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The following bad date stories were sent in by site visitors. Please note that some of these stories may not be approrpriate for younger readers.
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Bad Date Story #7041
I started seeing this guy that I really liked a lot. One day he picks me up after he leaves his job, to take me to the movies, but first we go to his house so he could take a shower. Anyway, I'm sitting in his room while his in the bathroom, when I realise that I really need to pee. I was too embarrassed to use the toilet while he took a shower right next to me. While deciding what my next option was and if I even had one, I started going on myself. So I ran out the house, pulled my pants off and continued in the hedges. That's when I realised that I had ruined my the damn crotch was all wet! I was HORRIFIED!!! So while he's still in the shower, I run to the kitchen and waste a full glass of water on myself. When he gets out I asked him for an iron to dry my stuff with. In the end, his room ends up smelling like pee due to the steam from the iron, and I ended smelling like URINE during the longest movie of my life ~Texas
Bad Date Story #7040
Strike one of my internet dating experience. I met a girl for drinks and then we went to a movie. The movie happened to be Son of Sam and it was horrible. We went to a club after that and were out pretty late, so I asked her out again. I met her right after her work at an amusement park. We walked around in the heat and that's when I first noticed how big her butt was, I didn't notice that before. I'm not that shallow, so I continued on with the date. We then went across the street and saw Austin Powers 2. Like I said, she came straight from work and didn't have time to clean up. So in the middle of the movie, she puts her un-socked leather shoed foot up on her knee. So I'm sitting there and all of the sudden a horrible smell hits my nose. Being nervous, I smelled inside my shirt to make sure it wasn't me. Thank god it wasn't, however it was her feet. The movie ended and I bailed. We spoke a little more on the net after that, she had gone on other internet dates and got pregnant from a guy after one date. Phew...dodged a bullet thanks to stinky feet. I would've worn protection anyway, but still...phew...and PU! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7039
One Valentines day i had a double date with a mutual friend of my and my girlfriend at the time, and her boyfriend who was also a mutual friend. We weren't old enough to drive anywhere, we were 15 so we went to my girlfriends house and ordered chinese food and watched a movie. Dinner went well but during the movie my girlfriend was on my lap and her mom saw this and got mad at her. So i followed her upstairs and her mom got mad at me for being upstairs. So me and my girlfriend got in a fight because of her mom getting mad at her. We ended breaking up on V-day. To make it better the other couple got in a fight and broke up too on Vday so i ended hanging out with the other girl and my ex-girlfriend now hung out with my guy friend for the rest of the night. We just switched dates. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7038
Right, this was like 5 years ago wen I was 13. So I met this guy n he was like proppa hot! He was in my math class, n he cud do the sums in his head quicker than I cud type them into my calculator. Soooo clever! I'd sit next to him n ask him to help me just to get his attention, then one day he finally asked me out on a date. Happy?...errr, yeah I was! Anyway he picks me from my house at like 7 n then we set off on the walk to the movies. It was cold so he gave me his jacket. What a gent. Dreamboat.totally! We finally get to the movies n he pays, just like I new he wud. Its all goin so well, at least that's wat I thought then. Can't even remember the film cause we were pashin sooo much all the time, but then hes like grabbin my hand n tryin to get me to touch him, u no where.. errr no thanks. Didn't put me off though cause he was so it. Went back to his after the movie n we're pashin in his room. Then I go the bathroom cause I'd drunk like 2 gallons of coke, plus loads of his saliva. Anyway I come back from the bathroom n hes standin there naked! That's bad, but worse.he didn't have a wiener!!! He said he was born with both male and female bits n the doc made the wrong decision n chopped off the male ones. He still a nasty scar, n I was like damn. He made me touch it. I cried.wouldn't you?! Made sure I told everyone at school. Two weeks later he transferred inter-state. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7037
One day me and my two best friends went into town. One of them is called chantel and the other being Jake. We all went into the cinema and started chatting . Jake and chantel swapped seats alot as chantel couldnt decide where she wanted to sit. Chantel was sitting next to me and these really cute boys came into the cinema and sat behind us . We were really loud and then decided to talk to the boys . They started calling my friend chantel a hotty and me a notty ! I was really angry and since jake is good looking i was thinking of pretending he was my boyfriend to them so they would like me as well. I heard chantel say "swap seats with me please " and i was to busy concentrating on the boys to take notice weather she had swapped or not. The next minute i just came out with "well actually i have a boyfriend and im on a date right now ". And they said "whos that then" . Then i screamed "him " and turned around and started trying to snog chantel thinking it was jake. I was so embarrased and she pushed me away screaming" errrrrrr you lezbian get away from me." I was so embarrased i got up and went to run out the cinema . All the boys were laughing at me. I was really upset and ever since i havent talked to her or gone on another "date"! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7036
This date story is terible, first, i was at the movies when a guy came up to me and is like hey ur cute do u wanta go out tomoz? and im like ye y not (he was absaloutly gourgeos) so i go the next day he picks me up from home and takes me to his house. he takes me to his room and he lays down with me on his bed and takes off all my clothes and all his. i didn't fret b/c i thought a little fun wouldn't hurt but then he started to take off my bra and pants and i said i didn't want to get into anything so fast but he just pinned me down on his bed and started kissing me everywhere and then i felt a piercing pain in my vergina as his penis entered me. i was screaming but no one could hear me so he kept pinning me down and entering me. sum time kater i found out i was pregnent and i got in loads of trouble. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7035
Me and my girl were at the movies to see harry potter and the goblet of fire.after that we went out side seemed like my girl,s had friends bearly coming to the and my girlfriend were about to kiss and her friends wanted to see us kiss up close, we had closed our eyes,then one of her friends accidently pushed my girl THEN I HER FRIEND! On the cheek,man was girl mad at her and me.then my girl just slap her in face! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7034
