that the ... Read more

Sweet Little Girl Tries To Talk Her Way Out Of Nap Time

As children, we look at sleep as something that just gets in the way of fun, and all we want to do is fight it. Now as adults, we're ... Read more

5 Dinosaurs Named After Celebrities

Until this video, I had no idea there were dinosaurs named after famous people. Seriously. I just assumed all the dinosaur names were scientific and Latin in root. ... Read more

Could You Live Life Like This?

Over the years, Narcolepsy, a condition characterized by an extreme tendency to fall asleep whenever in relaxing surroundings, has become sort of a running joke in pop culture. A ... Read more

Check Out These Dance Moves Scientifically Proven To Be Irresistible By Women

I figured out pretty early in life if you are one of the few men who get on the dance floor and genuinely enjoy throwing yourself around like a ... Read more

Thanks To Kanye This Happened On Live TV

Say what you want about Kanye West, but the dude has balls of steel. You may not agree with him, but the beautiful thing about it is, he doesn’t ... Read more

Jenna’s Drunk Art School: Balloon Art

Jenna Marbles is a YouTube superstar.The modern era of “vloggers” who have cult followings was ushered in with the help of people like Jenna Marbles. She was online, ... Read more

Brad Pitt And Jimmy Fallon Have A Breakdance Battle

Jimmy Fallon forever changed late night TV all by being himself, being charming, and being disarmingly genuine. The end result is that this causes his famous guests to ... Read more

Ebola Survival Protips From Dwight Schrute

Dwight is that nerdy, condescending guy who works at every office and takes life way too seriously. He’s outspoken, but often in the oddest ways possible. Like his stance ... Read more

We Might Actually Be On The Road To World Peace

Think about where the human race is headed. Are you thinking about something positive, or negative? Before watching this video, I would probably have answered that question with how ... Read more

If You're Twentysomething This Is Probably You

These diagrams are just way too true; we’re either falling asleep watching Netflix or busy claiming that pizza is the food of the gods. The 20-something year old lifestyle ... Read more

This Table Tennis Match Brings New Meaning To The Word Intense

People play table tennis because it’s one of the few sports you can play without breaking a sweat. But after watching this, you’ll see just how much of ... Read more

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