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Raid Land Raid Land

Raid Land

By AddictingGames on July 2, 2020 07:33

Raid Land is an exciting free iogame. In Raid Land you can play alone or as part of a team as you follow mission-based objectives to defeat the other team. You will be prompted to capture the flag, steal the gold, and knock out a certain amount of opponents. Any and all of the missions are a blast to play and the variety of different classes of your a bunch of different ways to play. You can become a fleet-footed archer who is deadly from range but requires time to properly re-arm your arrow and aim your bow. You can be a Viking who has the ability to swing their mighty battle-ax and destroy an opponent with one fell swoop but in doing so you leave yourself vulnerable to faster, or ranged attacks. Look for power-ups to heal yourself, upgrade your weapons and your skills, and lead your team to victory in a challenging and rewarding free iogame.
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