Catch the Candy Mech

Catching Candy has never been so mechanical! Control the furry purple ball with your extendable sticky arm as you solve new levels with fun new mechanics based objects! Swing from ... Read more

Catch the Candy

Catching candy has never been so much fun! Use your extendable sticky arm to grab candy in 15 new levels featuring Medieval Times, a hot desert, the Candy Tower of ... Read more

ClickDEATH Motel

Moar motel killing fun! Create a bloody mess of stickmen while they are staying at the local inn. Remember, don't let one see another one die! Play more ... Read more

Gift Rush 3

Your task in Gift Rush 3 is to help the spider one more time in his journey to reach his children. Throw your web on the right spot, evade all ... Read more

Up In The Sky

Your goal in Up In The Sky is to assist the bird in reaching new heights and to meet a mystical stranger from another galaxy. Gather star and acquire more ... Read more

When Hogs Fly

Mrs. Hog was abducted by aliens and Mr. Hog is on a mission to save her! Boosters boosted, launchers launched, helmets... helmed and Mr. Hog is ready to fly! Help ... Read more

Cat Matching

Play a fun cat matching game! Drag the cute cats to the correct shadow as fast as possible. Each level gets more challenging with more cats! Read more

Impossible Quest Game

There is a scary wizard outside your window! Play the impossible quest and avoid getting eating by the carnivorous potato or getting licked by king charles and more!

Marathon - Monkey Go Happy 5

In Monkey Go Happy Marathon game...Give your sad monkey a cute hat and start solving fun puzzles! Want to play more Monkey Go Happy Games? Click Here to ... Read more

Pingy Idle RPG

Why are you poking pingy? Explore the world and play with pingu (he's ticklish), go on quests, unlock new locations and funny achievements. Be sure to buy all the hats!
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Roly Poly Eliminator 2

Destroy the rolypoly monsters in the latest blood-filled eliminator game. Kill them all by solving puzzles in each scene and use logic to figure out how to strategically solve the ... Read more

Coaster Thrill

Play Thrill Rush rollercoaster game and hold on! Jump over tracks and obstacles while ducking from falling objects, moving buildings and more! Collect cash and spend money at the store ... Read more

Monkey Go Happy 4

The cutest internet primates are back in Monkey Go Happy 4! Help these sad adorable monkeys become happy by solving fun puzzles! Click Here to ... Read more

Gluey 2

Play with blobs and match them to explode and win each level! Use special powers, bombs and more! Can you complete all 20 puzzle levels?

Rocko Blocko

Drop blocks and get them to the top target area in 30 fun physics based levels! Stack, balance, morph and more!

Vampire Skills

Train to become a skilled Vampire in this fun Point & Click game! Get to the blood, avoid crosses, garlic and more. Symbols control your skills which will aid you ... Read more

Laser Cannon

Control a futuristic laser cannon to eliminate all the furry monsters in each level! Zap them, crush em, squash em, fry em and much more! Solve all the levels by ... Read more

Drop Dead 3

Inflict massive pain and fling apart ragdolls to create as much damage as possible in this bloody third part of the Drop Dead series game! Show no mercy as you ... Read more


Get ready for Fun blocks, Girly blocks, Bot blocks, Devlilish blocks, bombs and more! Toss and balance the blocks so that all the blocks on screen are within the dashed ... Read more

Tasty Planet

Take control of a microscopic ball of grey goo and absorb anything you can to grow! The more you eat, the bigger you get...Soon the entire planet will be eaten ... Read more


Its Bob. He loves money, cars, yachts and the finer things in life. Help Bob make more money one level at a time by completing fun puzzles using wooden sticks!

Prizma Puzzle 3

Prizms, Lasers, Puzzles! Quantum light teleportation's have never been more fun

Funny Yellow Ball

Go on a funny adventure with your yellow ball! Collect gems in each physics-based platformer level. Roll around and hang onto objects as you avoid obstacles, spiky animals & more! ... Read more

Eenie Balance

Don't let the Red Eenie fall! Use your skills to keep him on the balance beam at all times while the other heavier Eenies try to push him off! The ... Read more