First Rule Broken: Fight Club’s Honest Trailer

I will go on record to say that when I saw Fight Club in 1999, it changed my life. An angst-ridden love letter to the jaded generation X, it ... Read more

This Is What Happens If You Reupload The Same Video To Youtube 1000 Times

The following video is creepy. Though nothing about it should be, as it’s purely a matter of one man ripping a video repeatedly using YouTube; that is, downloading ... Read more

24 Of Your Favorite Movies Finally Have Something In Common

When 87 Bounces begins, you may think you are just watching another bad sports video. But after a moment, the concept behind the short film comes through, and it’s ... Read more

Watch What Happens When Rednecks Become Fans Of AC/DC

I’m going to be completely honest with all of you. When this video began of this Finnish group Steve’n’Seagulls playing a cover of the AC/DC track Thunderstruck, I wasn’t ... Read more

This Promotional Video For 3D Molecular Food Is So Good I Wish It Was Real

How will human society evolve? Shenkar College of Design students Oded Kovach, Michelle Ruben and Katrin Zotchev composed an artistic vision. Humanity’s desire for control and efficiency culminates with ... Read more

Man Creates World’s Least Lethal Gun Using 3D Printer

I recently tweeted that the person who buys me a 3D printer will be the person who owns my heart. 3D printers are the wave of the future. From ... Read more

Could You Fit Your Entire Life Into 78 Square Feet? This Man Did

I lived in a studio apartment at two different points in my life, and it was pretty awful. Small space is one thing, but when that small space keeps ... Read more

These Two Expert Thieves Are Prone To Violence And Fearless. They’re Also Grandmothers.

You see two ladies folding your canopy down, readying to sneak away with your stuff. So you approach them and ask what’s going on, and in response they ask ... Read more

US Marine Gets Shot In The Head By A Sniper And Walks Away

Wow. Just wow. Pretty sure I've never started an article that way before, but that is my genuine reaction to the following video. Don’t worry, luckily this video is ... Read more

These People Went Shopping But Were Forced To Rock Climb Instead

So one moment, you are shopping for a nice winter jacket at the North Face store, and the next minute, THE FLOOR DROPS AWAY! You're then faced with ... Read more

24 High-Tech Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself

Nothing is worse than showing up to a Halloween party in a lame, generic costume. People get all dolled up and put work into the way they look, and ... Read more

What Happens When Autocomplete Writes A Song?

Take a moment to imagine what a song would sound like if it were to be written entirely by using the autocomplete feature of an IOS phone? You would ... Read more

Weird Two-Seater Bicycle For Side By Side Riding

We’ve all seen bikes that can accommodate two people. But usually, the tandem bike is built in such a way where there’s one person behind the other. A couple ... Read more

Watch These Men Crash A Pool Party After Leaping Off A 1100ft Building

Anyone can just walk into a pool party they were invited to. But what if you wanted to crash the party? You could walk in at that point as ... Read more

This MMA Knockout Is So Loud You'll Cringe

MMA is fun to watch, in the same way watching gladiators duel to the death must have been. Meaning, I will gladly watch and enjoy the heck out of ... Read more

Battle Of The Bands: US Marines vs. Republic Of Korea

When people think of a battle of the bands, they tend to imagine long-haired dudes rocking out on a stage against one another, letting the applause of the audience ... Read more

WARNING: Watching This Video Will Make You Hallucinate For A Few Moments

Are you an adventurous sort? Love reality departures, but don’t want to fry your brain in any sort of permanent way? Here’s a fun alternative (Don’t worry, it’s completely ... Read more

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