Be Fireman

Your task in Be Fireman is to help people and save lives while doing your job as a fireman. This point-and-click puzzle adventure game will test your problem solving skills. ... Read more

An Epic Stickventure

Get ready for an EPIC Stickventure! Hack, slash, and plunge your way through zombies and various enemies. Move fast to survive and you could collect some cool weapons to mutilate ... Read more

Poop Clicker

Do you want to feel a real power?You now have the opportunity to feel it. By clicking and buying upgrades, you can make your own game better. You can ... Read more

Stick Serendipity

Play with stick people lives in this cool point & click, cause & effect game! Save Life, Take Life and Find Love. Can you figure out how to complete Serendipity? ... Read more

Bubble Wrap

Need to waste some time? Pop bubblewrap in this simple simulation game!

Let Me Go To Work

You are all grown up and have entered the workforce. Play a short point & click game where you escape your home and go to work in the office!
Read more

Sweet Home Rat Escape

Help the rat find his way home. Point & click on objects in each room to solve short puzzles and escape!

Family Guy SoundBoard on Bored

Play the Family Guy soundboard and have fun listening to Peter make funny noises! Herbert is also lurking in the bonus content!


Escape the annoying noise...The travelling carnies moved in next door and are keeping you awake all night! Play this cool summertime point-and-click adventure game. Solve the puzzle of the town!

Find People

Pick the correct person out of the crowd! This game is similar to Where's Waldo with changing characters and many levels!


Traverse through a surreal transforming moving train where nothing is as it seems to complete a brief Statik escape game. Discover hidden objects, secret rooms and much more as you ... Read more

Circle Flow

Create bullets and destroy balls in Circle Flow! Click bubbles to release chain reaction bursts in this addicting puzzle game. As you progress, balls change colors, explode in new ways ... Read more

Vampire Skills

Train to become a skilled Vampire in this fun Point & Click game! Get to the blood, avoid crosses, garlic and more. Symbols control your skills which will aid you ... Read more

Mini Scientist

Help this tiny scientist find missing parts for his spacecraft in this funny point & click game. He needs an engine to get into space! Go through the levels and ... Read more

Neil the Nail

Play a fun point & click game with a funny nail! The evil hammers are terrorizing the house and Neil the Nail is the only one who can save them! ... Read more

Dungeons & Monsters

You're the last survivor in the dungeon and you must kill the infamous blue and red monsters to escape the dungeon in this point & click horror game!

Musketeer Path

Play a fun point & click adventure game as your travel your path as a Musketeer! Solve fun puzzles from scene to scene, combine items and create the correct reaction ... Read more

Uncover Escape

Play a cool point & click 3D escape game where you are locked in a room and need to find a way out! Search the room to find items and ... Read more

Doctor Ku The Kitchen

The chef won't let you leave the kitchen and he's watching you closely! Gather kitchen objects and find a way to distract him so you can escape. Have fun in ... Read more

Zombie Takeout

Zombies have infested the house! Is there chance for escape...or survival?? In this point-and-click adventure game your first objective is to barricade the door of your shelter from attacking zombies!

Moonster Safe

Can you crack every Moonster Safe in this point and click puzzle game?


Hit the slopes! Make your own jumps with the click of the mouse! Catch air to do tricks and get added points!

The Dreamerz

You're trapped in space! Use everything in this click and point adventure you can on the various planets you visit to figure out how to get back home!

Heart of Tota

Explore an island in search of the rare Heart of Tota artefact in this point-and-click adventure game.