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Poop Clicker 3 Poop Clicker 3

Poop Clicker 3


By SilverGames on June 6, 2019 15:06

Holy crap! Well, maybe not holy, but very valuable crap. That,Äôs what Poop Clicker 3 is all about. Humanity is running out of resources, which means we are all screwed. Luckily, the smart, and slightly crazy scientist has discovered that poop is a very useful resource for us to keep on living on earth. How does it work? No one cares! All that matters is that you have to collect as much poop as possible to save our society, so click, click and keep clicking on poop to earn money and buy new toilets, poopers and other upgrades to generate more and more faeces. Enjoy the third sequel of this fun addicting clicker, Poop Clicker 3! Controls: Mouse
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