Ok, I've read worse, but this sux! I was in the 7th grade and my parents were really "overprotective" if you know what I mean! Well, it was my first dance at school and i was really exited! This guy who i like a lot asked me to go with him, except he asked me through a note! A NOTE! Anyways, when we were there I was waiting for him to make a move, well, he didn't, so I just danced with my friends. I kind of forgot about him, and any sensible guy would have left it at that. Well, he ain't a sensible guy! He decides to give me some money befoe he leaves for some snax n' stuff, well, he didn't even have the guts to give it to me! He gave it to my friend to give to me, and it was only like, $4! Ugh! Worst first dance EVER! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7033
I moved to Atlanta for college and quickly got into a relationship with a guy there, "joe". a little background info: I nearly drowned a few years ago and ever since then I've had a horrible phobia of water, not like rain or drinking water, just being immersed in water..which is why I cannot approach pools or beaches. Ok so Joe and I had been together for about 4 months, everything was going great, when he mentions he has a pool at his house, would I like to drive there one weekend with him? I tell him about my phobia and how I dont even have a swimsuit because I cannot do it. He starts whining like a child, 'but I really like swimming! it's so nice, it's heated and at night you can look up at the stars." and I tell him it sure sounds lovely but I just cannot get near water! He starts getting angry and says "you havent even seen it, how can you say you wont like it, it's so so nice!" and I'm repeating, the main aspect is the pool, and that nixes the whole idea no matter how nice the stars and trees and everything else is! He threatens to break up with me and (I dont know why I did this, I shouldve ended it) but I say fine I'll sit by the edge and put my feet in the very shallow end so only my toes are wet because I am terrified of the feeling of water so I wouldnt go in. He says fine and we go and I put my toes in while he gets completely in. I'm not feeling great and I tell him so and I want to get away from the water, I get panicky just seeing it. He gets FURIOUS! "why cant you do this for me?! this would be a great way to show me you really love me and you're not going to try!!" I tell him I cant do it for anybody, it's not my fault, I'd really like to swim but I just cant. and he says "you'll have to face your fear sooner or later, dont be a coward" and I get up and start to walk away because I'm furious now, and he grabs my legs and pulls me into the pool!!!! For some people that might not be so bad but it's like locking a claustrophobic in a closet! I screamed and ran all the way back to school (we had was FAR!) and changed my number because he kept calling. Now he still sends me angry letters and emails, meanwhile I have horrible horrible nightmares about the water. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7032
My very first date ever was as a freshman. It even was bad before it began. Bobby (name changed), the boy, asked my friend to see what I was doing Friday night. She knew I wasn't doing anything so she told him that. He told her to ask me if we could go to the movies and if her boyfriend and her would come along. I liked him so I called my mom and she said I could go. Friday came, I spent like an hour picking out the perfect outfit and doing my hair and make-up. I knew I looked great. I went over to my friends house and her boyfriend and Bobbby were suppose to meet us there. Bobby was like a half hour late and was still wearing the same thing he wore at school. We had to speed to the movie theater. I had to pay for my own movie. We didn't touch AT ALL or talk during the entire movie. Then I just wanted to go home but everyone else was hungry so we went to Steak n' Shake. I then had to pay for myself too. He sat as far away from me as he could and barely talked to me. On the ride home he tried to be flirtatious but it was awful. When they dropped me off he didn't even walk me to the door. I didn't waste any more time on him and I now have had a wonderful gentlemanly boyfriend for 8 months. Glad I gave up on Bobby. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7031
Okay I am 12 and in gr.7. I had a crush on this guy for a very long time and he had one on me for longer. So one day near halloween my friend came up to me and asked if i would go to the halloween dance with him and of course i said yes. Well at the Halloween dance we had loads of fun and all of a sudden we got invited to all the hot partys. This one party that my friend Heather threw there was supposed to be lots of cute guys there, my date couldn't come 'cause of a hockey game. So i went anyways when i got there none of the boys had arrived so us girls dicided to play hide and seek in the dark. So we where playing and a couple of boys arrived while the lights where off and just joined in. It was my turn so i tool the flashlight and shone it in a corner expecting to find someone there little did i know that they were to people there one of them happened to be my bf (whos hockey game was canceled) and he was making out with this girl who he knew i hated! Confused? turns out he arrived un-exceptedly and hid right away but he flet someone beside him and he asked if it was me this girl wanted to pull a prank on me so she said yes than he kissed her (what was supposed to be our first kiss) when i shone the light on them he couldn't see me threw the light so he kept on kissing! I got totally mad at him than her but he apoligised and later on (in a colest while playin 1 minute in heaven) he kissed me. We are still together but i haven't talked to that girl since (it's been 2 months) ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7030
Its not really a date ok i was on the comp. tryin to hook up wit dis dude rite so he like how u doin blah blah blah.... so we get to talkin then like my bf looks in the windo luckli we wuz playin pool so we stop playin pool but my bf left then this oter dude was talking to me. so i was talkin to 2 dudes they wuz 15,and 17 but im 13 so my mom walk in the dinni/r (where the comp. is) so she like wait who u talkin to and i was like so busted but thats what i get so its not a date but its embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!  ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7029
I work at a clothing store, so a lot of times I hook up with other coworkers in the fitting room. Nothing gets too carried away, but one time I started making out with one of the managers. I really liked him so I wanted to see him again. The next day at work, I decided to get up the courage to ask him out. I did, and even though he was leary because it's against the rules at our company, he persisted because I thought he liked me. Little did I know that the only reason he wanted to go out with me was because he liked my huge booty. ( I really do have an enormous butt while the rest of my body is really dimensions are 32 20 64. So anyways, he took me out the following weekend to the movies. We went and saw chicken little because I thought he was into kid movies, but really he just wanted to go to something lame in the dark. So like the movie started and we started to have some fun, sometime during our session I blacked out. Later I found out that he had put a rufie in my drink!! I woke up an hour after the movie had ended to a worker cleaning up, and my pants were down, with my huge panties draped over the screen! I was so humiliated, but the worker comforted me and we did it right there in the movies! not a bad ending to a horrible date! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7028
