WARNING: Watching This Video Will Make You Hallucinate For A Few Moments

Are you an adventurous sort? Love reality departures, but don’t want to fry your brain in any sort of permanent way? Here’s a fun alternative (Don’t worry, it’s completely ... Read more

Nicki Minaj's Anaconda Without Music Is Ridiculous

Musicless Music Videos take the music out of well known music videos and add in some sound effects to show what it must have sounded like on set that ... Read more

This Drunk Girl In Public (Social Experiment) Will Disgust You

So the long and the short of the following social experiment is like this. A rather attractive girl acts really drunk in public and to see if people would ... Read more

Japan Has Mastered The Art Of Cheating On Tests

Cheating used to be all about “cheat sheets” or hidden notes on the backs of our hands. But after watching this video, you’ll realize just how prehistoric these methods ... Read more

Kim Kardashian's Butt Plows the Streets of L.A.

Jimmy Kimmel really takes Kim Kardahsian’s challenge to a new high. Her butt is still breaking the internet, this time plowing the streets of L.A. Hope Kanye doesn’t mind her hogging ... Read more

GTA 5 First Person Takes The Game To New Heights Of Realism

Grand Theft Auto 5 was undoubtedly the best game experience of last year, and it's about to get a whole lot more immersive. While the buzz around the ... Read more

Shocking Bystander Reactions to Domestic Abuse Experiment

A Swedish film crew set up a social experiment within an elevator to capture people's reactions to domestic abuse. 53 bystanders later, they received a very surprising result. This just ... Read more

Bride Gets Caught Cheating At Wedding By Best Man

While infidelity is a problem in our society, people cheating at their own weddings is a massive facepalm. That’s definitely not a good sign for the longevity of ... Read more

This Is What Hotel Staff Do When You’re Out Of Your Room

A man left his laptop to record everything that was happening in his hotel room while he was gone. He caught the hotel cleaner digging through his stuff. But ... Read more

What These Insane Killer Clowns Do Will Scar You for Life

Everyone hates clowns. A recent wave of pranks has used this fear of clowns to its advantage. It’s tough to decide if a group of ten or so grown ... Read more

This Sneezing Prank Literally Takes Girls Clothes Off

Roman Atwood is a famous Youtube pranker and in his latest stunt, he achieves the magical gift of being able to sneeze women’s clothes off in public. Before ... Read more

15 Of The Creepiest Mug Shots Ever Taken

Watching shows like Orange is the New Black may trick you into thinking jail is colorful place with a wacky cast of characters. That they'lll help you find yourself through ... Read more

14 Ridiculous Haircuts Not Even a Mother Would Love

If you’re planning on having children at some stage in your life, make sure you give them at least one of these monstrous do’s – because at some stage they ... Read more

This Is Exactly Why You Shouldn't Try Crossfit

You've heard about the Crossfit trend, right? It’s a new workout that is a sort of mix between straight working out and competitive sport, and the people who are ... Read more

People’s Reactions to Trying 180 Proof Moonshine for the First Time

Moonshine is about as intense as alcohol gets. It gets you hammered fast, but it has its drawbacks. It only became legal again in 2009, creating a massive boom ... Read more

11 Times Karma Didn't Hold Back

When life IMMEDIATELY teaches you a lesson...

Celebs Read Mean Tweets about Themselves

There’s no way you can be a celebrity without having to face the inevitable hater hoards. In an effort to maintain their sanity the smartest celebs embrace the negativity and ... Read more

20 Animals Trolling Their Humans

They totally get pleasure from these things!

25 Unusual Animal Friendships That’ll Make You Say Awww

There aren’t too many things as cute as two animals of different species befriending each other.

Imagine If You Bought Your Kid A Toy And Found This Inside

Imagine going to the dollar store and buying your kid a little gift, bringing it home, and then shortly after hearing your kid scream because the inside of the ... Read more

WARNING: A Message For The People Of Denmark

Masked men, looking displeased, and making crappy videos about it… you’re probably ready for madness. But these guys take that old muslim stereotype to make a change for once. ... Read more

Girls Poops Pants While Twerking

Let this video act as a warning to all young ladies wearing white yoga pants or leggings while twerking. Just like with yoga, twerking tends to loosen the bowels ... Read more

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