A True Stick Death

Watch funny animations of a stickman dying!

Penguin Slice Part 2

Slicing continues in all new Penguin Slice summer and sky worlds! Accurately cut the tower structures to solve puzzles and rid the troublesome penguins from world of baby Eskimos! Part ... Read more

Sloppy fight 2

Battle between sticks in an extensive series of hand drawn frame by frame animations will leave you dazzled in awe! Epic coordination and time travel ensue. Who will will? The ... Read more

Bored Buddys 3

They are back! More buddys, less boredom! More fun! Watch new animations of your favorite stickmen and keep sending us ideas!!

Quick Stick

Be fast, click fast. Play an interactive action-packed stickman fighting game where you beat up 13 stick enemies to make it to the finish point! Use timing and accurate clicks ... Read more

Stickman vs Car

Can the stickman beat the car? Watch 9 funny animations of a Stickman vs a vehicle! Watch the car smash into stickmen with hilarious bloody results! Read more

Stick Figure Deaths

Watch funny stick figure death animations! Old skool

Bored Buddys 2

Bored Buddys are back with more funny animations! Remember to share your ideas and suggestions! Have you checked out the animation category? Watch clips, play games, Have fun! Read more

Bored Buddys

Watch a pack of 10 funny animations with the Bored.com Buddys! Watch stickmen go crazy and get killed! Send us your animation ideas & suggestions for a chance to be ... Read more

Kayne West Torture Chamber

Im Kanye West, Im the Best and I Invented Xmest! Watch some funny animations with the self proclaimed voice of a generation...throw stuff at Kayne, give him a haircut, torture ... Read more

Quick Stick Run-Through

Quick Stick Run-Through movie. Watch more animations, have fun! Play more: ... Read more