So i was at the movies with my girlfriend and my friend so i was a lil mad because i tryed to put my hand on her leg and she always moved so i went to another seat down and my friend asks whats wrong and they both were wearing mini-skirts and she goes I FORGOT TO SHAVE MY LEGS! so i didnt know and i moved back and btw this was in 6th grade 3 weeks before school was out and so later in the middle of the summer after i broke up with her my friend calls me and brings up the movie thing and says you wannna know why she always moved and i go yeah and she said she didnt shave her legs and i droped my phone and was disgusted and i havent talked to her since only on special occasions when she is online and i say hey and so we have a lil talk the reason why we broke up was that we were at a soccer party (she plays soccer) so she says can i dance with my friend so i say yeah it was a slow dance and so she kept on dancing with him and wouldnt stop so i broke up with her and started dancing with two girls instead of one to make her seem jealous so i think it worked so i started dancing with other girls so yeah thats my story ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7027
Okay so i liked this guy so much he was such a hotie. he went to my school and was 2 years above. finally after a few months of word getting around that i fancied him he asked me if i wanted to go with him to a party. i was so chuffed that i accepeted imeditly. so he picks me at 7.00 and we drive to this party. when we get there he turns around and kisses me i was so happy when i finally pulled away. the music stops and one really pretty girl marches up to him and punchs him in the nose. after that two more girls come up to us. one thorws water all over him.the other slaps him really hard then all theree girls start screaming. about what user he was and how all he wants is some . and they then called in a pervert and other nasty things. listening to all of this i could not stand what i was hearing. so i asked if this was true and he just shurged and nodded . luckily one of the girls explained everything to me and we became freinds and she drove me home! thats the last time i date someone i barely know! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7026
Well, it's not EXACTLY a date, but close... See, I really liked this guy, and I didn't know if he liked me back. So I started flirting with him, and he's taking it. So I though he liked me too, but was just too shy to ask me out. Then I asked him to meet me at my locker. He gets there, and I ask him out for real. He said no, and that he knew how it felt. And then, without a sorry or anything, he just walked away. Then he started talking to his friend, and they both start laughing. I wasn't looking right at them, but I could hear them. I look over, and they're both looking at me, laughing their heads off. I get so pissed, that I storm over there, and start yelling at him. I mention specificaly that I asked him out somewhere in the rant. When I finish, he's not laughing, but his friend is. I ask what's so funny, and he says that I have a huge piece of toilet paper hanging off the seat of my jeans. I started laughing, too, but then I slapped him, and told him never to look at my butt again. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7025
Okay. Well, this isn't a bad date, but it is a bad dating experience. Well, I dated this one guy(J) for almost 5 months. Well, he decides to write me a note telling me that he is breaking up with me. I decided not to read it when I got it because that was what I thought it would say. I walked out of the school and started to read it and knew. So, I started to cry but I made myself laugh at something. I told my cousin and my supposedly best friend, which both said that if he ever hurt me anyway that they would hurt him. All they had to say was that I shouldn't care and stuff like that. Then, they started making out. So, I went back home and cried. I have never cried over something like that. The next day I was at my cousin's house and J called. When he found out that I was there, he wanted to talk to me. He asked, "Why didn't you call me yesterday?" I told him that I didn't think he wanted me to and stuff. So, he asked me to call him when I got home. So , I did and he started talking to me like we did when we were still dating. He asked me if I liked this other guy(D) because someone told him that I did. And of course I told him that I didn't like him. But I did tell someone that I did like him. He told me he still loved me and always would, and we got off the phone. A few weeks later, I got asked to the Military Ball with D. When J found out, he was really mad. So, my supposedly best friend told me that I was making him jealous and suggested that I go out with D. So, when D got the courage to ask me out, I said yes. Then, I told J that I was going out with D, and he got mad and told me that I should break up with him or I would lose him as a friend. So, I broke up with D. I promised not to go out with D ever again, but I did secretly. Then, I had to stop because I was hurting myself. And about 7 months after being broke up with J, I start dating this other guy. I really didn't like this guy except as a friend, but my supposedly be st friend told me that it might help me get back with J. Now that I am dating this other guy, J always gives me hugs when he sees me. Sometimes I wish he would whisper in my ear those three words that he told me up until 5 and a half months after he broke up with me. i am still miserable without him. I feel like I am constantly cheating on my current boyfriend because I still have very strong love feelings for J. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7024
I was in the 9th grade my first date and i belive his name is mark we went to the movies and his sister Leslie was there and i thought it was his ex or somthing ok and he talked to her more than me we were going to wach a movie but no i ended up waching one by myself he went with his his sister Leslie to go across the street o my gosh he got back i didnt know this was his sister Leslie he got back i through food all over him and slaped him i left him there with no ride lol any ways the next day he called me that was my sister Leslie the other day you know he told me i told him i thought it was his ex and if he wanted to go out with me we could he said after you enbarresed me infront of every body no! ok ya so i got a little mad still he shouldnt hang out with his sis instead of me well at school he told all my friends Tammy, Jordan, Hillary, Emily,sarah, greg, dustin, Keith, Dean, mike, and my new bf Marvin ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7023
when i was 20 i met this guy who told me he was 18. i totally fell in love with him. about 2 months later i was talking to his mom, who, by the way he had told that i was 15 (not exactly sure why she believed him) anyway, i found out that he was only 14 years old... a very developed 14 year old. that was the most devastating thing that has ever happened to me. needless to say i broke all contact and i'm pretty sure his "mommy" grounded him for the remainder of his adolecence. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7022
