Extreme Wheelbarrowing: The Next Parkour

You may think you’ve seen it all when it comes to extreme sports, but you haven’t. Yeah, skateboarding's cool. And people who can do parkour end up looking pretty ... Read more

Tron Dance Choreography: Moves On A Whole New Level

The dance performance in this video breaks ground for the art of choreography, adding a new dimension played out in LED lights. Part of the art is in ... Read more

This Whites Only Laundromat Ad Is Hilarious

You ever say something, and immediately wish you could take it back? Well, imagine that same feeling and multiply it by a thousand and you’ll quickly discover what ... Read more

Dachshund’s Creek: Dawson’s Creek Parody

Retro love for the 90s is in full-swing right now. All the people who grew up in that awesome decade can look back on all the things that made ... Read more

5 Dogs Getting Hilariously Beat Up By Cats

Sometimes your feline and canine residents love one another. Or at least that’s how they act when you’re around. Behind your back, they may be rivals, duking it out ... Read more

Man Finds Out He Will Be Dad: Adorable Sweetness Ensues

I feel like every women on Earth needs to see this so they’ll know there are good men left. Good guys with big hearts. All you ever hear about ... Read more

Bombing An Interview With Quentin Tarantino

No matter what you think, celebrities actually have very specific reasons for doing interviews at any given time. From plugging whatever product, movie or TV show they’re selling, to ... Read more

What If You Had To Haggle For Groceries?

Haggling is generally part of buying a car. Car salesmen make money based on how much they can skim off the sale. So haggling is part of the deal. ... Read more

NYPD Fail - Brutal Cop Attacks Fellow Officer!

Is there no limit to police brutality? This cop kicks his fellow officer in the head, then attacks a defenceless man on the floor...

Exploding Paint Cans And Lightning Guns On Jimmy Kimmel

Science Bob is a weird dude. He looks exactly how scientists used to look in movies from the 70s. But once you get past Bob's sheepish demeanor, you realize ... Read more

What This Man Does On A Tube Is Absolutely Death-Defying

When I think of inner tubing, I think of a warm summer day and being dragged behind a boat while clinging on for dear life and hoping my swimming ... Read more

OK Go’s New Music Video Wows Again With Synchronized Drone Footage

I’ll say it right now, the best music videos of the last decade have come from the band OK Go. From the brilliant timing of “Here We Go Again” ... Read more

This Golfer Just Got Owned In Front Of Everyone

Though people like to pretend that Golf is a lazy Sunday sport for fun, it’s more rage-inducing than any other sport you could play. Though a good, solid drive ... Read more

Adorable German Shepherd’s Hilarious Wake Up Reaction

There are few things in life as annoying as being woken up unexpectedly from a deep sleep. There’s always this moment of pure disorientation where nothing you say makes ... Read more

10 Best Cartoon Specials For Halloween

Growing up, one of my favorite things about Halloween was the awesome Halloween specials that would come on during prime time. Sometimes, I would geek out and put on ... Read more

15 Ways To Make Housework More Fun

Here are 15 ways to liven up your daily housework. Disclaimer, don't try some (maybe even most) of these at home. Someone had to say it.

13 Squirrels That Are Way Cooler Than You

These little rodents can be a whole lot more than you think!

20 Most Ironic And Witty Halloween Costume Ideas

Wearing a homemade witty, ironic, or wordplay costume, like one you see here, is way cooler than showing up in a store-bought costume. Plus you certainly want to avoid having ... Read more

This Reporter Has The Best Scream You Will Ever Hear

There are some screams you hear in your lifetime that you will never, ever forget. My vote goes for this reporter’s as the best damn scream I’ve ever heard. ... Read more

This Is What Happens When An Engineer Gets A Dog

When society presents a problem, there is an engineer who’ll solve it in spades. The problem: a weenie dog with an insatiable need to play ball, and ... Read more

The Best Fire Extinguisher Fail You Will Ever See

When it comes to using a fire extinguisher, it is pretty straight forward. Grab it and aim the nozzle at whatever thing is on fire. But just like with ... Read more

Top 10 Haunted House Freakouts By Guys

Because sometimes watching grown men scream like little girls is exactly what you need.

How To Hurt Yourself Making A Taser

I'd preface this with a “don’t try this at home” disclaimer, but I know some of you are probably going to try this, so onto the next disclaimer: “You ... Read more

This Guy Has To Eat 20,000 Calories Every Day Just To Keep His Figure

Have you ever watched one of those strongman competitions (where guys roll giant wheels and flip logs and manly stuff like that) and wondered what those guys had to ... Read more

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