When Snakes Battle Rabbits This Ausie Man Is the Only Winner

Some say catching a rabbit with your bare hands is an impossible feat, but you’re about to see this guy make it look easy. Though personally, anything that involves ... Read more

Waiter for the Homeless: a Kind Prank for a Change

Most pranks revolve around scaring poor, unsuspecting people but how often do you see a prank that gives back to society or helps people? The Public Prank ... Read more

Meth, Mormons, and More: Ellen Degeneres Shows off the Most Bizarre Ebay Toys

Recently, Toys R’ Us had to pull some Breaking Bad toys which many parents thought were inappropriate for a kid’s store. This got talk show host Ellen DeGeneres wondering ... Read more

Epic Battle: Video Game Characters Vs Super Heroes

You know what a nerdgasm is? Well, if you grew up playing video games and reading comic books like I did, you’re about to have one when you ... Read more

Rescued Homeless Pup Does Something so Sweet It’ll Melt Your Heart

Dogs get abandoned and abused, but they can still find hope and love and move beyond that. Miley was abandoned in a trash pile, but this didn’t mark the ... Read more

Kid Trolls Dad with Stupid Questions Driving Him Insane

It begins with a simple question, but by the time you reach the end, it’s like the car's driving on rage alone. Someone needs to pass this guy a xanax.  ... Read more

Stunning drones-eye view of Cape Town truly captures the Mother City

Truly the best region of South Africa is the Western Cape. And the jewel of the Western Cape is Cape Town, the tourists dream. One inventive dude named Eric Cheng ... Read more

Disney's Cinderella Trailer is Heart-Meltingly Sweet

Disney loves remaking its classic cartoons into live-action films. That's why it's cool to see that fairy-princess-film-supreme, Cinderella, is now a real thing. Starring Helena Bonham-Carter as the Fairy Godmother, Robb ... Read more

Tuk Tuk Vehicle from Far Cry 4 Recreated in Real Life

A big part of what has helped the Far Cry video game series gain such popularity is the vast array of vehicles you can use to get around. In ... Read more

Have you ever been dumped this epically over text?

“My friend just sent me this break-up message she received after 7 weeks of dating. My fav reason for split is #3,” reads the tweet that has six pretty viable ... Read more

Adorable Hamsters Gorging on Tiny Thanksgiving Feast

Sometimes getting together with family on Thanksgiving can be a little stressful, but it looks like this guy has it all figured out. Just replace your family with a bunny, ... Read more

10 Lawsuits so Stupid You Won’t Believe They’re Real

Some people genuinely believe you can get rich quick with this kind of minimal work.

These Cringe-worthy Fails Will Have You Carrying a Helmet Everywhere You Go

Thanks to the ungodly amount of phones and HD cameras out there, we now have a near endless supply of people failing to look at. Well, it's better them than ... Read more

Involuntarily Dedicated Soccer Goalie Leaves Match Barely Alive

You often see people tending goal in soccer for penalty shots and covering their nuts, but you never see the goalie covering their face. After this, you’ll wonder ... Read more

What These Insane Killer Clowns Do Will Scar You for Life

Everyone hates clowns. A recent wave of pranks has used this fear of clowns to its advantage. It’s tough to decide if a group of ten or so grown ... Read more

Easy Breezy Learn Chinesey

Racism is ignorant and destructive, but when it’s equally and intentionally aimed at everyone, it’s downright hilarious and not nearly as offensive. While on the surface, this “learning Chinese ... Read more

Super Smash Bros. Honest Trailer Will Slap You in the Childhood

It was only a matter of time before Honest Game Trailers got their hands on the Super Smash Bros. series and exposed it for what it really is.

Read more

15 Incredibly Long Necks You Won't Believe Are Real

In some cultures, elongating the neck is something that people spend years trying to do. While others are just born with it. Here are 15 of the most extremes ... Read more

This Man Is the Fruit Ninja in Real Life

Watching this astounding feat of lemon slicing makes me think only one thing: there’s probably a guy out there trying this right now. This lemon ninja has years of ... Read more

"Adorable" children smear paint on their faces, receive gentle admonishing from father

If you like kids, paint and gently-spoken fathers then this is the video for you. These two kids got into dad's paint pots and smeared themselves silly. Kinda looks like ... Read more

Terrifying Time Lapse Reveals Enormous New York Snow Wall

This is crazy. From high above, Alfonzo Cutaia filmed a giant wall of snow as it formed over Lake Erie in Buffalo, New York. For all those wondering what Cutaia used, ... Read more

Love The Little Mermaid? Then Don't Watch This Honest Trailer (it'll ruin your childhood)

The Little Mermaid is one of Disney's best cartoons and one of my favourite happy-smiley movies. That's why it's perfect fodder for the geniuses at Screen Junkies. Ariel is a ... Read more

Why Guys Hate Being In Selfies

You’ll notice the internet is filled with photos of women, probably way more than men. You know why? Men hate being in pictures and this dude has the ... Read more

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