On Ice Projection: Leafs vs. Hurricanes

How awesome are these effects

Skate City

An awesome quick video about skate boarding in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Watching Plants Eat Bugs Is Oddly Satisfying

Plants eating bugs. It’s karma, baby. That’s what you bugs get for being a creepy crawly! It took 107 days of straight filming on two separate cameras just ... Read more

What Are McDonalds McRibs Actually Made Of?

The McRib sandwich has always been a very polarizing food for people. There are people who love it and wait all year for it to come back to their ... Read more

This Playful Corgi Pup Just Can't Seem To Catch The Pumpkin

The pup is very pumpkin focused: “Pumpkin yum and pumpkin fun.” This corgi is already so cute anyway with her shorter than (should I say) conventional legs. And a ... Read more

Rugby Fan Makes £250,000 Kick

You know how sometimes in basketball games, the team will pull a random guy on the court and tell him if he can sink the shot he’ll get ... Read more

This Man Uses Fire To Create Extraordinary Artwork

Some people paint with watercolors, some use oils. Others even use charcoal or pastels. Artist Spazuk shuns such conventional methods of artistry. Instead, he paints with fire. The way ... Read more

The Secret Life Of Marine Animals Under Magnification

If you’ve ever seen Avatar, you’re struck by the amazing, exaggeratedly, unparalleled beauty of the alien moon, Pandora. And if you haven’t seen this movie, simply imagine the most ... Read more

With This App You Can Stop Doing Math Homework

Imagine a world where math equations stop being the enemy. Where time is on your side.... where homework solves itself! Well, we're finally here.... almost. With this incredible new app ... Read more

We Might Actually Be On The Road To World Peace

Think about where the human race is headed. Are you thinking about something positive, or negative? Before watching this video, I would probably have answered that question with how ... Read more

24 Of Your Favorite Movies Finally Have Something In Common

When 87 Bounces begins, you may think you are just watching another bad sports video. But after a moment, the concept behind the short film comes through, and it’s ... Read more

This Promotional Video For 3D Molecular Food Is So Good I Wish It Was Real

How will human society evolve? Shenkar College of Design students Oded Kovach, Michelle Ruben and Katrin Zotchev composed an artistic vision. Humanity’s desire for control and efficiency culminates with ... Read more

If Frozen Was A Nintendo Game

Though there have been a lot of 8-bit remakes lately on the web,  it was only a matter of time before Disney's Frozen it to the list. This ... Read more

Lego Pulls Out Of $116 Million Dollar Shell Deal After This Video Went Viral

Until recently, Lego had a $116M business deal worked out with Shell to sell their mini-figures at the many Shell gas stations around the world. When Greenpeace caught ... Read more

Heinz Automato: The Bot That Squirts Back

Have you ever looked down at your hot dog and thought to yourself: I wish I had a cumbersome machine that would look slightly scary and shoot ketchup all ... Read more

Introducing Your Cats To Each Other (The Cute And Easy Way)

There's something that happens to all cat owners after they’ve had their cat for a while; they want another one. The problem, as most cat lovers can attest ... Read more

David Letterman Features A Holographic Guest On His Show

So last night, anyone watching David Letterman was treated to a musical performance unlike any they had ever seen. While seeing a superstar strut around Letterman's stage is ... Read more

This Game Of Thrones Animation Will Be The Coolest Thing You See Today

It's pretty safe to say that almost everyone is a fan of the Game of Thrones series by now. Whether having read the books or watched the fantastic ... Read more

Meet Ed: The Future Of Computer Animation

Do you remember when you were a kid playing Nintendo, and you were blown away by the graphics? You thought that was about as good as it would ever get? ... Read more

Epic Fathering: Dad Catches Home Run While Holding His Baby

There’s  no denying the guy in the following video is pure badass. To catch a home run ball while still holding onto your baby, well, there should be a medal ... Read more

This Hilarious Post Apocalyptic Comedy Routine Brings Light To Racism And Racial Stereotyping

The survivors of an alien invasion come up with a way to tell whether someone is really a fellow human. 

The Bridge Of Death

No one even looks at the sign!

Dog French Kissing His Passed Out Owner

You know you're too drunk when...

Biggest Freakout Of All Time

Did he just try sticking that remote up his butt?

This Halloween Safety Vid Needs To Be Seen (And Laughed At) By All

I can still remember that feeling I’d get as a kid getting ready for Halloween. Knowing there was a buttload of candy to be found. But, Halloween also ... Read more

Unhygienic monkey

This little guy is just overly dramatic!

Cats Stealing Dog Beds

No matter their size or breed, these dogs get dominated by their sneaky feline friends.

Freestyle Soccer Players Perform Incredible Feats

Watch the players show off their amazing skills on this unique football pitch.

Amazing Real Life Hoverboard

These guys make the best advertisement for Hoverboards!

Cute Reaction From Cat And Baby

Both the cat and child are fascinated by the domino effect on the tv screen.

Guinea Pig Interviewed

1,000 pets were interviewed by Pets Add Life. Conclusion: Pets need a pal to talk to.

Cat Doesn't Want Girl To Sing

This cat has no manners. Don't you know not to disrupt someone while they're lip syncing?

You Won't Believe What Tony Hawk Does To Prove That He's StIll In The Game

Tony Hawk risks his life by jumping over a MINI Hardtop a split second before it plows through the ramp.