11 Times Karma Didn't Hold Back

When life IMMEDIATELY teaches you a lesson...

15 People Taking Pranks Too Far

The internet has made pranks way more mainstream and popular in the last few years than they’ve ever been before. But with the rising popularity of the prank, this also raises ... Read more

15 Things You’re Dreading About Winter

Though I, myself, like living in a place that has four seasons, I think most people can agree that winter sucks. Maybe not before Christmas, but once that holiday ... Read more

20 Animals Trolling Their Humans

They totally get pleasure from these things!

25 Unusual Animal Friendships That’ll Make You Say Awww

There aren’t too many things as cute as two animals of different species befriending each other.

15 Of The Creepiest Mug Shots Ever Taken

Watching shows like Orange is the New Black may trick you into thinking jail is colorful place with a wacky cast of characters. That they'lll help you find yourself through ... Read more

These Five Weird/Funny Commercials Are The Best Thing You'll See All Day

Ever see a guy doing the splits suspended between two semis running down the road? Yeah, like weird right? I’ve always been fascinated by marketing departments who can actually put ... Read more

NFL Player Trolls Reporters to Avoid $100,000 Fine

Marshawn Lynch’s behaviour might seem a bit strange at first, but considering the fact that he was fined $100,000 for not talking to media last week, his response is just ... Read more

Child Stars All Grown Up

Growing up is something you can’t really control, and that holds true for Hollywood’s child stars as well. Some of them have moved on to live glamorous lifestyles, staying in ... Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Parents To Prank Their Kids (Again)

Every year, Late Night host Jimmy Kimmel challenges parents to tell their kids they took their Halloween candy and upload it to YouTube. And somehow, every year, the reactions ... Read more

Magician Saws Himself In Two And Runs Around Scaring Bystanders

You know you’ve got a good magic trick if you have people reacting with running away, tripping over themselves, or locking the car door because you’ve freaked them ... Read more

Watching Plants Eat Bugs Is Oddly Satisfying

Plants eating bugs. It’s karma, baby. That’s what you bugs get for being a creepy crawly! It took 107 days of straight filming on two separate cameras just ... Read more

12 Thanksgiving Meals That’ll Leave You Satisfied With Life

If it just so happens that you've got to close yours eyes and slip away after your thanksgiving meal, make sure you've covered all your bases starting with this bacon ... Read more

14 Ridiculous Haircuts Not Even a Mother Would Love

If you’re planning on having children at some stage in your life, make sure you give them at least one of these monstrous do’s – because at some stage they ... Read more

15 Incredibly Long Necks You Won't Believe Are Real

In some cultures, elongating the neck is something that people spend years trying to do. While others are just born with it. Here are 15 of the most extremes ... Read more

12 Flaming Fireworks Fails That’ll Make You Want to Buy a Fire Extinguisher

These fireworks backfiring will make you grateful firework season is over for now.

The Bridge Of Death

No one even looks at the sign!

15 Celebrities Who Look Just As Good Without Makeup

Let's take a moment to shine a light on those celebrities who are still stunning, with or without makeup. 

Introducing Your Cats To Each Other (The Cute And Easy Way)

There's something that happens to all cat owners after they’ve had their cat for a while; they want another one. The problem, as most cat lovers can attest ... Read more

These Guys Take An Alien Prank Too Far

What would you do if you woke up to an alien yelling at you in its creepy language? It would probably involve child-like screaming, with the potential need ... Read more

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