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Princess Royal Cupcakes Princess Royal Cupcakes

Princess Royal Cupcakes

By 4J on January 23, 2017 09:57

Princess Emma loves cupcakes, for her it's the best sweet treat. She has a great recipe that she likes to follow, that way her cupcakes are always delicious. She is willing to share this great recipe with you, so you can enjoy them anytime you like. Learn the ingredients you need and the cooking process in the super amazing cooking game called Princess Royal Cupcakes! Go in the kitchen and look in all the cupboards and find the necessary utensils and ingredients, such as rolling pin, fondant, spices, food colorant, vanilla extract, sugar and cooking paper. In Princess Royal Cupcakes for the cupcakes dough, you will need butter, which you can put in a bowl, then add sugar, vanilla extract, flour and eggs. Mix everything together in the bowl and then add milk. Mix again and pour the composition in a piping bag and fill the cupcakes shapes from the tray. In Princess Royal Cupcakes you now need to add the tray in the oven to bake at medium heat. In the min time make the decoration cream by using fondant and milk, and then use pink food colorant for half the mixture. Decorate the cupcakes with it and then add the sweet candy flakes on top for decor. Have a great time preparing this dessert in Princess Royal Cupcakes!
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