The Most Stunning Thing Happens When You Blow Bubbles At Freezing Temperatures

If you mix homemade soap with bubbles and blow them into the cold winter air, you might find results like this one.

30 Looks Brad Pitt Has Managed To Pull Off Over The Years

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These New Commercials For Old Spice Are Next Level

It's always exciting to see Old Spice make new commercials and this year, they didn't disappoint! So check out the latest and greatest commercials for Old Spice body wash.

With This App You Can Stop Doing Math Homework

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We Might Actually Be On The Road To World Peace

Think about where the human race is headed. Are you thinking about something positive, or negative? Before watching this video, I would probably have answered that question with how ... Read more

13 Halloween Costume That Fail So Hard They Win

Halloween is approaching and if you're broke, this just might be the remedy you're looking for.

This Halloween Safety Vid Needs To Be Seen (And Laughed At) By All

I can still remember that feeling I’d get as a kid getting ready for Halloween. Knowing there was a buttload of candy to be found. But, Halloween also ... Read more

24 Of Your Favorite Movies Finally Have Something In Common

When 87 Bounces begins, you may think you are just watching another bad sports video. But after a moment, the concept behind the short film comes through, and it’s ... Read more

This Promotional Video For 3D Molecular Food Is So Good I Wish It Was Real

How will human society evolve? Shenkar College of Design students Oded Kovach, Michelle Ruben and Katrin Zotchev composed an artistic vision. Humanity’s desire for control and efficiency culminates with ... Read more

Avatar Director Saves Guillermo del Toro’s Kidnapped Father

Though you may not look at the two directors and think they’re friends, Guillermo del Toro and James Cameron are quite close, actually. The two met in 1997 and pretty ... Read more

11 Video Game Glitches Bound To Make You Laugh

One time, I was playing Fallout 3, and the game glitched, and my pet dog in the game was suddenly the size of a tank. I couldn’t get into ... Read more

16 Life Lessons You Missed Out On At School

Life is a roller coaster ride. As much as you may think you have it all figured out, it likes to take twists and turns when no one expects them. ... Read more

14 Reasons Bunnies Are The Perfect Pets

Bunnies make the perfect pet. They really do. They’re mostly silent, leave little to no mess, can be litter trained, and they’re about as adorable as it gets. While ... Read more

Man Figures Out How To Cheat At Video Poker: Vegas Makes Him Pay

John Kane, a man who figured out a simple bug in a game of video poker, found himself in the middle of a rather illustrious winning streak. His luck, ... Read more

20 Reasons You Should Avoid Dating People With Blogs

There’s irony in writing this, but who better to tell you why you shouldn’t date a blogger than a fellow blogger himself.  I know exactly why you shouldn't date ... Read more

13 Celebs Who Have Been Arrested For Fighting

This will make you feel a little better about that one time you threw a shovel at (insert name of person who TOTALLY had it coming ;P ).

These Guys Take An Alien Prank Too Far

What would you do if you woke up to an alien yelling at you in its creepy language? It would probably involve child-like screaming, with the potential need ... Read more

These Five Weird/Funny Commercials Are The Best Thing You'll See All Day

Ever see a guy doing the splits suspended between two semis running down the road? Yeah, like weird right? I’ve always been fascinated by marketing departments who can actually put ... Read more

If Frozen Was A Nintendo Game

Though there have been a lot of 8-bit remakes lately on the web,  it was only a matter of time before Disney's Frozen it to the list. This ... Read more

At An Art Function With An Underage Drinker, You Could Lose Your Car

So you’d like to go shopping for some cash! But instead of going to your local bank in clown garb with a semi-automatic, you take the legal approach. You become ... Read more

What Do A GoPro And A Burger Have In Common: Outer Space.

Go-Pro cameras have pretty much changed how we film. Where once, static filming from a third-person perspective was needed, such is no longer the case. Now you can just ... Read more

Game Of Thrones Intro, Western Style

Using acoustic guitar, intense strumming, and finger picking to give the whole thing a country western feel, it's a Game of Thrones theme song like you've never heard it before. ... Read more

You Have Never Seen Adventure Time Like This Before And It Is Mind Blowing

Adventure Time is a modern cartoon with a cult following of both adults and children. It's mix of stylized animation with surprisingly deep storylines and an adult subtext ... Read more

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