Imagine If You Bought Your Kid A Toy And Found This Inside

Imagine going to the dollar store and buying your kid a little gift, bringing it home, and then shortly after hearing your kid scream because the inside of the ... Read more

WARNING: Watching This Video Will Make You Hallucinate For A Few Moments

Are you an adventurous sort? Love reality departures, but don’t want to fry your brain in any sort of permanent way? Here’s a fun alternative (Don’t worry, it’s completely ... Read more

15 Incredibly Long Necks You Won't Believe Are Real

In some cultures, elongating the neck is something that people spend years trying to do. While others are just born with it. Here are 15 of the most extremes ... Read more

These Five Weird/Funny Commercials Are The Best Thing You'll See All Day

Ever see a guy doing the splits suspended between two semis running down the road? Yeah, like weird right? I’ve always been fascinated by marketing departments who can actually put ... Read more

Magician Saws Himself In Two And Runs Around Scaring Bystanders

You know you’ve got a good magic trick if you have people reacting with running away, tripping over themselves, or locking the car door because you’ve freaked them ... Read more

Magnetic Boy’s Real World Ability Will Restore Your Faith in Superpowers

When you’re a young boy, the last thing you want to be is a mutant with a useless power. Growing up is tough enough. Imagine how much tougher it ... Read more

Weeping Gun Man Confesses Then Steals Reporter’s Car Live

Here’s the thing about being a news reporter. You’re never safe. It’s a huge part of the job: putting yourself in harm’s way. This Australian reporter was interviewing a man ... Read more

Ikea Releases The Best Halloween Commercial Yet

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is one of the greatest horror films ever made. It has both scared and influenced generations. So much so, even Ikea is in on it. ... Read more

Waiter for the Homeless: a Kind Prank for a Change

Most pranks revolve around scaring poor, unsuspecting people but how often do you see a prank that gives back to society or helps people? The Public Prank ... Read more

You Know It's Hot When

One of the deadliest natural killers, more dangerous than all other natural disasters combined is hot weather. Especially in America, summer heat waves are becoming a great concern. Not only ... Read more

Hunger Games Gets Remade Completely Underwater

Remember that time you were watching Hunger Games with your friends, and you were all: imagine how much better this movie would be underwater! Of course not. But ... Read more

24 High-Tech Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself

Nothing is worse than showing up to a Halloween party in a lame, generic costume. People get all dolled up and put work into the way they look, and ... Read more

15 Kit Kat Flavors You Need To Try Before You Die

We may have chocolate Kit Kats here but did you know in other countries, they have some truly insane and original Kit Kat flavors?

Tattooed Cats: 16 Sphynx Cats With Ink

I’ll say this right away, this will make some people mad. While some cases may be Photoshop, most of what you’re about to see is real, and is, indeed, a ... Read more

Fireball Cam: The Wedding Whiskey Makes Its Rounds

Here’s a crazy original wedding video, depicted in Fireball-cam style and artistically edited. Or, is the story of the most important day in the life of a bottle of ... Read more

Top 16 Weirdest Motorcycle Helmets

Having a motorcycle is somewhat like having a car; you can customize it, and make it match up with your style and personality. On a car, you can change your ... Read more

OK Go’s New Music Video Wows Again With Synchronized Drone Footage

I’ll say it right now, the best music videos of the last decade have come from the band OK Go. From the brilliant timing of “Here We Go Again” ... Read more

Rugby Fan Makes £250,000 Kick

You know how sometimes in basketball games, the team will pull a random guy on the court and tell him if he can sink the shot he’ll get ... Read more

This MMA Knockout Is So Loud You'll Cringe

MMA is fun to watch, in the same way watching gladiators duel to the death must have been. Meaning, I will gladly watch and enjoy the heck out of ... Read more

This Brave Man Stands up for Pedestrians Everywhere

While standing in front of a car is an odd enough way to make a statement, there’s something very Tiananmen Square about the whole thing. It might make ... Read more

Live Grenade Thrown On Field During Soccer Game

Soccer fans (or football fans), are known for their passion, but usually the craziness subsides there. But every once in a while you'll hear about some over-the-top psycho ... Read more

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