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The following bad date stories were sent in by site visitors. Please note that some of these stories may not be approrpriate for younger readers.
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Bad Date Story #7083
So this guy who i had liked for ages, Finn, and who i had seen staring at me a few times, came up to me and asked me out, right. i of course said yes, and the next saturday he came round in his car - he could obviously drive - and picked me up so we went to the cinema and he payed for us both to see this romantic film. what i saw of it was good, *kiss, kiss*, but then i needed the loo so i went out. when i came back in, i plonked myself down in my seat and gave him another kiss the guy beside me made a disgusted sound, and i asked what was wrong he turned to face me and i realized i had sat down next to the wrong person!!! i jumped up, and quickly found my real seat, but i have never lived it down, cos Finn now knows! luckily he found it funny and we are still together. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7082
Okay, I met this guy, we'll say Rick. Anyways I was 15 and he looked about 5 years older....which is what he told me. I didn't think it was gonna go past a date so when he asked me to dinner I accepted. The date was great, we went to see a scary movie which made me end up sitting in his lap with his arms wrapped around me. The date ended with a nice long kiss. We talked to eachother on the phone for hours each day. We saw eachother throughout the summer and got close but kept it to small dates. I had to go register for school and I saw him there. So I ran up to hug and kiss him and he wouldnt touch me. I shruged it off and got my stuff. I went home and called him and he said we couldn't see eachother anymore... I was crushed. First day of school came around...and I saw him... Turns out he's NOT only 5 years older...turns out hes about 15 years older and also my Geography teacher! It was SO embarassing! Everyone knew! It's the worst class of my life! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7080
Well i had a date and my boyfriend was called Callum he was a ugly boy but i asked him out any way he said yes ! he dumped me a month later and i found out that that he was using me and the other day i saw him in the car and i made a rude face at him ha ha ha. ~Amy
Bad Date Story #7079
I was at a party at my friends house and there was this guy there who I liked. I knew that he had a reputation of sleeping with girls and then not calling them, but I thought maybe with me it would be different. Unfortunatly it wasn't different and I haven't talked him since. To top it all off, he was the first guy I ever slept with. ~Jennifer
Bad Date Story #7078
My boyfriend and I were at my house watching movies. My brother came in right as we were going to make out and threw a ball at the back of my head. It hit me and got my braces stuck to his. Unfortunately, we couldn't get them unstuck. We stayed like that for 3 hours before we told my parents. They called the orthodontist and it was another hour before we got to the building and got unstuck. During that time though we had a good excuse for making out! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7077
Ok..I went on this group date. It was me, my date, his friend, and two of my best friends. Believe it or not this was in 5th grade and we were at one of Mile Run events after school (It was just a meeting place, I didnt actually intend on running) Well once we got there my date, Daniel, and both my best friends wanted to run, but they were pressuring my to run also and I am NO runner and he is a MAJOR jock so I had to (plus I am overweight, so i felt i kind of had to prove to him I wasnt lazy) Well half way into the run I get a panic attack and my chest feels like its going to burst so I just walk. Well I end up being the second to last runner in front of practically my whole school and other kids from other schools and he was like 5th. I could've killed myself right there out of embarrassment. Ok so then we go into the woods near the track and just sit aorund talking and I guess we started playing spin the bottle and he wants to see my breasts,,and of course I was completly flat chested even though both my best friends were "developed" so I did and I could tell he was not happy...and the next day he completely ignored me. I felt horrible...and he asked my friend to be his girlfriend and she said yes. So UGH worst expierence EVER! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7076
My bad date story is really evil. Okay, here it goes. I started liking this guy called Matt. I don't know why I liked him, because he was ugly, but he was really sweet and nice. Whatever. I went to a drama try-out, and made it, then in Math I got a n a (I really suck in Math), and my parents gave me 100$. I thought life could not get any better. So, I asked my friend to go and ask out Matt. He said 'I'll think about. Come and ask me again next break'. So, she did. The bell had just rung when she asked him and he said 'I'll tell you tommorow'. The next day I go up to him and he says (well acculy he screamed it and everyone hurd it) 'NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'. I did not really care, which I thought was weird. The next day was the school dance. My friends pushed me to go, so I went. Matt was at the dance. I had never danced with anyone so, I asked him he said ' no!', and I did not care. AGAIN!!!!! Then my friend went up to him and said why do you not want to go out with her and not want to dance with her. The meanest part happends her. He said ' Because I don't ****ing know her!!! I hate her!!! She is ugly!'. I was sooooooooooooooooooooo hurt!!! The next week he askes out this tottaly fat, ugly, fat lipped girl out. She said 'yes' and they went out for 3 weeks. She broke up with him, because of what my friends told her. He has asked out 5 more girls. 3 who were my bff's. I NEVER talked to him after that. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7075
