Gift Rush 3

Your task in Gift Rush 3 is to help the spider one more time in his journey to reach his children. Throw your web on the right spot, evade all ... Read more

Troll Tale

Your goal in Troll Tale is to assist the our little troll fellow in his quest to uncover the mystery behind the weird call he received! Enjoy and much fun!

Dynamite Blast 3

Your objective in Dynamite Blast 3 is to blow up towers, structures and vehicles with dynamites. Set your explosive properly and see the destruction unfolds. Good luck!

Blob's Story 2

Your task in Blob's Story is to join bodacious Blob in his quest for love the second time around. Solve puzzles, collect flowers and reach the love of his life. ... Read more

Red Remover Blast

Your objective in Red Remover Blast is to remove the red figures off the platform by using explosion. The green shape should be kept safe. Enjoy!

Tricky Fish

Your task in Tricky Fish is to help our little ocean creature in collecting pearls while evading numerous kind of obstacles along the way. Try to gather all the stars ... Read more

Vegan Vampire

Your task in Vegan Vampire is to help a vampire on his way home. Ditch off the innocent humans and try to trick his appetite with fruits and vegetables. Good ... Read more

Munchy Bird

Your task in Munchy Bird is to feed the lonely hungry bird with different kind of fruits. Use your mouse to remove the blocks and for the fruits to roll ... Read more

Sweet Revenge

Your task in Sweet Revenge is to avenge your lost money by finding a way to get a candy store out of business. Enjoy!

Little Phobia

Your task in Little Phobia is to overcome fear and walk along the frightening hall way. Collect all the achievements and co not forget to turn on the sound. Good ... Read more

Snoring Before Time

Your task in Snoring Before Time is to wake the elephant up. Use the rectangular turtle to push the pink pig and end the sleeping session of the behemoth. Good ... Read more

Spook House

Your goal in Spook House is to scare away the real estate agent and do not let the house get sold. Defend the house at all cost. Good luck!

Monsterland 4

Your task in Monsterland 4 is to help junior wake up senior. Remove different monster blocks by clicking on them. Enjoy and have fun!

Find The Candy: Winter

Find the candy hidden among the snow and collect the 3 hidden stars along the way! Sleigh, assemble snowmen and more to find that candy! Double check every inch of ... Read more

A Ghostly Journey

Take a Ghostly Journey through a spooky pixel art world where you'll possess the living, solve puzzles and avoid ghost hunters!

JellyDad Hero

Your mission in JellyDad Hero is to help the jelly creature in his way to reach the exit point while solving some awesome puzzle. Good luck!

Feed Me Moar 3

Your task in Feed me Moar 3 is to feed once again the hungry and thirsty monster in this third installment of the popular physics game. Good luck and have ... Read more

Dino Meat Hunt 2

Your task in Dino Meat Hunt 2 is to guide 2 dinos in their quest to clear each level. Use their different abilities to overcome challenging puzzles. Much fun!

Snowball Siege

Launch snowballs to solve fun Christmas physics puzzles! Break ice blocks to get the blue gift to the base while guiding the red naughty presents off the screen. Remember wood ... Read more

Green Liquid

This just-created life form is trying to escape from a strange test environment. To escape it must solve a series of problems that can be solved by interacting with the ... Read more

El Papel

Your mission in El Papel is to help Juan "El Macho" Hernandez in retrieving the toilet paper from his arch enemy. The tournament is about to start and El Macho ... Read more


Your mission in Sacrifire is to make the supernatural being happy. Find some sacrificial animals and sacrifice it. There are obstacles and hindrances along the way. So, beware!


Your objective in Locom is to reach the exit point using your water blaster. Overcome challenging obstacles with the help of water. Much fun!

The Great Magicians Curse

Your task in The Great Magician's Curse is to control several magicians while collecting magic cards in each level. Solve problems and avoid obstacles in this amazing puzzle game. Much ... Read more