Well my best friend had a HUGE crush on me and let's just say i didn't really like him back. anyways, one day my long distance bf came to visit and i was sooooo happy. he came to youth group with me and there he met my best friend[uh-oh].i could tell my best friend wuz jealous but at least he wuz polite.and my poor bf could sense his coldness and wuz so confused[i decided not to tell him].well l8er,when we were waiting for our rides,my bf and i were talking in the hallway alone. and then he kisses me!i wuz blushing lyk crazy when i heard a noise. we both turned around and there stood my best friend shocked and on the floor were some flowers he planned to give me.then all of a sudden he blows up at my bf shouting stuff. my bf stands there, unaware of wut's happening when he starts to realize wut's going on. he then blows up saying stuff lyk how dare he try to steal me away when he wuz in another state.i tried to calm them down but it didnt wo finally i screamed and that caught their attention. tears were streaming down my eyes as i ran off.l8er that nite on aim, both my bf and my best friend apologized to me.of course i forgave them but it took a while b4 things eva got back to normal. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7021
It was mine & this guy i worked with's first date (hes my boyfriend now). we double dated with my bestfriend & her boyfriend. we were all sittin in the movie theatre when my bestfriend grabbed my boyfriend & ran out of the theatre with him. her boyfriend was like whats goin on but neither of us knew. a couple months later right after my boyfriend asked me out he told me what happened that night, he told me that when she pulled him out they went out in the hallway & started makin out. i forgave him because he informed me that when she set the date up she told him he was goin wit her & i had another date. But i havent spoken to her since & i wont let him say her name. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7020
Have I got a bad story for you? One Valentines Day, me and my boyfriend had arranged to go out for the whole day, ending with dinner, it was all planned out and it was going to be so romantic. He picked me up at lunch time and to my surprise his best friend Joey was in the back seat of the car. we went out for lunch followed by a trip to the aquarium that had just opened up. We walked around for a while before taking a break beside the petting pond...where Joey thought it would be funny to push me in! I was humilated plus i sat on a sea slug and got seaweed all through my hair. My boyfriend reluctantly helped me out of the pond and we decided to was raining outside. after driving along for awhile the car started pouring out smoke and then surprise broke down. both guys made me get out and push the car by myself because i was "already wet!" to make it worse...when i was getting out of the car, a truck drove past..spraying me with mud! I then had to push the car about 300m to the nearest service station...and guess who was just finishing their shift at the boyfriends ex. And seeing as we now didnt have a car and she boyfriend decided to invite her along for the rest of our "date." It was nearly time to go out for dinner so we headed straight for the restaurant. The meal was great until i choked on a piece of onion and while trying to cough it up i vomited in the middle of the restaurant. We left straight away. Everyone else wanted to go see a movie but i demanded that enough was enough and made my boyfriends bestfriend share a taxi home ( we lived on the same street), but as we were my absolute boyfriends ex offered to take my boyfriend to the movies instead...and he ACCEPTED! then the next day in class....guess who came over the p.a boyfriend!! he told the whole school he was breaking up with me!! what can i say.....Men Are Scum!!!! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7019
Ok it was like this.....i was about 14 when my friend Brittany told me that her friend Danny wanted to meet me. i was fairly new at dateing so i said o.k. so she told him i would meet him. so Brittany and i went to the mall to meet up with Danny and his friend Rio. we met them there and i talked to Danny but i fell for Rio. so me and Danny went out and i got both (Rio and Danny's) number. i called Danny, we started to really talk and get along great. then one day i called Danny and there was no answer so i called Rio. Then we started talking and to my surprise we got along better then Danny and i. so i forgot about Danny and me and Rio started going out. Danny got so mad! I went to Rio's football game one night and Danny told me Rio was cheating on me. I asked Rio about it and he said no. of course i was going to beleive my boyfriend over my X-boyfriend. so we kept dating then one night i get a call from my friend Brittany. she told me that Rio WAS cheating on me. so i called Rio's house and a girl that wasn't his mom.....i freaked out on her i told her she needed to back off my man...then i found out she was his cousin. then a week later i got another phone call telling me Rio was cheating on me STILL! i was so mad. then i went to Rio's football game and me and Danny started talking and told me that still Rio was cheating on me.....i finally walked up to Rio and started hitting him that's when he finally told me the truth. That he WAS cheating on me!!!!! I asked if i knew her and he told me no..............IT WAS DANNY!!!!!! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7018
i was on my first date and we decided to go on the carousel! well we were in the little teacup thingys when these 2 girls sit inbetween me and my bf well this guy goes up to us and says there can only be 3 people per teacup so he goes ill leave and im just sittin there in shock and decide to go sit with him on the horses well we were ridding on them and he goes i feel like an idiot and i go ya me to so we moved to lovebirds seat im sitting in the middle and hes sitting as far away from me he didnt look at me hold my hands or even talk to me so we went to the movies and he goes will you kiss me so i go sure i kiss him and then when he brings me home he emails me and dumps me i felt so used ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7017
Me and a couple of friends went to the skating rink. My boyfriend was there also. Me and my friend Erin was talking with some of are friends that are boys.My boyfriend gets mad and starts yellen at us. His friend sayed he was mad at me i said i dont care about that because he is always jelous when i talk to guys.I saw him and his friends "trying" to get girls number right out of the blue! I was so mad at him. So i went over to Alex one of my guy friends and started flirting with him to get Dillon even more mad at me! After that i broke with him and he was trying to call girls number and tried to get them to go out with him! He is a total jerk after that he was calling me names so i went over there and slaping the crap out of him!!That night Alex asked me to be his girlfriend i said yes!! Now dillon is mad at me ever since! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7016