I was meeting my friend, and when we met up i was surprised to find that she had brought her boyfriend. We were going to see harry potter 4. In the film, i ended up next to him, because my friend wanted the end seat. He flirted with me throughout the film. After, my mate threw up, and had to go home. John (her bf) asked if we should go pizza hut. I was starving so i agreed. after, we ended up kissing. We went back to his house, and made out. We were almost caught by my friend, but he managed to send her away at the door. I was drunk, so after she left, we carried on. I Felt terrible after. A few days l8r, her asked me on a date. I agreed, to tell him we couldn't see each other. As i went to tell him, he started to kiss me across the table. To my horror, i saw my teacher walk in. In shock, i coughed, and John looked at me in horror. On monday, my teacher said to my m8 'im sorry, you and john were good together' as i was sitting next to her, she assumed she was ok about me and John, of course, my m8 didn't no. 'its good you can accept that Kaylighs with him though' miss added. I had a lot of explaining to do. Going to that film ruined a good friendship, and got me a bd reputation. Karen, i am so sorry. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7074
ok, well this isnt really a date at all. but it sucks hardcore. i worked with this one guy we all called him peot... anyway i never really liked him and he wasnt all that cute either but we had partied before and he always talked about how he wanted in my pants. whatever right? well one night he gave me a ride home cuz my cars radiator was busted and on the way home all he talked about was how much he wanted to have sex. i really didnt care and he seemed like he knew what he was doing. so i let him. worse idea ever! after like 10 minutes of awkwardness he finished, acting like it was the best hed ever had. well about 3 weeks later i never got my period. i now have a 6 month old, i am 18. i never heard from him after i told him it was a boy, 6 months before i delivered. my one and only 1 night stand, and it wasnt even good! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7073
I was at my 5h date with my new BF. We were at a party and he had kept on saying "i haft to go to the bathroom" and i was ready to go so i tried to find him and i couldnt. ( it was christmas) so i asked one of his friends and they said he was up stairs. so i went up there and there was 1 room so i went and it and he was having sex with his old girl friend. they didnt even notice me they were at it so hard and i yelled at him and called him a dirty man slut. and called him a F***er and i left. i didnt get a good look at him but i knew it was his ex- and the next day i found out he had been trying to get the perfect gift ready for me and talking to his friend about what they were going to do for me. it wasn't him having wild sex it was his new bf and we never spoke again. i felt horrible. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7072
Me and my boyfriend (john) were going to go to the movies, so when i called him i asked and he said ok, so we went to the movies and saw kelley, my bestfriend and his bestfriend jordan. so, we hung out with them and at the end of the movie, kelley started flirting with john! so, i got back at him by flirting with jordan, apperently that was the right thing to do cause im going out with jordan and johns going out with kelley! john and kelley so far 2 months, and me and jordan is a month and 3 weeks. so i guess this was a fair date... ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7071
Well,one time i was with my girlfriend and she saw another boy that was uglyer then me and she went over there and kissed him i was so mad and i complaned and guess what happend SHE WAS DOING CPR ON HIM i was so embarrassed and i said in my head HOW CAN MY GIRLFRIEND DO THAT SHE WAS NOT EVEN TRAINED i was so mad i ran all the way home and then in the morning my girlfriend came to my house and she was so pretty and she said sorry about what happend and then i said IT WAS JUST CPR WHY ARE YOU SO SORRY ABOUT IT YOU SAVED HIM!!!!!!!!!!  ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7070
