Loading Cars Onto Ferry In Rough Seas

I bet you’ve never wondered how ferry’s load up cars during days when they are experiencing rough seas, right? In today’s modern and rushed world, who has time to ... Read more

This Is What T-Pain Sounds Like Without Auto-Tune

T-Pain is a rap artist who is most well known for bringing auto-tune into the mainstream. Though many had used it years before (Cher and Britney Spears as two ... Read more

This Old Lady Goes Up To Give A Speech But Does This Instead And It's Phenomenal

So an old lady gets up to give the invocation at a highbrow event. She starts with, “Let us pray,” followed by some expected, “We ask your blessing on ... Read more

If You Took The Kids From Horror Movies And Stuck Them All In The Same Daycare

In this tolerant daycare commercial, all “special” children are treated with loving-kindness and respect, even those who are supernatural, can spin their heads like tops, won’t get out ... Read more

10 Best Scare Cam Pranks

Should you do this to someone? No. But are these 10 videos of “scare cams” still hilarious? Yes. Yes they are.  

Remi Gaillard's Hilarious Horror Movie Halloween Prank

His name is Remi Gaillard, and he's had some pranks that end up with him being arrested. Why? Because he's insane (in the best way possible). Check out what ... Read more

Two Black Bears Fighting It Out On The Streets Of New Jersey

“Bear Fight!” Here’s a fight no one’s going to break up. You’ve just got to wait until it completely plays out. And videotape it (from a very safe place, ... Read more

10 Haunted Hotels You Can Still Stay At Right Now

When was the last time you stayed somewhere that scared you? No, I'm not talking about at your in-laws house. I'm talking ... Read more

This Invisible Tape Prank Only Gets Better

Sometimes you will see a prank online and just realize it has gone a bit too far. Other times, you will see a prank online and realize that ... Read more

10 Best Horror Movie Jump-Scares

Jump scares are an old but useful tactic in horror movies. It makes you sit at the edge of your seat, never letting your guard down, because something could ... Read more

NASA Cargo Rocket Explodes In Flames, Millions Down The Drain

Here’s 5,000 pounds of food, bound for the space station, up in smoke. No one was hurt as the flight was unmanned. And luckily a day later the Russian ... Read more

Toy Fairy Commits Suicide In Front Of Little Girl

If you're fans of Toy Story and the idea that toys might be living things, this could be the most depressing video you’ll ever see. If ... Read more

Man Remixes A Bunch Of Youtube Videos To Make This Amazing Song

Ophir Kutiel (aka Kutiman) composes pieces in a very creative way: from remixing the work of other YouTube artists from around the world, to make one, cohesive song. Kutiman ... Read more

This Man Made 250 Million In Counterfeit Money And He’s Not In Jail

His name is Frank Bourassa, and he was *the world’s greatest counterfeiter. The asterisks is there because he looked it up on the internet to make sure, and ... Read more

Extreme Wheelbarrowing: The Next Parkour

You may think you’ve seen it all when it comes to extreme sports, but you haven’t. Yeah, skateboarding's cool. And people who can do parkour end up looking pretty ... Read more

Tron Dance Choreography: Moves On A Whole New Level

The dance performance in this video breaks ground for the art of choreography, adding a new dimension played out in LED lights. Part of the art is in ... Read more

This Whites Only Laundromat Ad Is Hilarious

You ever say something, and immediately wish you could take it back? Well, imagine that same feeling and multiply it by a thousand and you’ll quickly discover what ... Read more

5 Dogs Getting Hilariously Beat Up By Cats

Sometimes your feline and canine residents love one another. Or at least that’s how they act when you’re around. Behind your back, they may be rivals, duking it out ... Read more

Man Finds Out He Will Be Dad: Adorable Sweetness Ensues

I feel like every women on Earth needs to see this so they’ll know there are good men left. Good guys with big hearts. All you ever hear about ... Read more

NYPD Fail - Brutal Cop Attacks Fellow Officer!

Is there no limit to police brutality? This cop kicks his fellow officer in the head, then attacks a defenceless man on the floor...

What This Man Does On A Tube Is Absolutely Death-Defying

When I think of inner tubing, I think of a warm summer day and being dragged behind a boat while clinging on for dear life and hoping my swimming ... Read more

OK Go’s New Music Video Wows Again With Synchronized Drone Footage

I’ll say it right now, the best music videos of the last decade have come from the band OK Go. From the brilliant timing of “Here We Go Again” ... Read more

This Golfer Just Got Owned In Front Of Everyone

Though people like to pretend that Golf is a lazy Sunday sport for fun, it’s more rage-inducing than any other sport you could play. Though a good, solid drive ... Read more

10 Best Cartoon Specials For Halloween

Growing up, one of my favorite things about Halloween was the awesome Halloween specials that would come on during prime time. Sometimes, I would geek out and put on ... Read more

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