There was this guy, let's call him Joe, i had known him several months. When i first met him he wanted to date me instantly, but i had a boyfriend so it wasn't possible. Months and months past before we made contact with eachother again and i was single. He was so excited and wanted to take me out. I was single for the first time in a long time time to get back out there right? I accept the date, not that i REALLY wanted to date the guy but i was hoping he would break me from a crush i had on this one guy i probably sholdnt have liked. ANYWAYS this guy is hell bent on picking me up at home. Theres just something about him that i wasnt ok with him doing that so we met up in a parking lot and then took his car. We go to dinner, waiting for a table no big deal small talk is going. We get seated and order. Pretty normal conversation most of the time. He starts going off about why he's single and how bad he wants to get into a relationship. That's fine not really what i'm lookin for but ya know, whatever. Then he tells me how two months before he slept with this woman and that woman, here, there, everywhere. He didn't know their names, one was married, blah blah blah, greaaaaat im goin on a date with a man whore JUST what ive always wanted. All i remember thinking is why the hell are you telling me this? If it was supposed to impress me that he could get all these women, it didn't go as planned. Finally we get off that subject and he starts talkin about how when he was younger he was really into church. That's nice to know, whatever, but he was so into the church he would help is pastor perform hundreds of exorcisms. Told me how they did them and how often. He got used to them but sometimes they still freaked him out. One of the women he had to perform on was his exgirlfriends grandmother. ?!?!? ! aaaa...ok...FREAK! So then we head off to see the movie Exorcism of Emily Rose. Interesting huh? We start walking to the movie and he tries to hold my hand. I told him "I'd really rather you not touch me." So he let my hand go and we go into the movie. We get out of the movie and he starts talkin about how the movie brought back bad memories from when he was younger. Then he tells me that if i have nightmares from the movie to repaet this...and it was something in latin and to call him as quick as possible so he could come over and comfort me, and just keep repeating the phrase until he got there... aaa OK? then he drops me off at my car and asks the chances of me seeing him again i was like ya know i really couldnt tell ya...i can be mean at times but im not gonna tell someone theyre crazy and i never wanna see um again. So then he was all "you don't know huh? how about i try to persuade you" and he goes into kiss me!!! I put my head down, shoved him away, laughed at him and said "ok i wont let you hold my hand...what makes you think im gonna kiss you?" then i got in my car, left, and went to see the guy i was crushin on. much for the plan of "Joe" breakin my crush on the other guy...i think he actually made me like him more for not bein crazy! ~Kristin
Bad Date Story #7015
Ok I went to the Bowling Alley to hang out with some friends because we were supposed to meet my boyfriend there. We went outside so one of my friends could smoke her cigarette and my boyfriend showed up. He didn't seem to happy so I asked him what was wrong. He told me I just wouldn't understand. He had to talk to my friend that was smoking on the side of the building. He came up to me and told me he had cheated on me and lied to me about it saying his older brother had given him the hickeys. He told me that he had cheated on me the night I stayed the night with his friends girlfriend. He said that he, his friend, and my friend and her sister were all out in her shed. Sometime later my friends sister went inside for a little while and my ex's friend fell asleep and they started making out. My friend said that she only did it because it was in the heat of the moment but like two days later I found a poem written by my friend and it was about how she didn't think she would ever be able to have him. The night he told me was on a Friday night and I walked up to the main road and I was on my knees praying it wasn't true and I was in tears in front of everyone. Well like two weeks later it still wasn't working because he just kept on going back to my friends house and I guess I didn't feel the same way. Well I broke it off with him and me and that friend hasn't been friends since. That had to be my worst date ever. ~Samantha
Bad Date Story #7014
Ok, it was my sophmore year in high school and my best friend (at the time) started dating this guy, well this guy had a friend, so we got introduced and we hit it off ok and we started "talkin". we had been hangin out and doin the double date thing for about a week or so, when one afternoon my best friend says to me " he doesnt have a date for the prom and wants to know if you want to go with him" (fyi- these guys were juniors at the time), i said yes. well a few days after that and about 2 weeks before prom, he kinda starts to avoid me. i didnt think much about it, hes pretty shy. not too long after that, i hear hes "talkin" to this girl from a different school thats not far from ours. i was disappointed, but hey what could i do, we werent bf/gf. anyways, i was wondering if he still wanted me to go to prom with him since he'd gotten with this other chick, so i ask my best friend to talk to him. she comes back and says that yes he still WILL take me(making it sound like he was doing me a favor!), but after the actual prom, he was going to take me home. "screw that!" is what i thought to myself, but i didnt say anything i just went along with it. (another juicy tid bit is that i was told this on valentines day!! and he didnt even speak to me that day!!). anyway, when i found out he was with this other girl, it just so happened that i saw my ex and we started talking and decided that we'd give our relationship another try and date, not go "steady", just date and hang out. (thats why i wasnt too heartbroken over the other dude). and it just so happens that my guy goes to school with the "other chick". well, he and i really wanted to go to prom together, but we both had dates with other people (our schools had prom on the same night and same place, just different rooms). anyhow, we somehow figured out how to get everyone a date and be happy. so im with the guy i want to go to prom with and everybodys happy. BOY WAS I A FOOL for lettin the other guy get out of takin me!! ok, so its prom night and everything is goin great- we go to his house for pictures and then to his school where we get in the limo (which actually looked like a shuttle bus thing but it was awesome inside!). on the way to prom the people in the limo with us (it was a group of people, like i said before, shuttle bus) start pulling out the liquor. my date and i start to drink with them, i got tipsy, but didnt want to get totally wasted before we got to prom! well thats exactly what my guy did!! we went and took the prom pictures,(we were both pretty tipsy by then), after that we left to go eat.we had already made reservations to eat at this pretty expensive and very nice restaurant, so we get there and he just barely makes it in the door. we get him to the table and hes just sittin there, so trashed, spilling everything, turning chairs over (accidently), etc. he goes to the bathroom and is in there for a while so me and 2 other people from our limo go to the bathroom to check on him. by that time, everyone in that place knew what was going on and were staring, including the manager, which came up to us AS WE WERE LEAVING and told us we had to get him out of there. so there i was outside with this other girl,whos date also was unable to go inside, waiting