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Donuts! Donuts! Make a killing in the donut world! Run your donut business, upgrade your store, create tasty donuts, keep your customers happy, watch the weather and sell sell SELL! This is a very challenging game and you need to experiment a lot with it to get things right and to be a success - so don't give up!

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Use your Mouse.

Cheats for game Donut Empire.

*Ingredients - set ingredient levels to ~2.2 for best performance and optimal customer satisfaction.
*Buy the coffee upgrade as soon as you can when playing longer than a 10 day game.
*On very hot days (greater than 90 degrees F) set prices of drinks to $4-$5 early on, and up to $10 when you have many upgrades.
*On cold days (less than 40 degrees F), set coffee prices to $5 early on, and up to $10 when you have many upgrades.
*Keep prices to $2 to $5 when you first start the game. If you are not selling anything, then you have priced things too high!
*On very cold days, drinks may not sell well - and you may have to set the price down to around $1.8.

General Hints!
*Keep your prices low to begin.
*Try different ingredient levels, make sure you don't have too much or too little of any one ingredient. Remember, the more ingredients you have, the more your products will cost to make - so don't use too much!
*If you find a good ingredient combo, then your customers will like what you sell, and your reputation will improve! Upgrade your store and surroundings as often as you can - that will help you attract more customers and allow you to increase your prices.
*The more upgrades you get, the more you can charge for things you sell.
*You need a fridge to avoid milk spoilage for your coffee and milkshake products. If an ingrediant is cheap (e.g. $0.02) buy as much of it as possible, to avoid high price days.
*Watch the weather - on very hot days you can charge more for cold drinks and milkshakes. On cold days you can charge more for coffee and donuts.
*If an item is not selling well during the day, you can adjust its price on the fly. You can speed up the day by clicking on the fast forward button in the game interface.

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