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It's a sunny day. it's quiet and cool, you are locked in a quiet place, there is a fresh swimming pool with comfortable deckchairs, take one or two minute to relax, but don't forget to look for the exit

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Go to the right, click on the right arrow, pick up the pickaxe handle.

Click on the left go to the north of the swmming-pool.

Click on the left arrow and click on the right of the bench.

See the drawing, you have to count the objets represented by the drawing in the scene.

So you can see : 7 benches, 9 folders, 4 deckchairs and 2 trash cans.

Get back the ladder of swimming pool hidden behind the shelter.

Go in front of the door of the pool shed, click on the red box and enter the code 7 9 4 2.

Go in, the purpose is to empty the swimming pool, we can also notice that in the room there is a ring on the ground, and a picture representing the scene of the game (the swimming pool in the shape of 8 and its surroundings) the red star being an indication on the place or it is important to go (of course, it changes as one goes along).

So to empty the swimming pool, look at files on the table to reconstitute the position of the valves.

By considering that the position of gates corresponds to a clock we shall obtain 9 3 3 3 and 6 9 6 3.

Now leave the pool shed and go to the south of the swimming pool, you can see two holes, drag and drop the ladder on its.

Go down and remove the hold of the wheel. The car is now against the wall.

Remove the grating and pick up the tool. if you return in the pool shed you can observe the new position of the red star, she is now between two benches in the east side of the swimming pool.

Assemble the red tool with the pickaxe handle to obtain a hoe. Go ahead and dig.

You'll found a screwdriver. Return to the bench with the drawing, remove screws and the board.

Now there is two things, the first is the order you have to click the each corners of the picture in the pool shed : down left, top right, down right and top left.

The second is the word "shoes" return it and read 53045.

Go in the pool shed, drop down the picture and enter the code.pick up the hook. Lift the ring. be continued

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