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When i was about 15 i did a christmas play at my friend Christinas church. We decided to do a play about the night Jesus was born. Christina was palying Mary and i was playing the angel Gabriel. Well the preacher told me to just imagine we were rehersing instead of being in front of an audience. My bug scenne was up and christina started to giggle. ( remeber i was pretending i was just rehersing this) So i slapped her really hard in the side of the head. and the audience about peed themselves luaghing. but the preacher told everyone he liked that version better, so everyone left us alone. But the people from the church still call me Gabriel insted of Heather.
my husband and i were at bed,bath and beyond doing a list of what we needed before we got married and we were in towels at the time and my husband didnt think anyone was behind him and he lifted his leg and let out this horrific smelling fart and there was a lady standing right behind him i was so so embaressed thinking i am marrying this man!!!!! - Anonymous
The most embarrassing moment of my life was probably when I was about 7 years old. I remember this one little black and white polka dot dress my mom used to make me wear during the summer. It was pretty hideous. Anyway, I have two really evil older sisters and while I was playing at a friend's house they locked the front gate to our house so that I couldn't get in. Well, I was on my way home and stood at the gate yelling for them to open the gate. After much deliberation of what to do, I started to climb the fence. We had one of those chain linked fences. I ended up falling over and getting caught by my dress. I hung there for a while neighbors passed by in their cars, trying to hold my dress down and waving like nothing was wrong. My other neighbor from across the street saw me and recorded me for a while until I finally ripped the dress and ran to the house. To this day my neighbor has the video and shows it to everyone that needs a good laugh and I never wore that dress again because I tore it. I guess one good thing came out of the whole situation.
I was at the mall with my husband , I was ordering a soda at a fast food restaurant thinking he was beside me I got the urge to grab his butt.. Me being in a rather cheeky mood, I did... Just a few minutes before my husband had said " Honey, I will be right back". and walked away. I did not here this... So, I grabbed the guy standing next to me only it wasn't his butt it was his groin... He got a great kick outta it and said "He needed to come to the mall more often". and as did his friends they asked if I was single. The guy taking the order l was laughing so hard he was crying. My husband thought it was the best thing that had happened all yr. I was mortified.... - Marcie
Ok so one day my family and i went to a local resteraunt. My dad my grandfather and i went outside to stand while the ladis paid. I had a super ball and was bouncing it around when my dad said "let me see that". I gave it to him and he bounced it as high as he possibly could and i decided that i was gonna catch it. so i was right under this ball as it was in the air than all of a suden i fell RIGHT ON MY FACE!!! As i was following the ball in the air i triped over a parking meter!! i looked and my dad and my grandpa were just laughing the at that time my mom and grandma were walking out of the resteraunt and thwy were all woried they kept asking me if i was ok which i was fine. I got up and i was soaked it had just got done raining i also had grease on me because it was obviously in a parking spot. As i got up i looked in the resteraunt windows to see all the people in there there laughing at me! I was so mad at them but then i got over it and realised that it was kind of funny.
I was a this party and me and all my friends are drinking it up having a good ol time, any way theres this girl there and mind you this is my place and theres a girl there! Any way once i got preety wasted i went up to her after i beat up the rest of the guys in my way any who once i got the chance to talk to her i got this burning sensation all over and me being me i thought this was asign from god telling me shes the one. But she began to look at me with this terrible look of disgust and i continued to feel the "love" you could say. I continued to spit my A game and finally with one little burp this girl vomits all over me and im pissed. i go to my bathroom to wash up i look in the mirror and see that i had these hideous blisters all over me and thats why she got sick from seeing these blisters begin to boil and puss all over me. I was having an allergic reaction to the liqour for some reason any way the its been three years and i have these damn blis ters still and me and her are getting married in a month i guess you could say she felt the love to! - David Aurora
When I was 14 I went to 3-day Surf Camp with some friends in San Onofre at the beach's campgrounds. Being the tough kid I thought I was, my friends and I smuggled in an Aquafina water bottle FULL of vodka (snatched it from the parents). I thought I was so cool and me and my brother chugged half the bottle. I passed out asleep on the beach while everyone was surfing and woke up with the worst sun burn ever. As if that wasn't ad enough, I woke up SICK and not only felt like I was going to puke but I had to POOP so-effing-bad, and it's a 1 1/2 mile hike back up to the campsite, uphill, in the sun, burned, and drunk. I was hurrying as fast I could, but I had to puke, I walked a few feet away from the trail and dropped to my hands and knees to do the Technicolor yodel. From the heaving, I was pushing when I puked and ended up crapping all over myself. I was super embarrassed and I just changed out of my swim trunks and into the clothes in my pack and left them there. My brother knows about it and recently told my fiancé about my first drink. Now, EVERY ONE KNOWS and no one offers me drinks anymore.