So i met this boy and it was awesome we were best friends for like 6 years...but i liked him for 5. So i finally had the guts to ask him out. Surprisingly, he said yes! I was so excited for our first date which happened to be at the brger king down the street because he wouldnt settle for anything else. I got pretty mad at that, but i didnt let it bother me because ive been waiting for tonight for 5 years! When prom came around, i couldnt wait til he asked me. Of course, he did. So i accepted. He picked me up in his mom's 5 yr. old mini van. He picked up a lot of his friends, so it was full. one of his friends eric was driving. so of course i thought he would either get up and let me sit down, or let me sit on his lap. he did neither. he sat on my lap!! when we got to school, i went in and met my friends and i was standing there for 2 hours and he didnt even come over and at least ask me to dance....and he was my date! He FINALLY came over ans asked if i wanted any punch. i said yes and got ready to walk over to the punch bowl with him. as i started walking, i saw him sitting down. i went over to him and said : i thought you asked me if i wanted punch and he replied...i did want to know. i didnt plan on getting any. i stormed away and walked home. that was the end of that relationship!!!!! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7069
I was about 13 or 14 at the time, and hadn't started dating boys yet. I was doutful as to wether I'd find someone who I liked, or who was as... slightly unusual as me ( my friends seem to think I'm a bit wacky. I guess they're right.). Anyway, some people decided to set me up with a friend of theirs who I'd never met. He was from a school which I thought of as full of stuck up prats, but I decided to give him a chance. Since it was my first proper date, I was quite excited, and we met for coffee that same week. Suffice to say the actual date was uneventful; we must have both been very awkward, and discussed music, politics, etc. Despite not finding him very interesting, I decided to contact him a few days afterwards, to see if he wanted to see me again. He seemed to think well of me, so I was surprised to recieve this message back: "Please don't contact me again as I plan to kill myself very soon. Goodbye." I didn't try and get back to him after that, and to this day I'm not sure what became of him. Perhaps "Let's just be friends" would have sounded better... ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7068
Okay I was with this guy named Brandon at the time he went to the same school as I did so we always would study together so one night we went to his house to study and this guy walks in he’s like hey how’s it going and Brandon goes fine im studying with my friend so the guy walks away to this room(at the time I thought it was his brother)because he kind of looked like Brandon so we studied for a while and then we went to his room and made out then after a while we had sex we fell asleep soon after when I woke up the next morning Brandon wasn’t in his bed ive been over his house a couple of times and his parents really liked me so anyways I went to look for him(his parents still asleep) then I found him in the guys room making out with him Brandon sees me and starts to lure me into his room I start yelling and saying who is that guy why were you making out with him and he says I thought you new I was bi and I yelled NO so from then on he has still liked me and whenever I see him in the halls he tries to grab my but or my boob and now he said he was just joking that was his brother and they were playing a joke on me so I forgave him and now we usally make out in the halls and have sex in the bathrooms and our houses twice a day ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7067
Ok well this 1 day i was going out with my bf that i had been going out w/ for about 5 months. so this was going to be a really fancy dinner & we were going 2 a very fancy restaurant and we r sitting there eating our meal when i feel a bubble... i try 2 hold it in but about 5 minutes later thinking it was gone i relaxed well it was not gone but just waiting. i let out the loudest grossest smelliest fart in the universe my bf looks @ me like whats wrong but otherwise ignores it. well im like this doesnt have 2 ruin our date & so we go on w/ the meal but this happens again like 5 times. my bf seems in a rush 2 leave & i am SO embaressed. later i figures out that since i am lactose intolerent something in my food must have had milk w/o me knowing. that was SO embaressing!! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7066
I was dating a guy for 9 months and and one day he asked me to go to the movies with him. Of course i said yes and we decided to take a few friends just to hangout. When we got there the movie started and my Boyfriend went to get something to eat and my freind went with him. So after awhile the still wasnt back so i went to look for them. I FOUND him making out with my bestfriend. It sucked. I never talked to either of them again. ~Tiff
Bad Date Story #7065
Once in 10 grade i went on a date with this guy and he weighed almost 300 pounds it was bacisly a blind date.... my friends set me up on... anyways on this date the guy asked me if he could get in my pants and you know i played along well when we got back to his atp. i told him i needed to freshin up so when i came out of the bathroom he was laying on his bed with a thong on i almost puked. but i didnt when i layed down he rolled on and i coulnd breath so i told him that i was playing along and i left never seen since then gladly!! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7064
