Friends of the Galaxy: Guardians of the Galaxy Meets Friends Intro

Take the fun energy of the 90’s Friends show and combine it with the widely successful Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, and you’ve got yourself a nostalgic intro bound ... Read more

Italian Fireworks Misfire Leads to Beautiful Chaos

As long as no one gets hurt, fireworks mishaps can be pretty cool. With the entire fireworks display going off at once, there’s no way you can’t just watch ... Read more

Classrooms Actually Slow Your Brain down

Growing up, most of us would find ourselves yawning in class, always feeling tired. We assumed it was because school was boring and we had to get up early, ... Read more

Gopro: Take a Thrilling Stunt Ride Through Glasgow

I don’t know about you, but If I saw a man leap over a stone wall on his bicycle with no jump, I’d just assume he was a ... Read more

Shocking Bystander Reactions to Domestic Abuse Experiment

A Swedish film crew set up a social experiment within an elevator to capture people's reactions to domestic abuse. 53 bystanders later, they received a very surprising result. This just ... Read more

Japan Has Mastered The Art Of Cheating On Tests

Cheating used to be all about “cheat sheets” or hidden notes on the backs of our hands. But after watching this video, you’ll realize just how prehistoric these methods ... Read more

This Moonwalking Dog Will Help You Overcome Your Fears

Fear is such a strange thing that it’s sometimes irrational. Take Queso here, the dog that’s afraid of walking through doorways. It might seem silly, but even he’s dealing with ... Read more

Magnetic Boy’s Real World Ability Will Restore Your Faith in Superpowers

When you’re a young boy, the last thing you want to be is a mutant with a useless power. Growing up is tough enough. Imagine how much tougher it ... Read more

This Is What Riding in the Front Seat of World’s Tallest Roller Coaster Feels like

If you’re the daredevil type, here’s the perfect roller coaster for you. It’s called the Skyscraper and it lives up to its name by winding down the 500 foot ... Read more

Just an Average Day in Russia

Sitting in a restaurant, chugging beers with your friends looks a little different in North America. It might just be the fact that you don’t experience THESE kind of ... Read more

Man Parallel Parks like a Boss, Breaks Guinness World Record

Shout-out to Han Yue for his mastery of mankind’s toughest and most demanding driving maneuver, parallel parking. Dude just showed us the vehicular equivalent of what it must be ... Read more

Close up Footage of NASA Rocket Exploding after Takeoff

Can you even imagine what it’d be like watching the rocket take off in front of you, only to have it explode seconds after launch? You can almost feel ... Read more

A Brilliant Way to Make a Special Pregnancy Announcement

When couples find out they're expecting a child, they often announce the news in original ways, be it postcards or a cute video they put together for their family and ... Read more

Ernie from Sesame Street Gets a Colonoscopy

As some of you may know, Sesame Street is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. What better way to celebrate a 45th anniversary than with a colonoscopy on one ... Read more

10 Romantic Comedies for Those Indecisive Date Nights

Just turn on one of these and you're guaranteed to have a good time. All of them are available on Netflix right now.

Insane 3 Wheeled Joyride Will Have You Holding on to Your Seat

Even the best of us snap, and sometimes you just don’t care anymore. No better example than this woman calmly cruising around Newark. There’s a place for her on the set of ... Read more

This 26 Genre Song Will Leave You Shouting Encore

These guys took on the challenge to go through 26 different musical genres in alphabetical order in just one song! From glam rock to electro swing, they somehow pulled it ... Read more

Epic Rap Battles of History: Romeo and Juliet Vs. Bonnie and Clyde

I feel happy knowing I’m not the only person who wondered what it’d be like if the most beloved star-crossed lovers in fiction rap battled the most infamous ... Read more

Celebs Read Mean Tweets about Themselves

There’s no way you can be a celebrity without having to face the inevitable hater hoards. In an effort to maintain their sanity the smartest celebs embrace the negativity and ... Read more

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Lamborghini

If you think it’s easy being a super sexy Italian sports car, you’re about to learn a harsh lesson about life. These cars like get harassed more than any ... Read more

If you don't Laugh at this Golden Retriever you're Probably Dead Inside

Animal competitions: I'm not a fan. So the fact that this Golden Retriever goes against the wishes of his owner makes me warm and fuzzy inside. What an adorable, hungry ... Read more

First Date with a Guy: Expectations Vs Reality

So the weekend’s here, and you’re beyond excited that you finally snagged a date with that one girl from Tinder you’ve been crushing on. You may dress the part ... Read more

When Snakes Battle Rabbits This Ausie Man Is the Only Winner

Some say catching a rabbit with your bare hands is an impossible feat, but you’re about to see this guy make it look easy. Though personally, anything that involves ... Read more

Waiter for the Homeless: a Kind Prank for a Change

Most pranks revolve around scaring poor, unsuspecting people but how often do you see a prank that gives back to society or helps people? The Public Prank ... Read more

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