on everybody else to enjoy their meals and come outside to leave. we get to the parking lot where the prom was being held, and he was already too sick to go inside. so, i had to stay outside with him and clean him up while everyone else went inside and had a blast!! to make matters worse, as soon as he started sobering up a bit, one of the chaperones came outside and said " look, im sorry, but hes drunk, so we had to call his parents". i was thinking OMG this cannot be happening!! this was not even my prom! (and i had the works! the nails, shoes, hair, $300 dress) and didnt even make it into prom!! so we sit and wait for his parents to get there and when they do, his dad grabs him up by the collar and slaps him in the face, which is really what he deserved, but soooooo embarassing!! the night ended with everybody FROM BOTH OF OUR SCHOOLS hearing what had happened and that his parents had to come get us and drive us home!!! i was soo mad!! people talked about it for weeks! so heres a little advice to all you high schoolers out there, if you're gonna drink, at least wait til the afterparty to get completely sloshed- just to be safe! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7013
okay so it wasn't really a date but it was bad nonetheless. (i was 15 at the time by the way) i live on a block with pretty much all guys. their all basically my really good friends and they skateboard outside my house everyday. so one night im sitting at my computer talking to my friends and my friend george calls me. he said "kayla i need your help. i cant get home, the world is spinning, i dont really know where i am. but im in the court" (the court is what we call the dead end street in front of my house) so i pretty much thought he was kidding and i was like yea alright but then my friend jeff got on the phone and was like "kayla hes being serious. he had like 8 shots i had like 3. i recognized yer house n said yea lets call kayla she'll know what to do" so i was like okay whatever and told my friends id be back in a minute.. i go outside (its only about 9 pm in the summer but its already dark)their completely smashed. i dont even know how they managed to ride their bikes to my house. so im out there with them, george is puking, jeffs sobering up a tad bit.. get them water and a towel for george. so finally george is like i have to be home at 9:30 so i take jeffs bike and ride with george up to his house which is right down the block and hes like all over the place riding his bike but he manages and so i turn back around to the court to stay with jeff. im sitting with jeff and then james and luke come up the hill to the court. i wasnt really friends with them at the time and to be honest i really didn't like either of them. at all. but they were also drunk so i just stayed with them so they didn't get killed... luke layed down in the street but i made him move. and james tried to jump off my friends roof but also prevented him from doing that. to be honest, i had a little bit of feelings for luke but i would never had admitted to it. ever. but eventually jeff left and i was out there with luke and james talking with them about drinking and drugs and whatnot (which i never did drugs before) until 10:30 which was my curfew. and lukes brother picked them up a few minutes after i went inside. okay so the next day i get a phone call from my friend erik asking me if i wanna come with him james and luke that night to lukes clubhoue (its like one of those treehouses on a swingset... idk its cool it had 2 floors lol) so im like yea but im not gonna smoke.. i might drink but no drugs and erik said that's fine. so then that night im like chillin.. meanwhile my parents are sleeping in the den making it virtually impossible to sneak out but they call me n so i jump out of my SECOND STORY window... ya it kinda hurts but ive done it once before.. anyway.. james was supposed to come get me on his bike n id ride on the pegs back but then luke calls me n hes like is it alright if my bro comes to pick u up n im like yea that's fine. so here comes his bro mike and his friend rob in the front. so me erik luke and james are squished in the backseat.. and im like up against luke which was weird but ya kno w/e and then i find out that mike and rob are both extremely high.. and mike was driving!! i was thinking wtf am i getting myself into so then they pull up into this cul de sac a few blocks from lukes house nd they start smoking and im like alrighty then so their passin it around and eriks like... kayla do u wanna try? (and erik is like actually my friend.. he was the one true friend i had there) and i was like uh... i guess (i never would have done it if it werent for being in the car) so there i go tryin this stuff and then we drive to lukes house and we go into the clubhouse and apparently according to erik james and luke i was high so i was like alright w/e then we started drinking which im fine with and i got fucked up that night... kept smoking and drinking till i couldn't anymore... actually i probably could have im pretty sure we ran out of stuff lol.. but anyway... for some reason i wound up sitting on lukes feet and hes laying down and im like luke you gotta get up u cant sleep no sleeping get up and so he sits up and then falls forward onto me and then i fall forward so it was kinda like a pretzel lol so then he starts uh.. well feeling me up and i actually didn't even notice it at first and then i was just like... oh lol so then he takes my head and turns it to his and we start making out and im thinkin... okay ive done this before this i can handle... so then out of no where he says to me "kayla... wanna fuck?" now who the hell would say yes to that???? even in my impaired state i wasn't THAT stupid so of course i said no! then he said to me... wanna go downstairs? and to be honest i didn't wanna be alone with him so i said no make them go downstairs... as in erik and james which was the same thing as us going downstairs but that didn't register to me lol so eventually they agree to go downstairs and its just me and luke and then we took it a little (okay maybe a lot) but farther... and he tried to have sex with me but i stopped it... and then in the end i learned that he had never even kissed a girl before! and we had just dont everything but have sex!!!! so then i needed to be home by 5 so my parents didn't find out and erik and james were like okay we need to leave now and so eventually we left and we're walking down the block and i was seriously about to puke. i thought i was gonna die. so i lay down in the grass luke comes over n sits next to me and is like are u ok? and im like i think so and then we start making out again. im actually surprised i didn't puke in his mouth. but yea this happened like 3 times. so it takes half an hour to walk back to my house and they walked me pretty much all the way, they turned around at like 5 houses away from mine cuz i told them they could. and the first thing i thought of when i got home was i had to pee and the second was brush my teeth as much as could before passing out. i felt disgusting. v as it turns out me and luke never went out and now hes going out with someone else. i was pretty friggin upset about me and him not going out for a while but im over it now. i guess whatever happened is in the past. i regret it now of course but i realize i should because u should never really regret anything cuz at one point it was exactly what you wanted. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7012
