Pillow City

You better keep moving, because the zombocalypse just happened at PILLOW CITY. Make your way through the blood-smeared office rooms carefully, plunder useful items and find weapons to defend your ... Read more

Green Liquid

This just-created life form is trying to escape from a strange test environment. To escape it must solve a series of problems that can be solved by interacting with the ... Read more

Stealthbound Level Pack

Your mission in Stealthbound Level Pack is to assist our protagonist in his quest to escape from a maximum security detention facility. Be ready for level and challenges in this ... Read more

Let's Escape!

The first in a series of eerie escape games that will keep you checking behind your back. Find the clues, unravel the puzzles and get yourself out of this house ... Read more

Escape To Hell

Your task in Escape To Hell is to battle all kind of creepy creatures in the underworld. Accomplish quest and show them that you are not to be messed with. ... Read more

Glitch Lab

Your task in Glitch Lab is to escape the strange lab once and for all. Use your sharp mind to survive all the obstacles and deadly traps along the way. ... Read more

Escape 3D: The Tower

Curiosity got the best of you and now you're trapped on top of a 3D tower! Find and combine items to help you escape. It won't be easy but you ... Read more

Killer Escape 3

Your mission in Killer Escape 3 is to escape your captors once and for all. Try your very best to solve the mystery and puzzle along the way. Good luck!

The Paint Gunner

Bounce and slide your way through to save everyone in your factory by using your super cool paint gun!

Death Lab

Recently freed from an evil underground laboratory by a faceless hacker, you have to escape the facility by using a variety of weapons to take out all your enemies each ... Read more

Escape The Office

Escape the Office is the seventh instalment of Afro Ninja's room escape series. This time, you're locked in an office! Look around the office for various items and figure out ... Read more