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Diner City Diner City

Diner City

By SilverGames on June 6, 2019 15:05

There is only room for one fast food joint in Diner City. Sushi or Burger? It's your choice. All that matters is that you invest your profits wisely, to make sure you've beaten the competition. Expand your diner and add attractions to it, so that customers are eager to come in. Add new revenue streams through a newsstand or an ice-cream machine. All while the other side is trying to do the same. Clever placement of attractions and distractions will be necessary to perfectly adjust the stream of customers towards the entrance of your fast food restaurant. It's a cut-throat business, so don't hesitate to stamp out the other guy. Make money and show them what the business is like here in Diner City! Enjoy! Controls: Mouse
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