The Impossible Quiz: Book Chapter 2

Yeah, this is a new pack of crazy queries! Save the cat Ginger by answering the most outrageous questions. If you fail, he will end up on a plate as ... Read more

Idiot Test 3

Did you figure out how idiotic you are in the first two tests? Know for sure in the latest instalment of the Idiot Test!

Button Hunt

Can you figure out where the red button is?

Music Match

Music Match is a fun game where you match a music video with a song name. Choose up to 6 different genres (you can also have multiple selected at the ... Read more

Impossible Quiz! (Original)

You cant beat this. EVER

Zombie Survival Quiz

Do you have what it takes to survive a zombie outbreak? Is your hair too long? Can you run fast? When an outbreak occurs, where do you go? Take the ... Read more

Nearly Impossible Quiz

Don't let Jonny fool u! This quiz is impossible...nearly.

Personality Test

This is the Ingenous Personality Quiz! Find out one of nine personality types and different patterns of feeling, acting and thinking. In the game a 9-pointed diagram represents these types ... Read more

I Dont Even Know Game

Play a funny animation quiz and dont get pwned! If your cant figure out how to beat a scene, try clicking around!

Vampire Quiz

Are you a vampire or werewolf? Take the ultimate quiz to find out!

Boredom Test Video

R U Bored? Play Boredom Test from! Can't win? Check out video and see how Bored you really are!

Stupid Test Jr High

Worning this game may cause the following: headaces, frastration, bad speeling and lots and lots of STUPID!

Black Button

Do not press the black button! Find & click the talkative button in each level, meet his button family, party at a button concert and blow buttons up! Good luck ... Read more


Go through each stage on a button hunt! Find the missing button in each level by playing games and solving puzzles!

Vision Test

Test your eyesight in this crazy vision quiz! Go through questions that match what you see to what the answer should be. Take Notice: Some questions may require more than ... Read more

Word Forge

Test your knowledge with this addicting word game.

Dumb Test

Are you dumb?

Idiot Test

How dumb r ya? Take the idiot test to find out! Hint: The square is blue.

The Timewaster

Waste some time, press some buttons, do some stuff, have fun!

Boredom Test

Lets find out how Bored you really are - Take the Boredom Test! Listen to the instructions and play tons of fun & challenging mini-games! See your Boredness Rating at ... Read more

Impossible Fan Quiz

The Impossible Fan Quiz is here! Fishy, kitty, mousey...Oh no you don't! Answer crazy questions and solve puzzles! Have fun!

Play This Game

To Win: All you have to do is play. What's the matter...can't figure out how to Play This Game?

The Game

You have already lost the game...but what is "the game"? The Game is a mind game where the objective is to avoid thinking about The Game itself. Thinking about The ... Read more

The Universe Game

Take a journey through the scale of the universe in this interactive science game. Go from tiny atoms to observable universe. This game is even somewhat educational ;)

Bob the Button

Hi! I'm Bob the button. Press me...

Impossible Quiz 2

Many have tried, all have failed and it's back! Featuring more crazy questions, more fun minigames and best of all... more INSANITY!

The Red Button

Do not press...THE RED BUTTON! Think you're smart? Play this funny game where you click the red button to continue the animation. Don't let the tricks stop you from winning!

Count the Sheep

Play a simple sheep counting game! How many sheep did you get up to?

Bob the Button 2

Is that Bob the Button 2?? I thought he was dead :( If you need a reminder - Last Time on "Bob the Button" AHHH!! Bob!! you killed Bob...but then! ... Read more

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