There was this new guy at my school and he was really hot, when he asked me out I was so happy and said yes. Our first date was at the bowling alley and my friend kept asking me when we were going to kiss. I told her to chill out and we would kiss when he was ready. Later he asked me if he could kiss me, there were cameras around so we went behind these racecar machines. After we were done kissing we looked down and my friend had been spying on us. About 10 minutes later he left and my friend and I were talking, she told me that I had bit his tongue and he was bleeding. It was so humiliating, but that wasn't anything compared to our second date. We went to the pool with our friends and started making out, when it was time for him to leave we gave each other a kiss goodbye. But I guess a peck wasn't good enough because he slobbered all over my cheek. I guess we both had an embarrassing date. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7063
It was the first time id eva cheated and I meet dis boi named Chris and and he asked me out and I said yes and he was so sweet and he loved me so much then like 2 weeks later I meet dis boi names tashawn and he was also so sweet and I thought well I thought they don’t kno each other so I went out wit him too. Then tashawn asked me to go to the movies and I said okay then like an hour later Chris called and was like wanna go to tha movies and I said when and he said the same time as tashawn and it was weird cuz he wanted to see tha same movie as tashawn but I said no cuz I had to do to my aunts house he said iight maybe tommro and I said okay and then tashawn called up n was like hey can I bring a friend and I said sure but I really didn’t anybodi else to come but wateva. Then when tashawn came to pick me up guess who was wit him...............................................Chris oh my god then they tlk to be but not really a lot. Then they said u have to pick and I said I didn’t want to ruin there friendship so I broke up wit them.. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7062
Well when I was livin in New Orleans, I liked to goof off and have fun.I never acted different in front of anyone until one day me and my friends were walikn up the street and i saw this cute lil boy .I started to try to walk straight when all of a sudden I fell and busted my bottom lip. He helped me up and said "Is it cool if maybe one day I scoop you up or something" i was like alright so we went t jazzland. We got on this ride where it's like scissors so when we flipped over my top flew up while I was all over him trying not to fall off. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7060
Well I had liked this guy for a really long time and after a while he asked me out. He invited me and one of my friends over to his house and he was all nervous. Well, his bedroom was upstairs and we were watching a movie up there. As the movie was going on and on, he tried to kiss me. Well, he was 16 at the time and when he tried he kept gnawing at my lip or something. It was like kissing a horse!!! It was soooooo BAD!!! I thought I was going to throw up. As if the date couldn't get worse I looked outside and saw his mom walking in the door. I jumped up and hit the fan and grabbed my stuff and ran. She was coming in the door and me and my friend were freaking out. His door was right by the stairs and the back door was on the opposite end of the house. So we ran and got in a closet and as we were sitting there my friend farted. It totally gave us away. She came running into the kitchen trying to find out what the noise was. I heard her leaving and going upstairs but I couldn't keep from laughing. I bursted out laughing and she came down and right as she came down the last stair, me and my friend were running out the door. We ran into a gas station that was across the street and she came running across. When we saw her we ran into the bathroom. We must have sat in there for an hour and when we came out we could see her sitting on her front porch waiting. We sat in the gas station until a semi came by and we walked in front of it so she couldn't see us. That day was the worst date I have ever been on...I haven't talked to him since ~Kayli
Bad Date Story #7059
Okay so i was hanging out with my best friend chelsea and we were a the beach. We were having so much fun when this really hot guy walked up to me and said hey wats up. i knew he looked familiar so i responded and said nothn do u go to venice high and he was like ya i thought u looked familiar then all of a sudden chelsea blurted out "hey! i kno u want to go out with her so just like ask her already. i mean she likes you obviously!" i was sooooo embaressed and upset so i got up and said " k i will meet you at the slice and we will grab something to eat and see wat happens from there. i'll meet you there on friday at like 3:00" he said ya and i was soooo happy!!!! it was friday and chelsea decided to come with which i really didnt want but she made me feel bad about saying no to her. so she came too.we talked and stuff with the r eally hot guy and then chelsea kept on saying theese really embarissing secrets about me and i really wanted to kill her right there. so the date was fun and i said do u want to hang on sunday and guess what he said!!!!! he said" no i cant i have a date with my boyfriend" chelsea yelled "omg ur gay? i kne something was up gosh" i then wanted to slap her and him i was sooo embaressed. it was the worst date ever!!! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7058