Okay so this guy lived like 3 blocks away from me and i really liked him. One day he asked me if i wanted to go to the movies with him and i said yes cause i liked him. So we went and saw The Notebook (i love that movie) and he was so sweet he bought me drinks and bought the ticket and bought some popcorn to share. So after the movie we went back to his house. I had planned just to stay for like 5 minutes or something just to say goodnight or something and so i we went up to his room and i was like well im going to go and all that and before i left he kissed me goodnight and then i hugged him but like then we started making out and he took of my shirt and i took off his shirt. So like now were like full on making out and he started to took off my pants and all that and then i was about to take off his boxers and then someone walked in his room and it was his "friend" and it turns out that he had a girlfriend that he had been dating for 2 years!! i was so embarressed i felt so bad i explained to her i didnt no that he had a boyfriend. I tryed to avoid him but since he lived so close to me it was hard to. but his girlfriend broke up with him and all that and i havent talk to him since and he hasnt had a girlfriend since either so yeah... it was soo embarresting ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7011
My 3rd date was the worst date i think i will ever have in my life! it was when i was 15 (1 year ago) and i went with this guy named Andrew to eat at Taco Bell. He told me to get whatever i wanted and not to get something that i dont want. so i ordered 2 tacos, 1 bean burrito, and 2 nacho supremes. he ended up getting a nacho salad! i was so0o0o0o0o0o0 embaressed! After that we went home and watched a movie. it was one of my little brother's called Finding Nemo so it was really boring. Andrew went to touch my leg and i pulled it back because i hadn't shaved in a long time. i was wearing a skirt and he asked what was wrong and i toled him the 1st thing that came to my mind. i said " You can't touch me because ... umm ... i have poison ivy". to this day, he never looked at me the same. he thinks i'm weird. I still like him. i saw him a couple weeks after the date with my BEST friend (2 years older than me and Andrew) and i got really mad and she promised she would break up with him if that made me feel better. three years later that had their 1st little girl and named her Nolee which is MY name!!! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7010
Well I was on a date with my boyfriend at that time (TYLER) and we were out a skateing rink with him. Well the rink was a really big hang-out for all teens. So my friends came. They usally come every friday. So we are sitting down talking and all the sudden my friends KATIE,KENNY(one of my ex's who still loved me),ALEX (another one of my ex's who still loved me),DD(my best friend),BEN (DD's bf). Well they all show up. I am fine with it but TYLER hates it because most of my friends are guys and either they went out with me or want to. Well KENNY says hi and so do the rest of them except ALEX. He hates most of my bf's. ALEX see's TYLER and pulls me over and says hi "Babygirl" because thats my nickname and hugs me. Now I tell all my boyfriends that I flirt with all guys. TYLER hated that rule. Well during the night me and ALEX'S song starts playing from when we were going out and he starts danceing with me right in front of TYLER. TYLER gets in ALEX'S face about it and they start yelling at each other. I have to break them up. Because ALEX wouldnt hurt a fly but when he is mad he will really beat the s*** out of you. ALEX being the real man goes over to TYLER and says sorry. Well later in the night TYLER smacks DD's a** and BEN see's and starts yelling at him. TYLER backs down. DD comes over to me and says that TYLER smacked her a** I go over there and yell at him and start cursing him out in front of a bunch of people then he takes a swing at me and says that "he can do whatever he f***ing wants to" ALEX and KENNY jump in and start cursing back at him saying that if he ever talks to me like that agian he will have to deal with them. So TYLER gets so pissed off he runs into the bathroom. I go over to the other side of the rink and sit with ALEX,KENNY,DD and BEN. Then TYLER comes running over yelling and cursing and comes up behind me and pulls me backwords by the hair and yells at me "you are cheating on me with those two you b****" I am getting tired of it and take a swing at him. KENNY jumps infront of me and grabs my hand and says its not worth it. Which it really wasnt. So yell at him "I am breaking up with you b******!" Well TYLER just blew it. When I turn around he calls me a b**** and a slut. I turn around to knock the shit out of him and BEN has to grab me and had to keep saying calm down Babygirl. So DD and BEN are claming me down. TYLER turns around to walk away and ALEX taps him in the shoulder. Turns him around punchs him in the face. KENNY sees the fight and jumps in. Grabs TYLER by the collar and lifts him up and agianst the wall. Hits him in the face, knocks a tooth out. ALEX hits him in the eye and gives him a black-eye. Then they call me over and say I can have the last hit. I let KENNY let him down and I knee him in the you know what. He falls to the ground and DD comes over and smacks him in the a** and asks "how do you like it?" Then we all leave and go home early. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7009
I met this girl on the internet. We decided to meetup and go see a movie. Her picture/discription resembled what she looked like in "real life," which is good. Well I drive over to her house, greet her with a big hug, then sit down on her couch right nextto each other. But before we leave, she tells me to pick up her friend; she is coming to the movies with us. I have no problem with that at all. I pick her up and as I'm driving my date and her friend to the movies, my date's friend gets in a HUGE fight with her boyfriend over the phone. At that point, my date's friend hangs up on him, decides to hate men--ALL men--especially ME. She begins yelling and screaming at me (because I'm a guy), so I respond by calling her a bitch. This really fuels her rage!! We begin arguing (as in shouting) with each other Oh, and this is all on the drive to the theater. We continue to argue as we walk to buy our tickets. My date is still with us, somehow she was able to tune us out but kept quiet. When we sat in our seats to watch the movie (this was back in 2001 so I don't remember the movie), none of us said a word. Just kept quiet. The movie ended and my date wanted to me to drop her off first and then her friend. I said "no." Driving-wize it made no sense...and I did not want to spend any more time with that damn friend of hers (who decides to start yelling at me again). I ended up dropping off both at the friend's place. Since then, I have not spoken to either one of them. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7008
