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Go Go Sunshine

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Ever wish you could control the sun? Destroy the clouds to bring sunshine and happiness to the people of Go-Go land! Avoid obstacles like hilarious birds, evil lightning clouds, and green, metallic fish enemies.

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Need help? Watch the walkthrough here: Go Go Sunshine Walkthrough

Remember to...
* Jump into the pipes & over dangerous gaps to reach faraway clouds!

* You can leave the sides of the screen to reach the other side.

* Avoid hazardous obstacles like hilarious birds, evil lightning clouds, and metallic-green jumping fish. Use tornadoes to your advantage.

* If you dare to jump off the last cloud in each level you can earn more Bonus Points! The lower the sun is to the ground, the more bonus points you receive. But don't fall into the water or you will get extinguished!


* Left and Right Arrow Keys to move. Up Arrow Key to jump.


* [W, A, D] Keys to move and jump.

* Spacebar starts the level and is also Jump.

Go Go Sunshine Walkthrough:

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