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Extra! Extra! They have done it again! The masterminds behind the Causality Games series were hard at work over the past few months, building up to this point. The new baby is done! Its been born! Its AAALIIIIIVE! (Insert evil laugh here) - Causality 3 has been released! Try not to wet your pants in excitement.. Or skirts, ladies.

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Use your mouse. All Stickmen must Die to complete the level. Other stickmen can't see the others die.

Remember it's spelled CAUSALITY not casuality, casualty, casulty, causuality, causalty, casulity, causilty, Casuality, causility, Casualty, causlity, Casualty, causlity, causualty, casualties, casuilty, casual, causulity, cauality....Seriously, who came up with the title?

Causality 3 Walkthrough:

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