Today i was calling my boyfriend and his mom answers the phone and all she speaks is spanish and i say is Luis there and they all speak spanish exept he and his brother they speak both but anyway i call and his mom says something really fast and i dont know what she said and then click she is gone then her husband calls back and is talking and i have no clue what the hell he is saying and then he says no espanol and i actully understand that and i say no and i hear a fuzzy sound then his little brother comes on and says who is this i say cody and he says who are u calling for i say Luis and he says well my mom dont want you to call no more and then i dont know what to say so i say k bye and then that convo is over and i am now downloading a free spanish program so i can get along with his parents it really sux cuz he means a lot to me and i dont want our language to get in the way... or anything else ~Cody
Bad Date Story #7007
At my junior prom, my date was the captain of the football team. After the prom we were heading to the hotel, when I realized that he was taking me to a hotel. When I told him that wasn't going to happen, he said "Fine". Next thing I know the limo was pulled over to the side of the dark road and he pushed me out of the car and told me to find my own way home. Although it was the worst date I have ever been on, on my 15 mile walk home I met a fabulous man forty years my senior. We now have 12 beautiful children: 4 boys and 8 girls. I will never forget the day I rolled down the hill after being pushed out of a limo after what was suppose to be the greatest day of my life. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7006
Ok.... i was at micy d's with my date (this was all set up) and then I see one of my friends. everything was going well until our dates got into a fight. then we noticed that they didn't like each other. when that was over we went back to my house and my friends boyfriend slipped and lucky for him the couch was there to catch him or he would of hit his head on a sharp corner. anyway the bad part is that when we took them home we realized why they y hated each other.... they were bothers (my friend is 15)! ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7005
I planned this date 3 days ahead of time. I was really nervous about being on a date with my friend Charles, so I asked my best friend Crystal if her and her whatever he was, would double. At this point I haven't asked the guy yet. This date was going to happen on a Sunday(Mother's day). The Saturday before the date I asked Crystal's whatever John if he wanted to go and he said sure, then I asked him if he would ask Charles for me. Well he did and Charles said ok. The day of the date we were going to pick up John then go to the theater pick up the tickets, go to Wal-Mart get me and Crystal a new piece of clothing. Go home change, go to movie, then dinner, and finally this park to talk. This is how it happened. We picked up John, went to the theater to get tickets to see "Wax House" but John didn't have an I.D to prove he was 20. So Crystal such our friend Amanda Canipe come to the movie to since she is 24, John could get in. I didn't want Amanda to come because she always all over every guy any of us have. Me and Crystal get into an agrument. We go home to think about what movie we want to see, to come home to see our roomate(mine and Crystal's) is moving out. After he gets his stuff moved out, we go back to the theater and decide on "Fever Pitch". Then go to Wal-Mart because I am in shorts and a t-shirt. I get this cute shirt, skirt and shoes. I do my hair and make-up in the car. After the movie we go to dinner that actually went fine. Then we go to this park so we can talk and before I can say anything to Charles he says he doesn't want a girlfriend. I was going tell him that I wasn't looking for a boyfriend just a bed buddy. I changed subject and we started talking about how big a jerk my ex-boyfriend. I went home, Crystal and John went to Crystal's room and Charles climbed on the couch and I went to my room. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7004
Ok so my friend and i went to the movies with my bf and his friend (who was one of my ex's) came along. We went to go see Lord of the Rings or some really long movie like that. So my freind and my ex started making out and stuff and my bf i think was getting kinda jealous but i didnt want to do anything because i was scared (by the way this was like 5 years ago) anyway he put his hand on my knee and started moving it closer and closer to my u know what. when he was almost there i had had enough and got up and went to the bathroom. my friend followed me and asked what was wrong and i told her. For the rest of the movie my ex and friend sat inbetween me and my bf. I dumped him the next day. ~Anonymous
Bad Date Story #7003
I'm in 7th grade and the funnest girl in school and i always have been so about 3 years ago in 4th grade me and my best guy friend hooked up and we went to the movies well i thought it would be hillarious to throw M&M's at the ppl in front of me so i went to buy some and I was walking down the isle and i sat by some other guy and i didnt start throwing M&Ms becuz the seats in front of me were empty.but i got scared and grabed the guys and and it turned out to be my cousin!Not only did my ccousin make fun of me for 2 years but my boyfriend dumped me that night cuz he thought i was "CHEATING" on him!At least were still friends ~Hailee
Bad Date Story #7002
i was in 8th grade. I absolutely loved this one guy named Brad. He was a super hottie and was a quarterback. It was the homecoming game and there was 2 minutes left. It started RAINING. So Brad made this amazing pass to the endzone which made them score the last touchdown right before the game time ran out. Everyone ran into the field to congradulate him. I went up and he thought i was hott and started making out with me. It was so romantic, us in the middle of the field, making out. He said "come home with me, my parents are in Europe and my grandma is watching, and goes to bed early every night. we can" So i was like so happy, i was supposed to s/o @ my friends, but she understood, because she knew what a hottie he was. So after he showered we got a ride from his friends brother. as soon as we came inside, because i was wet, he let me borrow a shirt. The problem was, i didnt have extra underwear and i was in the middle of my little monthly visitor. so th is was a problem i forgot to remember when we were swapping saliva at the game and asked me. i thought we might stop @ my house on the way. so i thought his mom might have something to help in her bedroom. so i was naked in the parents bathroom trying to find i heard a door open and brad came in and threw me onto the bed. we were making out and he started taking off his pants, then he started licking me and i felt some blood come out, and he was there and suddenly "HOLY F'ING SHIT NICOLE!!" and he started cussing and was all over the sheets, and he said they were brand new from Japan, and he'd gotten a mouthful of it. wow then his grandma came running cuz she heard the screaming and found us on the bed in the middle of a big bloody, tangled sheet!! i think she died, it was too much shock. she kinda gasped and fell and fainted. we called 911 and they came too quickly and we were still trying to clean upp and gett in some clothes an d they came upstairs and it kinda was awkard..!! but they got the grandma to the hospital..she had a heart attack and would have died if they hadnt come. so yea that was probly the worst sex i've ever had in my life..but we're still going out today, because he understood that those things happen and he'd always ask if it was my time of the month b4 we did anything!!! ~Anonymous
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