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Supremacy 1914 Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914

By AddictingGames on July 2, 2020 07:31

Europe is on the brink of collapse. Petty squabbles over resources, borders, and alliances have driven the world to war! And what a war it is, indeed the war to end all wars, in Supremacy 1914, you will act out the drama, intrigue, action, betrayal, treason, and inhuman horror of the first world war. Manage a European country, keep your economy strong and your resources on point and then build up a mighty army to devastate your neighbors! Upgrade your various units including infantry, generals, armor, and the air force as you blast your way through nation after nation who dare stand in your way! The world of Supremacy 1914 is cut throat but also encourages treaties with opposing players. You can negotiate deals with non AI countries in order to accomplish your mutual goals.
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