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18 Wheeler Traffic Jam 18 Wheeler Traffic Jam

18 Wheeler Traffic Jam


By 4J on January 23, 2017 09:31

Looking online for some new cool skill driving 18 wheeler parking games? Or some new big truck games with traffic and nightmare crowded streets where you have to be the best and have patience to be able to make it in time and safely to the indicated parking spot. A new exclusive skill parking truck game called 18 Wheeler Traffic Jam. Get behind the wheels of a 18 wheeler and try your luck and skills in 8 insane crowded levels. Use your arrow keys to steer and drive the heavy truck and slowly tray to sneak between lots of cars that are jammed in traffic. The drivers are bad and good, some will let you to pass and some will crash your truck. So have patience and when you see some space between the cars, drive fast and precise to be able to get on the highway and drive safely to the parking spot. The most important thing is on the top of the game interface where there is the life, pay attention to it to be able to damage your truck as less as you can. If you damage your truck from hitting other cars you will die. And especially if you will hit the people from the side ways you will lose the game. Don't go killing people be careful. So drive 3 different trucks the game offers, each one it's unlocked after you will win some levels. Each 18 wheeler it's different form other ones, in weight horse power and handling. So do your best and have patience and don't get angry with each lose you will increase your driving skills and in the end you will be able to drive and park perfectly. Enjoy new exclusive games here games along with new other games every day. Have fun!
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