My embarrassing moment was on the first day of school. Now of course on the first day of school everyone is trying to make a good impression and is way nervous. Knowing the school they are wayy to cheap to put on the air conditioner so it was really hot! I was in the class spinning around in the chair not paying attention, as usual, everything was good and fine until the end of the class. My friend turned over to me and was like " Nice pit stains." l looked and i couldnt believe it!!!! It was horrible!!! You couldnt beleive how embarrassed i was,. i walked the rest of the day with my arms glued to my side(hoping no one would see!!) Way to start out the school year. - Anonymous
i was fifteeen when this happened, i'm 22 now and married to my teenage sweetheart. so, during a heatwave, i was sooooo hot, so i stripped. then my brother came in, who's 8, with a camera. i thought it was our old broken one. so, i didn't really cover myself. he started snapping pictuers. i thought he wasn't really taking them, lol, so i did some stupid model poses. like really "hot 'n' babe-like". and then he was laughing liek crazy. he left and i read my book. then, about 4 days later, i was at my boyfriends house and he said he need to show me something. he went to his compter, opened his screensaver, adn it was me nude, doing poses on my bed. MY BROTHER WAS USING A DIGITAL CAMERA!!!!!!!!!! I sooooo freaked and made by brotehr delete them...... but my boy friend still has the freakin pics!
My brother and I were in the pool, and I went underwater and jetted up really fast because it feels really cool. Well when I look down, my top fell off and one boob is hanging front of my brother! If that that was not bad enough, I have this habit of saying "we" when I really mean "I", and I said "We need to fix this" as I was stuffing my boob back in. My brother anounced " WE!!!! what are you french?!? swiming topless going we we we" I busted up laughing..omg. And was so embarassed.
There is this guy that I really really like.Besides the fact he mostly doesn't notice me, he's really nice! So...During school holidays, I sms'd him just to say 'hi'.His phone was off so I thought maybe it had been stolen or something.I phoned it just to make sure it was off and he sounded so hott. So i played the voice message to one of my friends and I thought she had put the phone down, but she hadn't and we were all like he sounds so hot, he's really nice etc, etc. Then I realised and put the phone down.I prayed like anything that his phone had been stolen, but, with my luck, he'd just gone overseas for the holidays and didn't take his phone with him!I hope he didn't recognise me! Also, last year, i was at a camp and he was there. Me and my friend went to the tuckshop there and walked around looking at the food before some evil woman gave us an evil look and we realised we were supposed to buy stuff from outside the window, we were sooooo embarrassed!!! - Anonymous
I was sitting in language class and the teacher is reading a boring story and all of a sudden i fall asleep. When the teacher finally realized i was asleep she woke me up and i farted really loud. Then all the class ran out because it smelled so bad. It was so embarrising but in the end every one laughed. - Keegan
It was good o'l showcase concert at my highschool and we had just finished performing the theme song for the Jeffersons and since we were all jeans and t- shirts and we had to get dressed in our concert outfits. Bad thing #1 l lose my vest , put my shirt on wrong; #2 were late for the next act; #3 my friend gets stopped back stage and i go running on in front of everyone; #4my music drops and basically i made a fool of myself.
