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Prove thou are brave knight and escape for battle in Escape 3D The Castle. Alarming news came from the outskirts of the country-side, there is a war brewing in the East! Bells rang loudly throughout the land as the King called upon the Order of Noble Knights. It is time for the last King's stand. Only one knight was chosen for the mission...Prepare for battle as you embark on a quest to seek out clues in the walls and unlock hidden treasures. Solve the puzzles of the 3D Castle and escape the fortress. There will be no time for rest as you locate weapons, armor, horse gear and combine items to use them in your adventure.

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Need help escaping? Click here to watch the walkthrough video!

Use logic to solve the puzzles of the castle. Gather objects and combine items to prepare the Knight for battle and escape

iPhone / iPad version is Coming Soon! Be sure to keep up with all the latest escape games on your mobile devices.

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