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Baby Madison Cat Care Baby Madison Cat Care

Baby Madison Cat Care

By 4J on January 23, 2017 09:50

Cute Baby Madison was having a great time playing in the garden this morning when a cute cat landed right next to her. She has always wanted a pet and since Mittens is nothing else but a fluffy ball of fur, Baby Madison decided to take him home. Now she needs to go shopping and buy everything needed for her pet and here is where our sweet baby girl would appreciate your precious helping hand, ladies. Join her in this amazing pet caring game and, first of all, help Baby Madison find and buy the things for her kitty: look for a comfy armchair and two soft pillows, find the right bowl, don't forget to buy some cat food, milk and water, too. Before feeding the new pet, Baby Madison would need your helping hand ladies to give him a bath and groom and don't forget to also cut Kitten's claws and take care of his teeth, as well. Choose the best foods to feed the little one and then help Baby Madison prepare the room for their very first afternoon together. Have a great time playing this fun Cat Caring game for girls!
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