Rogue Soul 2

Your mission in Rogue Soul 2 is to obliterate all incoming enemies with your awesome weapons and amazing warrior skills. Loot, upgrade and kill bosses in this action packed running ... Read more

Freeway Fury 3

Your task in Freeway Fury 3 is to hop from one vehicle to another in a highway. Let go of your rage while racing through a busy road. Enjoy and ... Read more

Police Sniper Training

Your job in Sniper Police Training is to sharpen your marksmanship skills and destroy all the target as quickly as possible. Shine and become the best sniper trainee. Good luck!


Your task in Quebrix is to slide and arrange the pieces of beautiful pictures. Test your logical skill to its limit and re-arrange the broken images. Good luck and have ... Read more


Your mission in Stratega is to put your tactical skills to the test. Gather resources, conquer new territories and defend your realm against enemies. Enjoy!

Rodent Racer

Race your mouse through obstacles in this fun physics racing game! Avoid falling obstacles and rack up huge scores by doing backflips. Earn free coins to upgrade your car by ... Read more

Snowboard King

Your task in Snowboard King is to take your snowboard to the snow and burn the ice with your mad snowboarding skills. Good luck and have fun!


Your objective in Renegades is to eliminate all hostile forces with your ultimate tactical skills. Upgrade your armaments to maximize your carnage in the urban battlefield. Good luck!

Spiral Drive

Your mission in Spiral Drive is to capture all enemy space station. Use your tactical skill and subdue all hostile forces. Make sure they will not be able to retaliate. ... Read more

Slippery Sloth

A gigantic greasy pole stands in the way of a little sloth's only dream.. to reach the very top! He needs your help, especially once the birds and planes come ... Read more


Your goal in Transcopter is to bring the smileys to another platform. Use a unique looking helicopter and assist these cute creatures in achieving their dream. Good luck and have ... Read more

Be Fireman

Your task in Be Fireman is to help people and save lives while doing your job as a fireman. This point-and-click puzzle adventure game will test your problem solving skills. ... Read more

Hobo Bob



Aggravated at someone customize a character to look like them and punch them in the face or try the campaign and upgrade your punching skills.

Honey Rocket

Fly your Honey Rocket into space and beyond! Avoid the honeycomb walls and pesky bees on your way!


A futuristic distance game. Rock out to the beat while avoiding walls as the speed and intensity increases.

World's Hardest Game 3

Are you suffering from constant bouts of happiness? Lack of stress got you down? We've got just the cure for you: World's Hardest Game 3! Guaranteed to make you rage-quit ... Read more

Pick the Nose Help Video

Pick the Nose Help Video

Cat Matching

Play a fun cat matching game! Drag the cute cats to the correct shadow as fast as possible. Each level gets more challenging with more cats! Read more

Shoot Em Up

Become the top sheriff in the Old Wild West. Use skill and timing during the duel to shoot up opponents in four rounds! Lets play!

Asleep Walking

Stop sleepwalking! Or actually, keep sleep-walking!

Bullet Bill Mario Game

Shoot Bullet Bill from a cannon and guide him as far as possible! Break bricks, avoid obstacles and kill classic enemies in this funny skill game! Whats your top score?

Basketball Breakneck

Break some necks and shoot hoops with bloody ragdoll heads!

Tontie Game

Play an addicting game from eyemaze. Use your piko piko hammer to hit the growing creatures. How many levels can you complete?