it was myn n my bf's 1st month anniversry last wed. so we decided 2 do sumthin spechal and go out for a meel or sumthin. we were sat in a resturant and we ad ordered and everythin so i needed to go to the little girls room. i got back and there was this girl sat nxt to him. i walked up to her an tapped her on the shoulder and was all like "what you doin wit my bf" and she was all like "i'm talking." and i'm all like "well get lost, because hes mine." and she was like "i'm allowed to talk." and i'm all like "no, get lost you dirty whore." and he's all like "stop arguinging" and she said "yuu don't desirve him" and i'm all like "whys that?" and shes all like "becuase what are our parents gonna tink when i tell her there son's girlfriend was bitchin about his sister." She had been on a date with her own boyfriend n i was like well embarrasse.d didn't reali help there were loads of really gawjuss blokes sat near by - and heard to whole convo! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7057
Ok, im in the seventh grade and i went out with this guy. Lets just call him Jim. Ok, Jim seemed like a really nice guy right? So one Saturday night he invited me to the movies. And it went really well, he put his arm round me, we shared popcorn, we shared a kiss. and on the way out he had his arm round my waist, it was also going really well for the next week or so. Then one friday afternoon at bout 4 pm i was going to go to his house to surprise him. Jims brother Scott opened the door and let me in because he knows who i am cuz im there alot. So i go down the hallway into Jims bedroom and what do i find you might ask? Jim, sitting on his bed with another girl from my school. I was standing there, screaming my head off at him, then the girl did too. Obviously neither of us knew about each other so we both broke up with him, we left the house, arm in arm laughing, with Jim, dateless. The other girl was editor of the school newspaper and she put in a peice about what he did, he hasnt had a date in 4 months! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7056
Ok, so where do i start? Hmm, lets start with steve. Well im on the chat line, and this guy leaves me a message. I think he sounds decent so i decide to go privite with him. Well he turns out to be really cool and we exchanged phone numbers. After awhile of talking we decide to meet up. I tell him where Ill meet him since he said hed come to me cause i had to babysit. So we met at the food store across the street from my house and we go babysit at my downstairs neighbors. So hes cute, i know hes funny and he seems normal. I get the kids to sleep and sit down next to me and he throws me down and im like ok, sure this is hot! So he TRIES to kiss me. This man can not kiss for crap. Sloppy, wet, and smelly. So i push him off and tell him that hes moving too fast as and excuse. So instead, he tries to put his hand down my pants so i kiss him some more instead. Nasty!! Well after all this i decide to walk him to the bus stop. Yes, the bus stop. And we stop at dunkin dounuts. And he orders like 7 things and has me pay for it. Mind you i was 15 then, im 19 now, and i didnt have a job and we didnt get allowence. But i managed. So i finish walking him to the bus stop and when we get there hes all over some skank! Then when i get home, i had just walked in the door and my phone rang and hes like, if you werent gonna put out whyd you have me come over? i was so mad! Later on i forgave him, and we went trick-or-treating with the kids i babysat. After it all, he tried it again! Well, he then decided that he was going to turn around and tell everyone at his school that i was fat, ugly and bad in bed! To bad i was a virgin huh? Loser! ~stephanie, 19
Bad Date Story #7055
This isn't so much a date story as one of a somewhat farcical relationship: I had known the son of my mother's friend since we were very small, and when I was about 7 years old, we decided it would be fun to be "boyfriend and girlfriend". Innocent enough, you might think; kids seem to have play relationships all the time. The problem is that I am now nearly 17, and, for some reason, even though he now lives across the country from me, he still has in his mind that we are still dating. Although I feel I've matured a lot, he still seems a bit naive and innocent whenever he calls me. On one of our rare visits, he seemed to think we had "made out", purely because he had opened his mouth slightly when I was giving him a *cringeing* peck on the lips. Little does he know that while he's been over there thinking I've been his girlfriend for the past eight years, I've dating tons of real guys, and screwed with nearly as many! I'm even i n a loving and steady relationship with a "real" boyfriend now. I'm not sure wether I should feel guilty or not... ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7054
