Kim Kardashian's Butt Plows the Streets of L.A.

Jimmy Kimmel really takes Kim Kardahsian’s challenge to a new high. Her butt is still breaking the internet, this time plowing the streets of L.A. Hope Kanye doesn’t mind her hogging ... Read more

12 Flaming Fireworks Fails That’ll Make You Want to Buy a Fire Extinguisher

These fireworks backfiring will make you grateful firework season is over for now.

The World’s Worst Fight Scene Is so Bad That It’s Absolutely Astounding

If you’ve ever seen something so bad that it transcends to become amazing, you’ll know why this fight scene is so damn astounding. It's terrible in absolutely every single ... Read more

12 Types of Relatives Everyone Has to Put up with Around the Holidays

We all know the true meaning of Christmas is spending time with the ones we love, and unavoidably being stuck with those other relatives we haven’t seen all year.

Dolphin Falls in Love with Dancing Girl’s Antics

Some say dolphins are among the smartest mammals in existence today. Well this video shows a different side to them because they also know how to have a ... Read more

Diary of a Sad Dog Is Hilariously Deep

Ever hoped that if you gazed deep enough into the eyes of your dog, you could find out exactly what they were thinking? After this video, you might ... Read more

Nissan Bought This Man’s Car after His Video Went Viral and Did This with It

In 2013, a man named Luke Aker decided to sell his old 1996 Nissan Maxima. But first, he put made a video showcasing the car, and mocking luxury car ... Read more

People’s Reactions to Trying 180 Proof Moonshine for the First Time

Moonshine is about as intense as alcohol gets. It gets you hammered fast, but it has its drawbacks. It only became legal again in 2009, creating a massive boom ... Read more

Watching Plants Eat Bugs Is Oddly Satisfying

Plants eating bugs. It’s karma, baby. That’s what you bugs get for being a creepy crawly! It took 107 days of straight filming on two separate cameras just ... Read more

This Brave Man Stands up for Pedestrians Everywhere

While standing in front of a car is an odd enough way to make a statement, there’s something very Tiananmen Square about the whole thing. It might make ... Read more

Friends of the Galaxy: Guardians of the Galaxy Meets Friends Intro

Take the fun energy of the 90’s Friends show and combine it with the widely successful Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, and you’ve got yourself a nostalgic intro bound ... Read more

Italian Fireworks Misfire Leads to Beautiful Chaos

As long as no one gets hurt, fireworks mishaps can be pretty cool. With the entire fireworks display going off at once, there’s no way you can’t just watch ... Read more

Classrooms Actually Slow Your Brain down

Growing up, most of us would find ourselves yawning in class, always feeling tired. We assumed it was because school was boring and we had to get up early, ... Read more

Gopro: Take a Thrilling Stunt Ride Through Glasgow

I don’t know about you, but If I saw a man leap over a stone wall on his bicycle with no jump, I’d just assume he was a ... Read more

Shocking Bystander Reactions to Domestic Abuse Experiment

A Swedish film crew set up a social experiment within an elevator to capture people's reactions to domestic abuse. 53 bystanders later, they received a very surprising result. This just ... Read more

Japan Has Mastered The Art Of Cheating On Tests

Cheating used to be all about “cheat sheets” or hidden notes on the backs of our hands. But after watching this video, you’ll realize just how prehistoric these methods ... Read more

This Moonwalking Dog Will Help You Overcome Your Fears

Fear is such a strange thing that it’s sometimes irrational. Take Queso here, the dog that’s afraid of walking through doorways. It might seem silly, but even he’s dealing with ... Read more

Magnetic Boy’s Real World Ability Will Restore Your Faith in Superpowers

When you’re a young boy, the last thing you want to be is a mutant with a useless power. Growing up is tough enough. Imagine how much tougher it ... Read more

This Is What Riding in the Front Seat of World’s Tallest Roller Coaster Feels like

If you’re the daredevil type, here’s the perfect roller coaster for you. It’s called the Skyscraper and it lives up to its name by winding down the 500 foot ... Read more

Just an Average Day in Russia

Sitting in a restaurant, chugging beers with your friends looks a little different in North America. It might just be the fact that you don’t experience THESE kind of ... Read more

Man Parallel Parks like a Boss, Breaks Guinness World Record

Shout-out to Han Yue for his mastery of mankind’s toughest and most demanding driving maneuver, parallel parking. Dude just showed us the vehicular equivalent of what it must be ... Read more

Close up Footage of NASA Rocket Exploding after Takeoff

Can you even imagine what it’d be like watching the rocket take off in front of you, only to have it explode seconds after launch? You can almost feel ... Read more

A Brilliant Way to Make a Special Pregnancy Announcement

When couples find out they're expecting a child, they often announce the news in original ways, be it postcards or a cute video they put together for their family and ... Read more

Ernie from Sesame Street Gets a Colonoscopy

As some of you may know, Sesame Street is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. What better way to celebrate a 45th anniversary than with a colonoscopy on one ... Read more

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