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Sebastian Cupcakes Sebastian Cupcakes

Sebastian Cupcakes

By 4J on January 23, 2017 09:56

In our brand new game called Sebastian Cupcakes we will share with you a great new cupcake recipe that you will absolutely adore making and, of course, eat! Delicious cupcakes recipe are hard to find, but you are lucky as today we will make it together and you will learn it! The process is both fun and easy and we should start by gathering the necessary ingredients. As you might imagine delicious cupcakes require a frosting and a great decoration in order to be tasty and have a great visual impact. The Sebastian Cupcakes have an amazing decoration in the shape of a crab, made out of red marzipan, which has an amazing texture and taste. This sweet treat is great for parties with lots of friends as it's very fast to bake and you can get all your friends involved in the decorating process. In a large bowl mix together the following ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar, butter and vanilla. Using an electric blender mix them really well and then place it in the oven to bake. Make the frosting that you learned and then using the knife frost them. Have fun decorating the cupcakes with crab shapes and enjoy this exquisite recipe called Sebastian Cupcakes!
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