Gift Rush 3

Your task in Gift Rush 3 is to help the spider one more time in his journey to reach his children. Throw your web on the right spot, evade all ... Read more

Troll Tale

Your goal in Troll Tale is to assist the our little troll fellow in his quest to uncover the mystery behind the weird call he received! Enjoy and much fun!

Eat My Nuts

Your objective in Eat My Nuts is to give your nuts to the hungry squirrels. Let them lick it. Let them bite it. Let them feast on it. Good luck ... Read more

Vegan Vampire

Your task in Vegan Vampire is to help a vampire on his way home. Ditch off the innocent humans and try to trick his appetite with fruits and vegetables. Good ... Read more

Goat Mechanic

Your task in Goat Mechanic is to help a goat cause havoc in a highway to increase the profit of the local mechanic. Good luck and have fun!

Monsterland 4

Your task in Monsterland 4 is to help junior wake up senior. Remove different monster blocks by clicking on them. Enjoy and have fun!

Goat Guardian

Steven's pet goat named Steven Jr. has been kidnapped and put on an insanely high platform! Help Steven rescue the poor goat. Time is limited so hurry up!

Skip Around The World Finland Suomi

Your task in Skip Around The World Finland Suomi is to get the autograph of the popular Guru Sauna. Do whatever you can to get the signature. This is one ... Read more

Super Flappy Mario

Mario and his brother Luigi, leave for new adventures. Yellow pipes were installed on the road. Use your cape to fly in the air and when you pass each obstacle, ... Read more

Viking Warfare

Your job in Viking Warfare is to defend your position at all cost from the incoming intruders. Lead your troops and archers to prevent the enemies from invading your turf. ... Read more

Caves Online

Your task in Caves Online is to run in the cave and compete with other players around the world. Try to be the highest scorer. Good luck!

Burn Everything

Your job in Burn Everything is to burn everything in the game. Move the burning match and spark those woods, glass and TNT. Much fun!

Pillow City

You better keep moving, because the zombocalypse just happened at PILLOW CITY. Make your way through the blood-smeared office rooms carefully, plunder useful items and find weapons to defend your ... Read more

Feed Me Moar 3

Your task in Feed me Moar 3 is to feed once again the hungry and thirsty monster in this third installment of the popular physics game. Good luck and have ... Read more

Dino Meat Hunt 2

Your task in Dino Meat Hunt 2 is to guide 2 dinos in their quest to clear each level. Use their different abilities to overcome challenging puzzles. Much fun!

Snowball Siege

Launch snowballs to solve fun Christmas physics puzzles! Break ice blocks to get the blue gift to the base while guiding the red naughty presents off the screen. Remember wood ... Read more

Mad Burger 2

Feed the hungry campers by throwing your burgers at blindingly fast speeds! Upgrade your burgers with tomatoes, cheese and more to weigh them down and throw them to hungry people ... Read more

Rise Of The Titans 2

Your task in Rise of the Titans 2 is to obliterate everything on your path. Destroy buildings, annihilate punny humans and make Godzilla look like a sick lizard. Much fun.


Your objective in Locom is to reach the exit point using your water blaster. Overcome challenging obstacles with the help of water. Much fun!

Mr Vengenace Upgrade

Your mission in Mr Vengeance Upgrade is to get out of the place full of mutated creatures. Use your firearms and do not let the monster come near you. Much ... Read more

Viking Valore

Your task in Viking Valore is to fend away the incoming vikings with your giant artillery. Aim properly and let the body parts fly. Enjoy and much fun!

Telsa Defense 2

Your job in Tesla Defense 2 is to zap all incoming hostile invaders in this action packed defense game featuring Dr. Tesla in his robotic form. Place electric blasters in ... Read more

Glue Knight

Your task in Glue Knight is to run as fast as you can while dodging every obstacles along the way. Good luck and much fun!

The Great Magicians Curse

Your task in The Great Magician's Curse is to control several magicians while collecting magic cards in each level. Solve problems and avoid obstacles in this amazing puzzle game. Much ... Read more