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Just Park It: Anniversary Just Park It: Anniversary

Just Park It: Anniversary

By 4J on January 23, 2017 09:36

Just Park It Anniversary. We proudly present you the anniversary edition of the Just Park It game where you have to become the best 18 wheeler truck driver. We surround your sight with beautiful graphics of a city and you will have to park your truck in some crowded places and juggle between cars. Try not to crash your truck into anything or else you will have to restart the level. In the upper part of the game's interface you will see your life bar,the level you play and time.Each time you will hit your truck, the life will decrease.Prove your driving skills in many intense and challenging levels.Try to park as best as you can.It won't be easy because your truck has a long wagon and the parking areas are quite narrow. Use arrow keys to move and space bar for handbrake. Have a blast!
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