My girlfriend of close to six years and I had broken up. To her,ours was sort of a "long distance" relationship in that I lived and worked about 20 miles away. She had no interest or desire in continuing such aburdensome relationship. If that is long distance, so be it, but I digress...Since we had broken up, a couple of weeks passed where we didn't speak to or see each other, hence the "broken up" part. To my surprise, she calls me one day out of the blue and asks if we can get together and "go out" for a while. Now, I am by no means a desperate loser, but when this girl called me to "go out" I assumed it was in the form of a date. I think that any reasonable person would think that an ex-whatever calling you to "go out" is a date. Again, I digress. I agreed to this date and we set a time to meet at a local mid-priced dining establishment. Nothing fancy, but not a crappy fast-food joint. She enters the restaurant in what can only be described as a stunning black dress. I was awed. She was all primped up and looking fine. I had purchased a single white rose bud and greeted her with it along with a gentle hug. She said that it was good to see me again and we sat down to a nice meal and bottle of wine. I was beginning to think that we were on the path to reconciliation. Foolish. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7053
Ok.... This wasn't really a date, but It was still HORRIBLE!!! I went to a football game with a group of my friends and I was getting really depressed because everyone of them had a date, but me. Well this really hott guy walks up to me and starts complimenting me. I end up on his lap and he's all over me, but he was soooo sexy so I didn't mind. Well after the game, he was kissing me and hugging me, so I expected him to try to do something..... well he says he has to go and he kisses me and gets up to leave, but first gives me his number. So, the next day we texted like all day and I was waiting for him to ask me out, but he didn't. I then found out from one of my friends who knew him, that on the way home from the football game, he was all over another girl and they were going out!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS SOOOO PISSED!!! Like 2 months later, I was at homecoming and I saw him there all over the other girl!!!!! And when he saw me, he says " oh hey, i think i remember you, vaguely...." nd then he walks away to make out with the other girl!!!!! I was CRUSHED. He pretended like nothing had happened between us!!!!! What an ASS!!!!!!!!!  ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7052
Well this wasn't really a date but it was bad anyways. Every summer I go to Ontario to visit my relatives. Well this past summer I left for Ontario before school ended, so when I got there everyone was still going to school. So I decided to go on the last day of school with my cousin Willie. His school was going on a feild trip tat day to the beach. Willie was my age and in the same grade so I knew I could make a lot friends there. Well when I got there I kind of felt like an outcast because these were all people I didnt know. my cousin introduced me to a couple of people and left me with them. A little while later I was introduced to more people, including this extra cute guy named Steven. i'm not much of and outgoing person so when I found out my cousin was best friends with Steven, I made sure Willie didnt find out until the end of the day. So after the day was over and we were in the car driving back to Willie's house I told him that I liked Steven. I had went to my grandmothers later that day and then we went to a baseball game. Willie went too. Turns out he had called Steven on his cell phone and told him that I liked him. When Willie told me that Steven called me ugly, I almost cried! Well I havent heard from him since that day and Im glad! I'll never judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a boy by his looks! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7051
A couple of weeks ago, i went ice skating with a whole bunch of friends. One of them was this kid, (we'll call him...Jake). So i started to like jake, even boefore ice skating. So he's there, and we we're basically together the entire time, for the beginnning, and he was soooo sweet, and we got to knmow each other really well. then my other friend Josie (girl) completely 'takes him over' and he ignores me. Then like 2 weeks later he comes up to me and asks me out.. i of course, say yes, so again with that same group we go ice skating, and josie kept getting in between us. and it almost seemed like jake like her even more than me! he was like tickling her and getting all close to her... i was pissed...but we never got it over. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7050
I was 13 and in 8th grade when this nerdy guy asked me out. I guess this isn’t really a date but boy was it embarrassing. He was my Teachers Aid for PE and we were playing flag football when he walked over to me and put his arm around me and walked around in a circle nervous as hell. He wanted to ask me out and I knew he did but he wasn’t so I helped him. I told him if he was going to ask me out that he should hurry up because I had to get back to the game. HE looked at me so embarrassed that I knew. SO he just said it…Will you go out with? Just like I told him the teacher called me over to go play the game. And thank god he did because I sure as hell did not want to turn him down. But I knew that I would have to deal with it later and I did. He came up to me after the game and asked me for an answer and I told him I would think about it and walked away. But Just my luck there a was a trash can right in front of me and walked right into it and made a face plant! I was so embarrassed I just walked 2 the health office trying not to look up. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7049
