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Blondie Lockes Gingerbread Bears Blondie Lockes Gingerbread Bears

Blondie Lockes Gingerbread Bears

By 4J on January 23, 2017 09:52

Hello girls! Do you remember the sweet Blondie Lockes? She is the daughter of the famous Goldie Lockes and she studies at the Ever After High. Blondie is very social and sweet. She wants everything to be just perfect in each situation, that's why she tends to be a little nitpick about small details. She runs a school blog and today she wants to share a new recipe on her blog with her readers: Blondie Lockes Gingerbread Bears. She wants to cook this tasty dessert and take a lot of pictures so she can explain the cooking process much better to her readers. Will you help her with the cooking process? Everything is prepared, girls, you will just have to follow the hints and the instructions and the result will be an amazing delicious recipe that Blondie will be able to share it with all of her fans. I'm sure she will be very glad that you helped. Have a great time playing this awesome new cooking game called Blondie Lockes Gingerbread Bears. Enjoy, ladies!
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