New Carjacking Scheme
Status Hoax

This network service scam wants you to go to a website and update your PayPal information. If you do, you will have given access to all your online money to some scammers to use.
DescriptionThis link won't take you to but to in Russia. You really don't want to go there (you can't anyway because this site has already been shut down) unless you like giving your money away to scammers.

From: ""
Subject: Paypal System Update! Confirmation REQUIRED
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 23:24:23

Dear PayPal Customer,
This e-mail is to inform you of a recent update we have made to our
To avoid service interruption we require that you confirm
your account as soon as possible. Please click here and take a
moment to confirm your
Please follow the following steps:
1.) Click here to confirm your
2.) Your account will be updated in our system and you may continue using
PayPal services without any interruptions.
Please note: If you fail to update your account, it will be
'flagged' with restricted status.
Thank you,
The Paypal Staff

Here is another variant of the scam that has a form in an e-mail message for you to fill out and submit. Unfortunately, when you submit it, it goes to:
Which sure does not look like PayPal to me.

From: Paysecurity
Subject: Dear PayPal customer
To: xxx

Dear PayPal Customer

This e-mail is the notification of recent innovations taken by PayPal to detect inactive customers and non-functioning mailboxes.

The inactive customers are subject to restriction and removal in the next 3 months.

Please confirm your email address and and Credit Card info number by logging in to your PayPal account using the form below:

Email Address:
Full Name #:
Billing Adress #:
Billing State #:
Credit Card #:
Exp.Date(mm/yy) #:
ATM PIN (Bank Verification) #:

This notification expires May 31, 2003

Thanks for using PayPal!

This PayPal notification was sent to your mailbox. Your PayPal account is set up to receive the PayPal Periodical newsletter and product updates when you create your account. To modify your notification preferences and unsubscribe, go to and log in to your account. Changes to your preferences may take several days to be reflected in our mailings. Replies to this email will not be processed.

If you previously asked to be excluded from Providian product offerings and solicitations, they apologize for this e-mail. Every effort was made to ensure that you were excluded from this e-mail. If you do not wish to receive promotional e-mail from Providian, go to

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