My best friend’s neighbor, who was really hot, set me up with him. He was a year older than me, I was 16 at the time. the night he took me out, we were eating and having a great time and I was so happy but then his ex girlfriend, Shelby, who was in my grade, just “happened” to come into the restaurant with her friend. She saw my date and she totally was like “hi, brad” and she sat down at our table and told the waitress that we had all planned to sit together. My date was all over her. He was talking to her and discussing all of there good times. And then Shelby got up with her friend and asked my date if he wanted to go to the movies wilth them, and he said sure and took her hand, said see ya to me, and walked off with them and left me by myself. IT WAS THE WORST DATE EVER IF YOU EVEN CALL IT A DATE. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7048
I was in a bar and this guy goes lets go out and I say yep so he wouldn't get hurt so we went to this nightclub and he goes I need the loo every 5 mins so I follow him and he goes to other club , makes out with a gal then comes back and sees me. I dumped him there and then. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7047
I really liked this guys chad for like two years...but i am really good friends with his im over at thier house and we were snuggle ing on the couch and he hugged me...and we were like inseperable...but when we were getting ready togoto bed their mom made him go upstairs and we were like ...damn...and then he gave me this stuffed animal to hugg all night and he was gonna kiss me goonight but his mom was comeing so he just hugged me and went upstairs..the next day i was snuggleing with him again and we were all koochy cooking again and his sister ... my friend was getting pissed so she started crying and told her mom that he STOLE me...and i was like WTF..and her mom said i was never allowed over their again! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7046
THIS IS THE WORST DATE EVER. I was going out with this girl named lauren. Everything was going good till the 5th week. We talked bout breaking up but we didn't. Idk Y cuz he was really mad over a lot of things. Hes parents just devorsed and he was pisses. So I was going to a movie w/ tons of my friends and after he walks up to me with lipstick on his lips and face. I asked him what was wrong. He said nothing and went home. Then one of my friends that had just moved here said she met this guy. I didn't ask who. Then when i was at school. We were sposed to make a speech bout anything we wanted (lame i know) Then he told me everything IN FROUNT OF MY WHOLE CLASS! I was sooooo angry. Then i went on one of thoes online date things. I found him and asked him out. ( i still liked the guy) he invited me over we had sex and everything had a kid then found out we needed to get marryed so we are living together happy the end ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7045
I was set up on a blind date by my best friend's girlfriend, Kathy. Neither me or the blind date talked to each other or anything. We were just instructed by Kathy to meet at a certain place in the mall and go from there. I didn't like the arrangement, but Kathy was so excited about it that I couldn't say no. So, I went to the mall, looking for a girl wearing a white scarf and mittens. I arrived a little early, and immediately saw a girl wearing white gloves and mittens at the exact spot I was instructed. Not to be shallow, but she wasn't the most attractive girl. Nevertheless, I had made a promise to Kathy, and approached her. Not only was I unattracted to her, but I hated her personality. I knew from the get-go that this would be one of those scenarios where I could do no wrong. But, I tried anyway. She asked if I wanted to go get a beer. Trying to persuade her to not like me, I told her I didn't drink, even though I do. "Neither do I! That's great!" she said. Damn. Next, she asked if I wanted to go get some dinner. Trying to be one of those creepy guys who tries to get in the bedroom quickly, I told her we should skip dinner and go straight back to my house. Naturally, she was delighted by this proposal. We arrived at my house, and I asked her to stay outside while I tidied a few things up. I ran into my clean house and strung trash everywhere, hoping she would think I lived in a pig sty. Unfortunately, she was watching me through the window, laughing. "You're silly!" she said as I let her in my house, completey disregarding what she had just seen. She asked if I wanted to watch a movie. Figuring I had come to the point of no return, I decided we would watch Forrest Gump, a movie that I have nearly memorized word-for-word. Trying to annoy her, I recited the dialogue from the first half hour of the movie. She was giving me this weird look, so I figured it was working and she was annoyed out of her mind. Wrong. "That is amazing! I love you!" she yelled, and asked me to keep on going. Yay. I recited all of Forrest Gump, minus a handful of lines here and there. She watched me in awe, not even glancing at the TV screen. It was late, and I really did have to work in the morning, so when the