My best friend and I were at taco bell and we can be somewhat rebellious. She dared me to steal this big neon sign off the wall. So after much contemplating I devised a fool proof plan to get the sign without getting caught. I grabbed it off these 2 hooks that were holding it up and we made a mad dash for the door. I looked back to see 3 of the workers chasing me!! Then suddenly the cord snapped. I had forgotton to unplug the darn thing and the snap was so intense I flew backwards and landed on my butt. I still had a chance to get away so I jumped up and continued running towards my friends' car. When I got to the car I grabbed the door handle only to discover it was locked! My friend was still running and fumbling for her keys. It was a close call but we got away. The next week I was sitting in one of my classes at school when this new kid behind me said "Hey I work at taco bell and I remember you! Our manager blamed us for the missing sign!" I just replied "I have no idea what you're talking about." The sign remains in my rec room as a reminder of our adventure.
When I was little, maybe 5 or 6 years old, my parents decided to go out to a fancy restaurant with my aunt and uncle. I was a stubborn and quirky child, and one of my quirks was that I loathed wearing panties. My mom gave me a dress and some undies to wear for the dinner, and of course, I only put the dress on. When she asked if I was wearing panties, I lied and said I did. So we're at the restaurant and we're taking our orders, and I'm sitting at the end of the booth. Another one of my childhood quirks (which, I am happy to say, I have grown out of) was that when I was bored, I'd put my skirt or dress over my head and run around like that. So in the middle of ordering, I throw my dress over my head and the waiter sees everything. My mom was pretty mad when she found out I skipped out on the panties! With my tendancies to not wear panties and to fling my dress around, my parents were both concerned that I'd grow up to be a stripper or playboy model!
last summer my embarrassing moment was I was in a fake jackass move the one ware they do dump crap but any ways I did not see my moms car so I went off a jump with my bike and hit the back of it and went flying in to my garage the next day if that wasn't enough my brother(the camera man)brote the video to school and shown it on the morning amassments and after school this hot ass girl comes up to me and seed so how life in the funny papers LOSER dumped her smothery on my head and every one cart up. - Jack
Hi, I was going to school and, as always, i was late. So, I got to the gate but it was closing so I thought,watch me get through,i'm gonna look so stylish,but unfortunately the gate closed as i got through and my bag got stuck on the other side!I was soooooo embarassed, and to make matters 99999999999X worse, this really cute guy saw me and had to ask the guard to open the gate, ohhh, I could've died!!
this hapened when i was 7, i was at a soccer game and 5 minutes before it was over i had to do pee really bad but i was young so i was to embarrassed to go in the trees and there were no bathrooms nearby, so there was like 2 minutes left and i couldnt hold it anymoreso i just stood there peeing my pants.
A couple weeks ago my little cousins (both 1 1/2 years old)were visting and I was showing them how to blow bubbles but at the same time I was drinking a soda, I had put them down to go to the bathroom, when I came back I grabbed for my soda and drank it, without realizing it I drank a good deal of soap fluid so I had to be rushed to the hospital but fainted in the ambulance, when I woke up they told me my immune system had been using all my energy to combat the viruses. They told me not to talk butI couldn't help it. I said who are you, to the person next to me, not only did it turn out to be my crush but it sounded like I was cussing her off because my voice was messed up. Embarrasing. - JW,KY
my most embarrasing moment is when me and a good friend was playing teather-ball when these oh so cute guys were making fun of me cuz i sucked @ the game. they started saying ha ha ha to me. and then i hit the ball, i was gonna say ha ha ha back but right in the middle of me saying that the ball hit me right in the face. it was so embarising that i cried--some1 who never wants to remember that day
One day I was at the Y.M.C.A. and got on a treadmill and was going 5 miles per hour. Well it was just warming up but I thought that it was at it's full speed so I thought I could handle three times as much but I couldn't and I fell off and my full upper body was on the treadmill and I kept trying to push my self back up but I couldn't because my hands kept slipping! There were a bunch of teenagers there! I was ready to die!!! So emabarrasing!!!
