If You Took The Kids From Horror Movies And Stuck Them All In The Same Daycare

In this tolerant daycare commercial, all “special” children are treated with loving-kindness and respect, even those who are supernatural, can spin their heads like tops, won’t get out ... Read more

Man Remixes A Bunch Of Youtube Videos To Make This Amazing Song

Ophir Kutiel (aka Kutiman) composes pieces in a very creative way: from remixing the work of other YouTube artists from around the world, to make one, cohesive song. Kutiman ... Read more

Extreme Wheelbarrowing: The Next Parkour

You may think you’ve seen it all when it comes to extreme sports, but you haven’t. Yeah, skateboarding's cool. And people who can do parkour end up looking pretty ... Read more

Tron Dance Choreography: Moves On A Whole New Level

The dance performance in this video breaks ground for the art of choreography, adding a new dimension played out in LED lights. Part of the art is in ... Read more

What If You Had To Haggle For Groceries?

Haggling is generally part of buying a car. Car salesmen make money based on how much they can skim off the sale. So haggling is part of the deal. ... Read more

Exploding Paint Cans And Lightning Guns On Jimmy Kimmel

Science Bob is a weird dude. He looks exactly how scientists used to look in movies from the 70s. But once you get past Bob's sheepish demeanor, you realize ... Read more

What This Man Does On A Tube Is Absolutely Death-Defying

When I think of inner tubing, I think of a warm summer day and being dragged behind a boat while clinging on for dear life and hoping my swimming ... Read more

OK Go’s New Music Video Wows Again With Synchronized Drone Footage

I’ll say it right now, the best music videos of the last decade have come from the band OK Go. From the brilliant timing of “Here We Go Again” ... Read more

These Drive-By Compliments Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

A few weeks ago a kid came up to me in a store and told me he thought my hat was awesome, and it made me feel great. It ... Read more

Sonic The Hedgehog Lets Loose In Las Vegas

If you aren’t familiar with the Mega64 guys and their shtick, allow me a moment to fill you in. They’re a YouTube comedy troupe who focus on satirizing video ... Read more

This Motorcyclist’s Heroism Gets Captured On GoPro

GoPro cameras are changing the way we see the world, because they allow us the chance to pretty much experience what we are seeing. Though some videographers go out ... Read more

This Dad May Have His Son Taken Away For Twirling Pencils

So put yourself in this father’s shoes for a moment. You find out your son, Ethan, may get taken away from you by the state of New Jersey, when ... Read more

This Creepy Little Boy Will Bring Back Childhood Nightmares

As a child, you'd have this unnerving and constant fear at night that there was a monster under your bed. Just lying there quietly at night, you expected ... Read more

Ikea Releases The Best Halloween Commercial Yet

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is one of the greatest horror films ever made. It has both scared and influenced generations. So much so, even Ikea is in on it. ... Read more

Live Grenade Thrown On Field During Soccer Game

Soccer fans (or football fans), are known for their passion, but usually the craziness subsides there. But every once in a while you'll hear about some over-the-top psycho ... Read more

These New Commercials For Old Spice Are Next Level

It's always exciting to see Old Spice make new commercials and this year, they didn't disappoint! So check out the latest and greatest commercials for Old Spice body wash.

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