movie ended, I asked to drive her back to her car at the mall. She said "I have a better idea" and started undressing. Looking for one last desperate move, I went in the bathroom and called my friend Ellie on my cell phone, telling her to come over and pretend to be my girlfriend. Ellie was on her way to my house to pretend to walk in on me cheating on her when I decided not to go through with the plan, and instead just told my date I didn't think she was my type and asked her to leave. She understood, and left peacefully. I felt like a huge jerk. The next morning, Kathy called. I expected her to ask me how the date went, but instead she was crying. My blind date and Ellie had run into each other in their cars a few blocks from my house, injuring them both and totalling both cars, and all because of my stupidity! They were both treated for injuries and kept overnight in the hospital. Boy, was my face red! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7044
I am a very shy guy, and I definitely never approach random girls and talk to them, let alone ask them out on a date. But I was feeling particularly brave one night after visiting my uncle in the hospital, and approached an attractive nurse named Ginny. For some reason, the words were coming out right, and I managed to not only persuade Ginny to go out on a date with me, but also had a very lively conversation that left her smiling. We met a few nights later to go to a Minnesota Twins game and then out for a few toddies. I got some awesome front row tickets down the first base line, and we arrived very early and watched batting practice. Again, I seemed to be saying all the right words. It was too good to be true! The Twins were playing the White Sox in a big game that night, and of course Ginny wasn't up to par on her baseball knowledge and didn't even know the White Sox were from Chicago. During batting practice, one of the players, Joe Crede, was signing autographs. He and Ginny started talking, which was awesome. But then it started getting to be like he was flirting with her. He was even pawing at her and holding her hand! I'm not one for confrontation, but I wasn't going to let a minor celebrity steal my girl away on my first date in months. I thought acting like a macho guy was the right way to go. I told Joe maybe he should be worrying more about the game than flirting with other guys' girlfriends. Oops. Ginny was furious with me that I would be so jealous, and also to refer to her as my girlfriend on our first date. Joe gave me a dirty look as well. The rest of the night was just painfully awkward. I had a chance to redeem myself later as a foul ball came our way, but I only made things worse by unintentionally pushing a kid out of the way to try to catch the ball, which I didn't. Ginny asked me to take her home after the game and to not call her. I visited my uncle in the hospital again a couple months later, and ran into Ginny, which was awkward. She had become a White Sox fan after that game and was taunting me that they were in the World Series and my Twins finished third. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7043
ok, im a 7th grader, and at my school we had a and my friends/sisters went to Ross to get dresses. my dress was a strapless purple and black dress that fit me sooo good it was scarey!(cuz im not that urr...big) the next day (the day of the dance) at school my strappless bra broke in the front, well it was 5th period so i asked my choir teacher if i could use the bathroom. it took me forever to make 2safetypins stay, so i finally went back to class and my friend Jade* asked me what took so long. i told her and she laghed. that night at the dance the safety pins kept popping so finally i just took it off.well my date asked his friend(whos my good guy friend)to asked why i looked small.i told him to fuck off and he looked so hurt i hugged him and said sorry and that he didnt need to know. my date came up to me afterwards and said Jade* had told him he siad sorry for being so nosy and i said sorry and gave him a hug. i walked over to jade and smacked her and her date came up and said "oh really now!" i smacked him and ran home crying. Jade* called later and said sorry. i told her to FUCK OFF and hung up. we havnt talked since. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7042
Where to begin? First lets start with the blind date. My best friend met a guy and he wanted to take her out. She was afraid to go by herself, so we decided to double date (he brought a friend). We decided to meet the guys at Ruby Tuesdays. By the time they finally arrived (30 min late) they said they didn't like Ruby Tuesdays and wanted to go to TGIF's. So we followed them in their BMW as I drove my Buick regal. We go inside TGIF's, Order Drinks and start to look over the menu. After a few minutes, both guys agreed they didn't want anything that was on that menu!! So we decided to try somewhere else...we followed them to a BURGER KING. After all of this, you would think they would actually have TRY to impress us..but they ordered their food first, let us order, and then said they forgot their money!! My friend and I paid for their $4 meals and when they asked if we wanted to go for Ice friend and I just walked out to my car and drove away. ~Anonymous
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