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Panda: Tactical Sniper 2

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A puzzle/sniper game starring a badly behaved Panda bear! Panda is back and has a whole new set of tricks up his sleeve. It's your job as a tactical sniper to bail him out when he gets himself in trouble.

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Rescue Panda when he gets in trouble.
Use your brain to logically beat each level. Shoot objects, use items and distract security guards in the correct sequence.

Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

Want to play the original? Play Panda Tactical Sniper Now!

If you're stuck you can find a walkthrough here: Panda Tactical Sniper 2 Walkthrough

To get you started...

To get an awesome rating on any mission you will need to fire as few shots as possible and do the mission as quickly as possible.

The ducks are hidden on the levels (one per level) but they will hide when you use the scope hide ability so you will only be able to spot them when in firing mode.

Level 1: Basic Training There are 4 targets that appear at intervals above the wall. Just make sure that you shoot them all. It really shouldn’t be too hard.

Level 2: The Construction Site Get rid of the guard by shooting out the bolt holding the girder that he’s standing on in place. After that it should be pretty straightforward. The levers for the crane and the forklift control their movement so use them to get the girder to the top so that Mr Brown can walk over to the ladder. Then shoot the ladder so that he can climb down to Panda.

Level 3: Prison Shoot the first grill in front of Panda and then use the walkie talkie to get him to move into the vent. Then get the guard to go outside by shooting the satellite and disrupting his football game. Shoot the second grill and use the walkie talkie again to lower a rope for Mr Black to get out. You will then need to shoot the satellite dish again to make sure that the guard goes back inside as the bears make their getaway.

Level 4: Ice Prison Get the guard to go outside by shooting the two milk bottles. Then trap him out there by shooting the door to the igloo. Shoot the rope to release Mr White and then shoot the ice beneath him to complete the rescue.

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