11 minutes of awesome Mayham adverts

Watch Dean Winters do what he does best!

I Gave My Kids A Terrible Christmas Present

See how happy they are to get the most disappointing Christmas presents of all time.

Laser Weapon System (LaWS)

How boss is this Laser Weapon System recently deployed and tested on a US Navy ship? I want one!

Calgary's / The World's Worst Driver

How does anyone let her out the house? I don't even think she is capable of tying her own shoelaces are this pathetic display.

YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014

#YoutubeRewind. Celebrating the best moments of 2014.

Best of the Bushisms

The best of the George W. Bush!

Best ever way to view a house

Mini rollercoaster? Yes, it is real and AWESOME!

Oh no, New Zealand

This is on a real news channel, really New Zealand? Is that national news?

Skate City

An awesome quick video about skate boarding in Cape Town, South Africa. 

10 Record Breaking Animals Your Pet Wishes They Could Be

From the largest cricket in the world, to the fastest skateboarding dog, these animals are truly exceptional. 

Black Friday 2014 Girls Fight In Victoria Secret

Fighting over underwear and lingerie, what is this world coming too?

Kitten Therapy: Instant Stress Relief

Life is so much better with kittens to cheer you up. There's no way you can be stressed out after being stuck in a box full of them.  Kitten therapy ... Read more

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Kitten Mittens

Does your cat make too much noise? You need Kitten Mittens?

MXC Funniest Hits Season 1

Oh how I miss MXC.. what a gem of a show!

GTA V - Don't move!

Woman drivers? Do you think this is a bug? I hope so.

'Pitch Perfect 2' Trailer

Yep, it's back and Anna Kendrick is still in it. That's enough reason to watch, what do you say? Are you excited for this release?

Peter Pan Returns in New Disney Movie Trailer

Classic disney movies are finally getting the live-action reboots they deserve. First we had Snow White, then Sleeping Beauty, and now we’ve finally arrived at the teaser for the ... Read more

NFL Player Trolls Reporters to Avoid $100,000 Fine

Marshawn Lynch’s behaviour might seem a bit strange at first, but considering the fact that he was fined $100,000 for not talking to media last week, his response is just ... Read more

21 Times Animals Fought Back

People seem to forget that behind all the cuteness, animals can still put up their defenses. These people were reminded of that the quick and painful way. You can ... Read more

The New Jurassic World Trailer Has Finally Hatched

If Jurassic World, doesn’t fill you with a sense of nostalgia, you probably didn’t grow up in the 90’s. This is the continuation of every kid’s dream! And now ... Read more

Too Much Turkey? The Science Behind That Thanksgiving Fullness

With Thanksgiving coming up, you’ve probably thought about all that precious turkey you’ll be stuffing down your throat. But that might also remind you about the blissful coma ... Read more

WARNING: A Message For The People Of Denmark

Masked men, looking displeased, and making crappy videos about it… you’re probably ready for madness. But these guys take that old stereotype to make a change for once. ... Read more

Kim Kardashian's Butt Plows the Streets of L.A.

Jimmy Kimmel really takes Kim Kardahsian’s challenge to a new high. Her butt is still breaking the internet, this time plowing the streets of L.A. Hope Kanye doesn’t mind her hogging ... Read more

Environmentally Conscious Crow Teaches Us about Recycling

Crows are actually one of the world’s most intelligent animals. Being able to formulate strategies and problem solve, they've already got an advantage over other animals. Now teach ... Read more

Brave Turkey Escapes Mating Ritual

"You spin me right round baby right round." Guess she really gave him the runaround. It's like the perfect metaphor for relationships. Love that moment when he realizes he's too out ... Read more

This Awkward Army Interview Will Have You Stroking Your Mustache

This just might be the best “awkward” interview you’ll ever see. He’s so uncomfortable, he doesn’t know what to do with his hands. It’s like they have invisible balloons ... Read more

This Girl’s Impressions of Celebrities Stuck in Traffic Are Brilliantly Spot on

This girl is the only thing you’d need for a fun road trip. Her impressions of celebrities stuck in traffic are spot on all the way down to ... Read more

First person GTA V traffic jam quickly jumps the shark

Things get a bit heated and out of hand in this epic traffic jam.

Ten hours of Pickachu dancing will drive you mad, but you'll watch it anyway

Ten hours of Pickachu dancing will drive you mad, but you'll watch it anyway

Greatest Catch in the History of Football

Probably the greatest touchdown ever. A behind the head, in the middle of a tackle, while being fouled catch.. WOW!

The World’s Worst Fight Scene Is so Bad That It’s Absolutely Astounding

If you’ve ever seen something so bad that it transcends to become amazing, you’ll know why this fight scene is so damn astounding. It's terrible in absolutely every single ... Read more

Dolphin Falls in Love with Dancing Girl’s Antics

Some say dolphins are among the smartest mammals in existence today. Well this video shows a different side to them because they also know how to have a ... Read more