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Our Site Lists Over 500 Phobias Such As:

Arachnophobia: fear of spiders
Arrhenphobia: fear of men
Atychiphobia: fear of failure
Autophobia: fear of being alone
Enochlophobia: fear of crowds
Eurotophobia: fear of female genitalia
Judeophobia: fear of Jews
Kathisophobia: fear of sitting down
Lygophobia: fear of darkness
Methyphobia: fear of alcohol
Myrmecophobia: fear of ants

Oneirophobia: fear of dreams
Ornithophobia: fear of birds
Ouranophobia: fear of heaven
Ranidaphobia: fear of frogs
Russophobia: fear of russians
Technophobia: fear of technology
Virginitiphobia: fear of rape
Xerophobia: fear of dryness
Zeusophobia: fear of gods
Zoophobia: fear of animals
Zemmiphobia: fear the great mole rat

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