Barebecue Grill Drain Outdoor

An outdoor ad for grill makers.-- Brennter

"Lord of War" Poster with Bullet Holes

Just as the titles says, this is a poster for the movie Lord of War with some convincing bullet holes. Sao Paolo, Brazil.-- i believe in adv \n ... Read more

Wrinkled Poster for Skin Care Salon

Poster for Fizz salon by Interface Communications, Chennai, India.-- via AdPunch

Bus Poster for Duracell

An outdoor/transit execution for Duracell batteries in India.-- blogsome

Giant iPod Billboard for Magazine

I am sure this one has been posted before but couldn't find it so there. This 25 ft. iPod promotes Columbus Aliva magazine and plays music by local musicians. It's ... Read more

Cork Outdoor

"For a annual wine trade fair in munich called "Forum Vini" Heye & Partner turned regular advertising pillars into giant corks."-- thank you, Tim

Rain-Sensitive Billboard for Mascara

When it rains, mascara -- but apparently not Max Factor's -- runs. Simple. Similar to the famous "Pray for Rain" billboard for Playboy.-- core 77

"Street Chains Replaced with Necklaces" Outdoor

Oversized necklaces on the streets of Geneva to promote adverbox

Outdoor for Pest Control Services

Miniature police tapes on the streets for ORKIN pest controllers.-- creative criminal

"Drowned Child" Underwater Ad

This ad on the bottom of a swimming pool showing a drowned child almost tops this decal of a dead woman. Love the look on the kid's face.-- ... Read more

Government Ads on Traffic Light Buttons

Don't know if they are real, but Adpunch says these are "government sponsored guerilla advertising campaign undertaken in London to garner public support on government policies in the U.K." ... Read more

TV Decals on Train Windows

Decals looking like TVs were pasted around Mumbai trains to promote NDTV 24x7 (a channel, I guess).-- creative criminal

Painted Hole Promotes Cell Service

One of those anamorphic illusions painted on the sidewalk to promote Canada's cellphone service. -- doweirdo

Ad Tricks in Japanese Train Stations

Billboardom is back from the slumber and is proud to bring you the Ten Coolest Ad Tricks In Japanese Train Stations.

Volkswagen Polo and Concrete Blocks

Small but definitely tough.-- Coloribus.

Car Crashing into Urinal

Everytime you miss the urinal a car crashes somewhere. Or something. -- all over the internets

Spam Truck

Just realized I haven't posted for two weeks. Here's a truck-load of spam for you all. More soon.-- consumerist

"Dead Woman" Decal

A decal of a dead woman for Canadian Red Cross at the bottom of a stairwell in a Cineplex Theatre in Toronto. -- caffeine marketing

Ubuntu Billboard

Nothing creative about execution of this billboard except for the fact that it promotes Ubuntu.

"Ready for Your 45:" Billboards for Nike

A whole series of these billboards at Coloribus.

Blue Rubber Duckies in Fountain for Adidas

Adidas filled a Copenhagen fountain with blue rubber ducks to promote its new store.-- Thomas Christensen

"Violence Everywhere" Posters

Cut-outs warning people about the dangers of walking alone in the dark in Mexico.-- coloribus