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Elsa Diy Galaxy Dress Elsa Diy Galaxy Dress

Elsa Diy Galaxy Dress

By 4J on January 23, 2017 09:57

Elsa Frozen loves fashion. She wants to create a unique dress. She has a great idea in mind. She wants to create a nice dress with a nice style. The best choice for her is the galaxy dress. Sounds like a fun project, right? Don't waste time and begin this new and exclusive game called Elsa DIY Galaxy Dress! The first step of the project is to place the dye on a tray. Place dark blue, light blue and pink colors. Apply the blue color on the dress with a sponge. After that use a brush to apply the light blue color on top and then use a fluffy brush and cover the dress with pink. To create a nice star effect, place white paint in a spray bottle and spray it all over the dress. In Elsa DIY Galaxy Dress you can now use the smaller brushes with different shapes such as round or star, to apply white dots on the dress and create the fun design. Wash the dress in the washing machine and then Elsa can try it on. Choose a nice hairstyle, gold necklace and black boots to finish the look. Enjoy Elsa DIY Galaxy Dress!
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