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Guru of Time

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Play an awesome indie puzzle platformer as the Guru of Time. Beware, a Guru is fragile and cannot touch his enemies or will be crushed into pieces, find ways around them...Collect keys and use mystic powers in your adventure to freeze time, float and control the surrounding environment. Defeat the Evil Guru's fortress to determine your fate while exploring many maze filled worlds. Use physics to avoid the elements and overcome obstacles filled with spiders, bouncing pandas, birds, crocs, traps and more in Guru of Time, Episode 1.

Stay Tuned - Guru of Time Episode 2 is Coming Soon!

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Current rating: 3.83

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Use your Mouse. Left-Click and hold. Drag your mouse to move the Guru.

Creatures will freeze as you move...

Collect Keys to unlock doors and solve puzzles in each level to teleport to the next. Good luck!

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