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Show them who's boss and get out of the room! It's Christmas and you've just enjoyed a night of partying with your friends, but you wake up to find they've decided to play a prank on you!

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Point & Click to find clues and your way out of the Guest Bedroom!

1. Have a look at the desk, you need something sharp.
2. Once you have the sharp object, there is something hidden in the bed.
3. Use the note to figure out the combination of the chest.
4. Haven't figured it out? Look at the tree, what numbers do you see there on each level?
5. Open the chest, and take the key, go to the door to get out!
6. Oh wait, that wasn't enough. The door is bolted!
7. You need to take the door off it's hinges, you need to find a hammer and a small object.
8. Hammer is somewhere near the tree
9. Small object, look around the desk
10. Looks like you need to strip the paint off the hinges, got a bottle of anything to do that?
11. Use the hammer and allen key to take the hinges off and escape!

Mansion Escape: The Guest Bedroom Walkthrough:

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