Joke Emails

Picture Through Your Monitor Joke 
Status: Hoax

The following joke would have you believe that you can take a picture with your computer monitor.

Bureau of Entertainment Warning 
Status: Hoax

A quick look at the link in the message should give you a hint that this is a joke.

Launch Nuclear Strike Now Joke 
Status: Hoax

The warning is don't open any message entitled "LAUNCH NUCLEAR STRIKE NOW." It goes on to explain that this message is programmed to access NORAD computers in Colorado and launch a full-scale nuclear strike on Russia and the former Soviet states.

Bonsai Kittens Joke 
Status: Hoax

Someone saw this joke site,which alleges that In New York there is a Japanese who sells "bonsai-kittens". They thought it was real, and started circulating an Internet petition protesting this.

FBI Case Search Site 
Status: Hoax

This official looking site is supposed to look up your records at the FBI.

Rabies In The Air Warning 
Status: Hoax

This one is too stupid to be anything but a joke.

Wanna Be A Supermodel? 
Status: Hoax

So you want to be a supermodel? Someone has access to Photoshop or a similar picture editing program and way too much time on their hands.

Site Has Your Passport Warning 
Status: Hoax

This website is supposed to have your passport information on it.

Status: Hoax

An inevitable virus that we all will get.