Robot Initiate Work Sequence

Your job in Robot Initiate Work Sequence is to lead your worker in maximizing their resources and time. Complete all thirty levels and collect all 3 stars in each stages. ... Read more

Notorious Inc

Your objective in Notorious Inc is to grow and lead a corrupt multinational firm. Make profit by buying things in a very low price and selling them in the highest ... Read more

Lexicopolis A B City

Your objective in Lexicopolis A B City is to reap the alphabet by constructing different kind of building on top of them.

Paint Land

Move from paint capsule to paint capsule while avoiding the black paint in this strategy game.

High Tea

In High Tea you play a 19th Century independent British smuggler selling opium in China's Pearl Delta. Buy cheap and sell high to make a profit and get the ... Read more

Dig To China

Dig through a billion blocks en route straight to China. Collect resources, buy upgrades, get as deep as you can before the time runs out.

Red Ball 3

Rescue your girlfriend ball in the latest from the Red Ball Series. Complete obstacles by solving puzzles as you jump & roll through each level!

Pingy Idle RPG

Why are you poking pingy? Explore the world and play with pingu (he's ticklish), go on quests, unlock new locations and funny achievements. Be sure to buy all the hats!
Read more

Carnival Tycoon

Play a fun theme park management game inspired by Rollercoaster Tycoon! Build you amusement park and earn the most money to buy the coolest rides, stands and attractions. Good luck!

Meal or No Meal!

R u hungry? Play a game like Deal or No Deal, except with food! Get everything from gross intestines to gourmet cakes! Play Deal or No Deal -> Read more

Roly Poly Eliminator 2

Destroy the rolypoly monsters in the latest blood-filled eliminator game. Kill them all by solving puzzles in each scene and use logic to figure out how to strategically solve the ... Read more

Plants vs Zombies

Defend your home from swarms of Zombies with your Plants in this popular game. The game comes complete with 3 fun modes (Adventure, Endless Survival, Vasebreaker), 14 cool levels of ... Read more

Cursed Treasure Level Pack

The sequel to CURSED TREASURE: DON'T TOUCH MY GEMS is here in the Cursed Treasure Level Pack. Control new powers and protect your gems from being stolen in the sequel ... Read more

Governor of Poker 2

The new Dallas, Texas government has BANNED all poker games! It gets worse because you lose your Poker Champion title of "Governor of Poker" You must convince the minister of ... Read more

Beastie Burgers

Help Dog-Boy make a living in Monsterville. Become the best burger Chef ever! Cook your way to monster victory by creating and serving weird and wild burgers for your customers. ... Read more

Donut Empire

Donuts! Donuts! Make a killing in the donut world! Run your donut business, upgrade your store, create tasty donuts, keep your customers happy, watch the weather and sell sell SELL! ... Read more

Global Warming

Your glacier is melting! Jump around the ice to save this adorable penguin from...GLOBAL WARMING!

Cupids Exam

You want to join the Cupid Team. But before you can call yourself a cupid you need to succeed the exam. Good luck. We can't wait to have you in ... Read more

Hotdog Hotshot

Master the art of making fast food on the mean streets of New York! Along with your crazy reality show host - Dick Van Doodle - you'll meet a bunch ... Read more

Rock and War

Set up your base and defend off wave after wave of enemy ROCK invaders in this strategic space-defense game. Set out your generator men to harvest energy so you can ... Read more


Prepare to be a commander of Soldiers in this puzzle war game. Control units, execute attacks and survive gunfights against swarms of NPC terrorists and paramilitary units. Use your soldiers ... Read more


Cut through objects to solve puzzles in this slashing game. Overcome obstacles and get the Basketballs to reach each other.

Ornament Key

Assemble ancient Egyptian and Mayan artifacts. Complete challenging puzzles by assembling different ornaments to unlock and open the ancient gates. There are 15 levels. In each theme, levels offers different ... Read more

Shopping Street

Start your own retail business and own the street of various cities! Earn money by operating your shops. Upgrade the shops and increase your cash flow. Can you complete all ... Read more