i was in my 4th period class in 6th grade and there was nothing really going on so we had a make up day and i was sitting there trying to make up a paper that i missed. during that time i had to pee REALLY badly! so i asked if i could go and my teacher said yes. well we had uniforms and i was wearing the blue overalls with the zipper in the back so i walked back into class and i could hear people laughing. i thought that some one had told a joke. my boyfriend at the time came over and told me that my zipper was down. to make things worse i had on a pair of see through underwear on! - Anonymous
ok wel me n my girlfriend were going for a walk around this place. anyway i was walkin and then subdenly ma pants juz ripped i was so embrassed and she broke up with me:(...Oh well
its a miracle: alright this is a dumb moment for me. it all happened when i was abt 12 years old as usual i was sitting in the classroom and at that time i had really bad cold and bad stomach ache so i was struggling to keep up interest in the lesson that was being middle of class i was getting a sneeze so i did but instead farted so bad and started laughing embaressely but no one noticed i was looking like a total ass in the classroom
one day i went to asroworld with my friends for my cousins birthday and we all decided that we were going to go to water world first.i was so exited cause it would have been my first time at water world.As we were getting ready to get wet i saw this fine boy and it turned out to be that he was going to be at the party with all of us too,we all decided that insted of riding the water rides first we would all just chill in the wave pool for a while! that was a reall really bad idea i was in a white and cherry bathing suit and right when i got in the water i saw red stuff coming from behind me i was on my PERIOD and the person who first noticed it was my crush!!!!! and for the rest of the day every one was sayin they got to swim in the red sea i was so imbarrased - Damaree
When I was in second grade I justed moved to Ashland,Oh to a trailer park where we were staying while our house was being built on this nicely wooded area. Well, anyways one weekend we decide that all of us (my Mom, Step-Dad, Sister, Step bro and step sis) were going to camp out on our propety one weekend well that night my step brother told a really scary story and i dranck about 5 cokes before i went to bed, anyways I had to really go to the bathroom and I was not about to leave my tent so I turn to my left and started to pee right in my stepdads face its was so embrassing but funny also. - Joe
One time my husband and I took a road trip with several other cars. We caravanned together and would stop to eat and get gas at the same time. Well, we were driving through the night, and we hit a long stretch of road through Nevada without any rest stops. Most of us had drunk a bunch of pop, so we needed to relieve ourselves. So our three cars pulled over by the side of the road where some bushes were. Most of the girls went in about the same area, but I am really modest and decided to hike up the hill a little ways where I could see some taller bushes. Just as I had gotten my jeans down, a large semi came up the hill, shining his bright lights right at the bushes I was "hiding" behind; only there were no leaves on these bushes and you could see me right through them!! My friends and husband teased me about "the moon rising over the bushes". So much for modesty!!!
Okay... Here's my most embarrassing story... It happened in 6th grade, during lunch. I was in a new school and I had little friends, but this big bully of a boy had a crush on me. Earlier that day he asked me out. Of course I said "no." Well, anyways, I'm in lunch and I was pushing my tray of food along the table. With my luck, the tray went over the edge of the table and landed with a very loud CLANG! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE in the room was looking at me. If that wasn't bad enough, the boy shouted "So will you still go out with me?" OMG! It was SO humilitating! Thankfully I moved again and had to change schools. I told my friends about it, but there cool, so I just wanted to tell all of you too. - Robin, Ft. Wayne Indiana
When I was in 9th grade my photo class had decided to go on a field trip. I was getting on the bus when I saw my crush sitting two rows away toward the aisle. Trying to be smooth I walked weirdly down the aisle only to slip in front of her. I tried to grab on to something and grabbed her boob. She had some big boobs so it was not like I could miss them anyway. - Anonymous
My most embarrasing moment was when i was in elementary school. I was in the bathroom while my bestfriend waited for me outside. When I came out I thought I saw my mom so I ran up to her, said hi mommy and hugged her. The lady turns around and says sorry honey I'm not your mom. So I walk away embarrased while my friend is laughing and making fun of me - To embarrased
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