A toy that children played with by placing on stairs and watching it slowly climb down. When he was 26, Richard James of Philadelphia invented the Slinky. It consists of 87 feet of flat wire coiled into 3-inch-diameter circles and stands about 2 inches high when stacked. The Slinky's ability to "walk" down stairs and open and close like an accordion made it a favorite toy during the 1950s, and it is still popular today.
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Moving to the suburbs
Thanks to the expanded highways and the baby boom the suburbs became the popular place to raise a family.
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Swallowing Goldfish
This fad actually started in 1939 but carried over into the early 40's. Swallowing live goldfish became very popular among college students and drew crowds and crowds of spectators who wanted to witness this unusual sight.
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Pea Shooters
Kids loved them and adults became very irritated over this fad. The shooters were about the size of a writing pen and used as a blowgun with dried peas.
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